Electronic shisha the trend of a profitable business

In the past, traditional cigarettes had enormous popularity. Then it was the turn of electronic cigarettes to experience glory days. Thanks to the advancement of science, the advent of electronic shisha will be even more suitable for vaping fans. 

Its use further gives it the title of “fashion phenomenon” on a global scale. If electronic shisha is emerging as a trend today, its business is just as beneficial for its sellers. In this article, we explain the strong craze around electronic shisha.

What do you need to know about electronic shisha?

Still known under the term “electronic hookah”, the electronic hookah is a water pipe from Asia. It is therefore steeped in history. Over the years, it has been adopted by millions of people around the world, especially in the United States, Europe, and even Africa.

The operation of an electronic hookah is similar to that of an electronic cigarette. However, unlike the second device, electronic hookah does not require the use of nicotine.

Thanks to a built-in battery that supplies the resistance with energy, the internal liquid of the electronic hookah is heated to be then sucked. At the time of aspiration, this liquid, previously transformed into vapor, is released with pleasant aromas through a flexible pipe. The user, therefore, does not have to inhale the initial smoke of the caramel as in the case of a classic shisha. This is also one of the reasons for the success of e-shisha all over the world.

The benefits of modern vaping

It was in 2007 that the fight against tobacco in public places made it possible to innovate and experiment with the use of shisha in bars in Europe.

In addition to the bars that will be able to open again to customers with this innovation, several other establishments will gradually do the same.

Therefore, we will see increased consumption of electronic shisha in hotels, cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants in France. The manufacturers of this famous device have made it a full-fledged business that benefits both suppliers and managers of several for-profit establishments. 

If many people are crazy about shisha today, it is because of the benefits they find in it, especially in the summer.

  • Smoke to relax

Consuming e-shisha alone or in a group gives smokers a certain feeling of relaxation in mind and elegance. Some even associate their favorite video games with it. This trend is therefore comfort in a world overwhelmed by constraints and stress.

  • Smoking without affecting your health

On the other hand, electronic hookah has been designed so as not to degrade the health of the smoker. Unlike the classic shisha which makes you inhale carbon monoxide, the e-shisha is devoid of any toxic substance to your health. What could be more interesting is to increase the interest of modern vaping enthusiasts!

In short, this pronounced taste for electronic shisha is a major asset for those involved in its business. If its consumption is safer than that of classic shisha, the fact remains that its excess can be harmful to the health of the smoker.

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