Guide to iGaming Affiliate and Commission Types

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model that appeared around the same time as the internet. It is a very common form of remuneration in the gaming world, which makes it important to understand how it works. Is it possible to earn a lot of money there? What are the different commissions that can be pocketed?

In order to enlighten us on the subject, we call on Conrad Brennan. He is an expert in affiliate marketing and can therefore enlighten us on the subject.


IGaming includes online casinos, sports and horse betting, and poker. As this site, which talks about the best Canadian online casino, explains, each operator offers different affiliate deals to its affiliates.

Probably the most common offer is CPA for Cost Per Acquisition. The principle is simple: each time a player makes a deposit with a certain amount at an online casino, the person who sent this client to the platform then receives an amount defined in advance with the establishment.

However, there are some variations depending on the operator. Sometimes it is sufficient to make a deposit, in other cases it is necessary for the player to make a certain number of real money games. In addition, the remuneration can also vary greatly between online gaming sites and depending on the number of users brought to the platform.

The revenue share

The best Canadian online casino also has another affiliate offer, the revenue share. In this specific case, the platform shares the profits it has obtained from a player with the affiliate. Deals can vary between 20 and 50% depending on the operator.

This method allows the casino to pay affiliates only when the players sent to their site earn them money. In the case of CPA, operators are not always sure that a player is profitable and can sometimes pay commissions without recouping their costs afterward.

For affiliates, if they are in a position to know that a player is going to make big deposits or play a lot, sometimes it makes more sense to choose a revenue share deal as they will then be able to earn higher commissions than if they had obtained a CPA deal.

The lead

Finally, we will find a third affiliation offer, the one we call the lead. In this specific case, an affiliate receives a sum of money from the moment a player has made a registration at the casino, without having to deposit or play.

The money earned for a lead is significantly less than that for a CPA. Indeed, only a small part of the players who register with a casino will subsequently play on the site. As a result, we receive more commissions in absolute value, but the unit amount of each commission is lower.

There are two different types of lead. First of all, the SOI, which stands for single opt-in, means that the customer has not clicked on a confirmation link. Without forgetting the DOI, the double opt-in, for those who clicked on this link. Usually, the gain of a DOI is about twice that of an SOI.

The gaming affiliation, a good way to earn money automatically
The main benefit of being an affiliate is being able to generate automated income. For example, if the affiliate has created a website and puts affiliate links on it, he has absolutely nothing to do to make money. He just has to wait for visitors to come to his site.

It is also possible to make affiliation via emails for SMS. In this case, there are tools that can automate things. Once these tools are properly configured, the money will then arrive automatically without having to do anything.

Of course, you first have to train yourself and have the skills to automate this stuff. However, once everything is in place, it is no longer necessary to work on these points and one can devote his time and energy to other things.

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