Top 10 High-Quality Brands for Wireless Earphones in India

Finding the right wireless earphone is very important, if you are purchasing a wireless earphone for a local company then your earphone will not last long.

That’s why it’s important to buy earphones from a branded company.

Today in this blog post I will show you the 10 best brands for wireless earphones in India that you can trust.

How do we review Brands for Wireless earphones?

We have set some basic rules while selecting the best Bluetooth earphones in India:

  1. Quality of earphones

We all know that we cannot compromise on the quality and we have kept this quality as our first priority.

  1. Features

Also, We have cross-checked the features of the various earphones and then after comparing them, we have put the best ones on this list.

  1. Value for money

A lot of wireless earphone companies offer the same features but charge more money for no reason. We have kept this thing in mind to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

  1. Customer reviews

The best way to decide whether a product is worth purchasing or not is by checking the reviews. Our team has picked the best wireless brand with higher customer ratings.

10 Best Brands for Wireless Earphones in India.

1. BoAt Bluetooth earphones

The boAt is one of the best brands for wireless earphones in India and that is the reason why we have kept this as the #1 on our list.

BoAt doesn’t only bring your good quality but also provides better features as well. If you have a limited budget you can also buy Boat’s wireless earphones under 1000.

The best thing about Boat wireless earphones is that you have a 1-year warranty if you face any problem you can return and get a new one.

The one feature that BoAt wireless earphones provide better than any other earphones is the battery backup.

You don’t need to charge your earphones daily as the battery backup is amazing.

The best wireless earphone of the BoAt brand

BoAt Rockers

Built quality

The built quality of the earphones is good, they are not heavy and they look brand.

But if you are a sports lover then this can be the perfect earphone for you because it comes with magnetic earbuds that can help to prevent earphones from falling.

Charging/battery backup

BoAt rockers come with the latest Bluetooth chips and drivers. With an average battery life of 6 hours, you can enjoy music, take calls or play games. So yes battery backup is amazing

Sound quality

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth neckband earphones with good sound quality the boat is really amazing when it comes to sound.


The Bluetooth range is 10m which is actually good.

Microphone quality

However, some customers are complaining that the mic can be better and some customers are saying the quality of the mic has been improved.


  1. It comes with a microphone
  2. Colors available: Active black
  3. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  4. Material: Metal

2. OnePlus wireless earphones

We all know about the OnePlus company, they sell high-quality smartphones. If after Apple and Samsung the only company that manufactures high-quality smartphones is the OnePlus.

So, Oneplus is one of the famous brands in India for earphones and they have quite amazing reviews from customers.

If I discuss the OnePlus earphones, they provide good features and their price for wireless earphones start under 2000.

The most amazing thing about the OnePlus earphones is that you can fully charge them only in 10 minutes and enjoy music for up to 10 hours without any charge.

If you are a gamer then you have to try OnePlus wireless earphones because OnePlus earphones have low latency while playing games.

The best wireless earphone of the OnePlus Brand

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

Built quality

OnePlus has done an amazing job with Bullets Wireless Z earphones in terms of build quality and material that has been used.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is made with good plastic which also feels lightweight. So, yes we can say that the built quality is good and it feels branded.

It also comes with magnetic on and off, which means simply separate earpieces to play music, and if you want to pause you can clip them together

You can change songs, receive calls, and control volume right from your earphones without using the mobile phone. So we can say it is a hands-free earphone.

The ear pieces fit perfectly in your ears and you can use different ear tips according to your ears.

Charging/battery backup

It comes with fast charging and great battery backup, you can charge it for 10 minutes and enjoy music for up to 10 hours.

Sound quality

The sound stage is also good, you can easily understand where the audio is coming from while watching movies.

But if I talk about the bass, then I think the bass is not up to mark. I am not saying bass is not good at all, but it could have been better.

The high tones have good clarity whereas the low and vocals also have good clarity. so the overall sound quality is amazing.


The Bluetooth connectivity is 33ft, even if you are very far from your mobile the connectivity is strong.

It comes with dual pairing, you can press the button on the earphone and it will automatically change to your next device within 3-4 seconds. So, you don’t have to use your mobile to do it.

Microphone quality

Microphone quality is also good in the OnePlus bullets z. You will have no problem speaking to someone on phone.


  1. Bluetooth v5.0
  2. Colors available: Blue, red, black
  3. With microphone
  4. Average battery life: 20 hours
  5. Available in 2 versions: BWZ and BWZ Bass edition

3. Sony earphones

Sony is a well know brand for wireless earphones when it comes to quality. I am pretty sure that I don’t need to tell you a lot about the Sony company as you may be aware of this brand yourself.

So if we review Sony wireless earphones then the one you will like is the build quality and design.

Sony’s wireless earphones start from Rs. 1500 and according to your budget you can purchase the one you like.

The most reliable earphone of sony earphones

Sony WI-XB400

Built quality

Sony wireless earphone comes with magnetic earpieces and amazing build quality that looks professional.

The shape of the earphones is good, lightweight, comfortable, and don’t get tanged no matter what you do.

Well, these earphones are not good workouts since they don’t come with any hook for better grip. They may fall very often during running and workouts.

You will also get volume buttons on the controller and a multi-functional button to receive and end calls or to change the music without using your mobile

But remember these earphones are not waterproof or sweatproof

Charging and backup

The charging is totally amazing in Sony earphones, on a full charge you will get 15 hours of backup.

It also supports fast charging since it comes with a type-c charger and for 10 minutes charge, you will get 1 hour of battery backup.

Sound quality

The sound quality is great you can listen at full volume without any distortion, if you like 3d music then this earphone is perfect for you because you will easily understand where the voice is coming from.

The gaming experience with these earphones is also great, you will feel very little latency.

The bass is decent but not up to the mark as said by the Sony company.

Microphone quality

The calling quality is good but not perfect, other person can hear little background noise

Sometimes another person can hear your voice a little low so you have to keep the mic close to your mouth so that the other person can hear you clearly.

Connectivity range

The connectivity range is 10m which is good but there is no dual paring available.


  1. Bluetooth version 5.0
  2. Colors available: Black and blue
  3. 12mm drivers
  4. Voice assistant: Google and Siri
  5. Built-in microphone

4. Redmi wireless earphones

Redmi brand is been know for providing great features at low prices. They have also done an amazing job with their wireless earphones.

If you don’t have enough money to spend on earphones but still want an earphone with good features and looks then Redmi earphones are recommended for you.

The best wireless earphone of the Redmi brand.

Redmi Earbuds S

Build quality

The build of the Redmi earbuds S is perfect, it is very lightweight, small, and compatible.

It gives a good grip and doesn’t fall while workout or jogging and since it comes with an extra small, large, and medium earpiece you can customize this according to your ear for further good grip.

These earbuds also come splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about rain or sweat.

Charging/Battery backup

You will get around 4 hours of battery backup on earbuds and a total of 12 hours of backup with the charging case.

It comes with micro USB charging and you can charge your earbuds at least 3 times with the case.

There will be no data cable available with the earbuds.

With gaming mode the battery gets drained a little fast and also there is no charging indicator to check the percent of battery.

Sound quality

The sound quality on Redmi earbuds is good, the bass quality is good and the vocals are clear, instrumental separation is also good.

The earbuds come with a gaming mode with will decrease the latency in the game. Which is a good thing.

So, the overall quality is pretty good in Redmi earbuds.


Redmi gives a 10m connectivity range but the pairing is a little slow and not instant.

But it doesn’t come with dual pairing and you can only connect one device at a time. So, you have limited options while connectivity.

Microphone quality

The calling experience is good but not great. The person on the other end of the call will not be able to hear your clearly.


  1. Bluetooth v5.0
  2. Gaming mode
  3. Works with voice assistant
  4. Splash proof
  5. 7.2mm drivers

5. Realme earphones

The Realme is a very good brand for wireless earphones and also a good company whether you want to buy a mobile phone or you want to buy wireless earphones.

Realme has really surprised everyone with their wireless earphones.

There will be very few complaints regarding the Realme earphones as Realme has taken good care of build quality.

The most reliable wireless earphone of the Realme brand?

Realme Wireless buds

Built quality

The build quality on Realme buds earphones is really good, it is very lightweight and comfortable.

The plastic that has been used to manufacture the earphones is also good and the battery section is made from metal.

It comes with good color patterns that give a professional and classic look to your earphones.

You will also get magnetic on and off features with Realme buds which will help you to save battery.

The earphones are perfect for workouts, jogging, and sports as they are splashproof and come with ear wings that provide extra support and grip.

Charging / Battery backup

The battery backup is also very good in Realme buds. You will get 12 hours of battery backup and it takes only 1.5 hours to charge.

Realme also claims that 10 minutes of charge will give you 100 minutes of music time.

But there is one con to this, it comes with micro USB charging and not with type-c charging.

Sound quality

The Realme has done an amazing job with the sound quality. It has 11.2mm drivers so you will feel bass in a good way. So, you can enjoy powerful and deep bass.

If I review mid-tones then they are kind of good but could have been better.

Some people have faced very little latency while watching videos and some have not faced any latency at all.

So we can say that it also depends upon your mobile. But overall there is very low latency.


The Bluetooth range is also good but it doesn’t support dual paring.

Microphone quality

It has good microphone quality, and the other party on the call doesn’t complain about the voice.


  1. Bluetooth v5.0
  2. Colors available: Black, green, orange, yellow
  3. 6 months warranty
  4. Built-in microphone
  5. Available in two versions: Buds wireless and Buds wireless pro

6. Oppo Wireless earphones

If you love to hear music a lot then you have to try the wireless earphones of Oppo. People have given amazing reviews about the sound quality of oppo wireless earphones.

Oppo is one of the good brands of wireless earphones. You will also love the built quality, bass mode, and design of Oppo wireless earphones.

If you have a budget of 3000 You can buy Oppo good quality wireless earphones under 3000

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The most reliable wireless earphones of the Oppo brand

Built quality

Very soft plastic has been used in Oppo Enco which makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear.

It is super light, you will hardly feel you are wearing it. So, yes the overall build quality is pretty good.

The earphones come with a magnetic on and off feature and it is super comfortable when you wear it and doesn’t fall from your ear during running or workout.

It’s also splashe and sweatproof, you don’t have to worry about sweating in the gym or rain

Charging / Battery backup

Since it comes with USB type-c it supports fast charging as well. But the battery backup is not up to the mark

Oppo claims 12 hours of battery life but from my personal experience, you will get around 7-8 hours of battery.

Sound quality

It comes with noise-canceling so the sound quality is also good, instrumental separation is also good, you will hear every statement clearly.

The 3rd sound or sound station is also pretty good, you can easily understand where the sound is coming from.

Well if I talk about video streaming and gaming experience so I would say there is little latency and lag. So if you are a hardcore game then I think these are not the perfect earphones for you.

The bass is also good and it has a unique feature or multifunctional button by double-tapping on it you can change to the heavy bass mode from the balanced mode.


The connectivity range is also okay even if you go to the next room you will still be connected to your earphones.

Microphone quality

The microphone’s quality is actually good. While calling it doesn’t catch extra unnecessary noise.


  1. Bluetooth v5.0
  2. 9.2mm drivers
  3. Noise-canceling
  4. Colors available: Black and green
  5. Built-in microphone

7. pTron Wireless

If you have a low budget and you are looking for branded wireless earphones. Then you have to check PTron earphones

pTron wireless earphones are amazing when it comes to features and design. You can enjoy music for a long time with full comfort.

The one thing you will love about pTron earphones is the quality they offer at such a low price.

pTron earphones also come with a 1-year warranty on all the earphones.

The Best wireless earphone of the pTron brand

pTron bass buds

Built quality

If I talk about the build quality of pTron then it’s not that good but it’s decent. It can get a lot of scratches.

But the one thing I loved about this product is the semi-transparent case because you can see whether your earphones are charged completed or not without opening the case.

If you go to the gym or play sports then pTron earbuds can fall out of your ear. But you can change your silicon buds that are available within the earphone and you can get a good grip.

pTron bass buds also have buttons on each of the buds and you can pause/play music or receive calls by pressing the button once and change to the next music by pressing the button twice.

Charging / Battery backup

It takes 1.5 hours to charge it completely and with a charging case you can charge your earbuds 3-4 times

Sound quality

ptron bass buds are perfect for you if you love to listen to loud music because it comes with amazing sound quality and you are gonna love it.


The connectivity has no issues since it comes with Bluetooth v5.0

Microphone quality

The in-door mic sound quality is good but the outdoor mic quality is kind of okay but not that good.

Features of pTron earbuds

  1. Comes with microphone
  2. Bluetooth v5.0
  3. Lightweight.
  4. Hi-fi sound.
  5. Colors available: White, blue, green, black

8. Boult Audio Earphones

When it comes to buying wireless earphones with a long battery backup and stylish look then Boutl audio is the best brand for wireless earphones.

Bolt Audio earphones come with amazing colors and great sound quality and average built quality.

If you ask us what is the best thing about Boult audio company earphones then let me tell you most of their wireless earphones of boult audio are Waterproof.

Not only the sound quality and build quality but Boult audio earphones also have a very long Bluetooth range starting from 20m.

The most reliable Wireless earphone of the Boult Audio brand

Boult Audio ProBass Curve

Built quality

Boult Audio process curve wireless earphones come with a professional and beautiful look.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve is made from soft plastic which makes the earphones feel very lightweight and it also comes with a flexible plastic band that can be easily folded and put in your pocket.

The body of the earphone is made from plastic and the upper side of the earbuds is made of metal.

You will also see magnets on the earpieces that can be attracted to each other to prevent them from falling down.

But the earphone wire is also very thin so you have to take care of it if you want to keep for a long time.

If we look at the build quality of Boult Audio ProBass Curve then I would say its average.

Charging / Battery backup

It takes around 2 hours to charge the earphones and the average battery life is 12 hours.

Sound quality

The sound quality in Boult Audio ProBass Curve is good enough, you can’t listen to 100% volume because the volume is really loud.

There is latency while playing games. So, not good for gamers but can enjoy music continually for 4-5 hours without any discomfort to your ear.


You will get Bluetooth connectivity of up to 20m.

Microphone quality

The microphone is also good but you will feel little background noise.

One thing I love about these earphones is that they are handsfree and come with controls on the left side where you can receive calls, change music, and control volume without reaching your mobile


  1. Bluetooth v5.0
  2. Comes in two variations- Simple and pro
  3. Colors available – blue, black, green, gray, and red
  4. Built-in microphone
  5. 10mm Drivers
  6. Comfortable devices – IOS, android, Laptop, Smart tv, Bluetooth mobile

9. Infinity glide

Infinity glide brands wireless earphones are also superior when it comes to sound, build quality, and style.

The wireless earphones of Infinity glide come with a dual equalizer and decent battery life.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty, you can get a new one if your old one has any issues.

The charging of Infinity glide earphones is average, I won’t say very fast but reasonably fast.

The most reliable wireless earphone of the Infinity glide brand

Infinity Glide 120

If you want earphones at a good price and built quality with good sound then Infinity glide 120 should be your choice.

Built quality

First, let’s talk about the built quality of these earphones. The body of the earphones is made with good plastic and flexible rubber wire which will not get tangled no matter how much you bend it.

The earphone is very lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the neck. Even if you listen to music for a long time you will not feel any pain.

The earphones are metallic from behind and plastic from the front. It also comes with a magnetic grip so that earphones don’t fall but there is no on and off magnetic feature.

Charging / Battery backup

The battery backup is only 7 hours without using a dual equalizer which is decent and not good enough.

It takes 2 hours to charge our earphones.

Sound quality

The voice can be controlled by using the earphone controller. You can change music or receive calls or control sound right from the controller without touching your phone.

The special feature that comes with Infinity Glide 120 is the dual audio equalizer. You can enable a dual audio equalizer to enhance the bass or play music in simple mode.

The Infinity Glide 120 wireless earphones are good for sports as they don’t fall from your ear.

They also don’t come with noise-canceling but only with noise isolation.


It gives you a 13-15ft range of connectivity. If you have a good mobile phone you will not feel connectivity issues

Microphone quality

The mic quality is also good the other person can clearly hear what you are saying on the phone.


  1. Premium metal earbuds
  2. Bluetooth v5.0
  3. 12mm drivers
  4. Colors available: Black and yellow, black and red
  5. Compatible devices: IOS and android

10. WeCool wireless

If your budget is tight but you still want to buy wireless earphones then you can buy weCool is the best brand for wireless earphones.

The build quality of weCool earphones is not good but if you look at the price then the quality is good according to the price.

WeCool earphones are also sweatproof and that’s a good thing if you work out in the gym or play sports.

The best wireless earphones of the Wecool brand.

WeCool Moonwalk M1

Built quality

Let’s talk about the built quality of WeCool Moonwalk M1, the quality of the earbuds is good enough but the quality of the case itself is not good.

You will get a led display to check the charge of the case and hence the case is transparent you can check the battery charge without opening the case.

The earbuds are lightweight and give a good grip on the ear. It is perfect for you if you like sports because it sweat proof and doesn’t fall out of the ear

Charging and battery backup

It takes around 50 minutes to charge the case fully. The battery backup of earbuds is 3-4 hours and the battery backup of the case is 8-9 hours.

The charging case can provide 2-3 times full for earbuds.

Sound quality

The sound quality of Wecool moonWalk is good but not that great, the volume is too high, and don’t expect deep bass but the mid-bass is good.

The earphones don’t come with noise cancellations only with noise isolation and you can hear background noise.

You will also get the buttons on the earbuds to receive calls or play, pause or change the song. It doesn’t come with touch buttons.

Microphone quality

Mic quality is not satisfying and during the call the other person will complain that your voice is coming low.

Connectivity Range:

The connectivity range of the earbuds is good, you will get around 9-10m of range.


  1. Colors available: Black only
  2. Bluetooth v5.0
  3. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri supported
  4. Mono mode (usage of single earbud)
  5. Comfortable devices: Laptop, android, iOS


These are the 10 best brands for wireless earphones in India that you can trust. Every wireless earphone comes with some drawbacks and it also depends upon the price of the product.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you like it if you have any questions please ask in the comments or contact us.

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