5 Tools of business intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the set of marketing technologies for data analysis essential for companies in their business decision-making.

 It collects and interprets information in order to define precise market statistics. It is therefore vital for your business to target the right BI tool that will guarantee its success. There are several. 

These software that will help you improve the performance of your establishment.

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Top 5 business intelligence tools list

Qlik Sense

Business Intelligence is based on many tools. Among these is Qlik Sense. It is a very powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) software. It is available on a self-service basis, meaning that anyone can have access to its source code. It’s helps many professionals to provide businesses with highly interactive graphical statistics.

Qlik Sense is hosted in a cloud, which allows its user to operate from outside the company. Its ergonomic interface offers the possibility of creating and sharing graphical and interactive data reports. Simple and intuitive, this tool allows you to connect several sources and facilitates the interconnection of tables and graphs.

Despite its great accessibility, Qlik Sense remains a very powerful tool that hides many facets. If you want to stand out and deepen your results, it is necessary to seek the services of a professional. For example, you can go to next-decisions.fr to benefit from expert advice in business intelligence and big data.


Tableau is also a business intelligence and data visualization software. It is also the most popular tool on the market, probably thanks to its affordable cost and its ergonomics. Very reliable, it allows you to connect securely and in real-time to a fairly impressive number of data sources.

With Tableau, it is quick and easy to create advanced visuals, as this tool has an intuitive interface. In addition, he has a very good customer support and a great community. It is the ideal tool for doing data mining.

Power BI

Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool with great similarities to Qlik Sense. It is a powerful cloud-based software. This tool has a large catalog of predefined connectors, although it is much smaller than the tools mentioned above.

Power BI has its origins in Excel. In reality, it is an additional module intended to provide a more efficient visualization. Since its creation in 2011, it has evolved and gained autonomy. 

Despite its relatively low cost, it is quite efficient, especially for the needs of SMEs. Its very good quality/price ratio makes it a tool of choice.


Domo is a Cloud tool fully developed in the United States. He is similar to others on various levels. Its great peculiarity lies in the large panel of active connectors that it makes available to its users. Among these, you will find Salesforce, MySQL, and Workbench.

IBM Cognos Analytics

As the name suggests, IBM Cognos Analytics is the Business Intelligence tool designed by IBM. Its use is mainly dedicated to the restitution of data. 

It is a tool popular with many companies because it allows an astronomical amount of data to be broadcast in real-time. In addition, it promotes query management, which makes it easier to schedule various tasks in advance.

The possibility of executing queries allows the data warehouse to be crossed with Excel files. In addition to offering its users the possibility of self-service creation, it gives them rapid formatting of dashboards. For all these advantages, its price remains very affordable.

In short, business intelligence is a set of technologies put in place to galvanize your company in achieving its business objectives. To guarantee you great flexibility in choosing the right tool for your current needs, seek the services of a professional.

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