How to Start Paper Plate Manufacturing business (Full details)

If you want to start your own Paper Plate Manufacturing business, then you are at the right place. Paper Plate Manufacturing is one of the businesses which can be started at a low cost and has good profit potential.

In this blog post, you will get all the necessary information that is required for starting a paper plate manufacturing business.

Why Start Paper Plate Manufacturing business in India?

This is a very important question because if you don’t understand the potential and reason of any business, you can’t make it successful.

In the paper plate manufacturing business, plates are made out of special paper which is eco-friendly and easy to use and they are an alternative to plastic paper.

Since plastic production is not good for the environment and govt doesn’t favor plastic production in several states, that’s why the Paper Plate Manufacturing business is a good opportunity.

Who are the Customers of Paper Plates?

Again a very important question. Who are the potential customers for your business?

Paper plates are used almost everywhere in India from restaurants, Bakeries, street foods, weddings, parties to family picnics.

People prefer paper plates over steel plates on special occasions because it doesn’t require cleaning and it doesn’t consume your time and they are easy to carry around.

Resources required for Paper plate Manufacturing business

Start Paper Plate Manufacturing business

There are a few requirements to Start a Paper Plate Manufacturing business, let’s discuss them.

1. Place, Land, or Room

Usually paper plate business doesn’t require a huge place and it completely depends on what type of machine and how big you want to start, but still here is a rough estimate to give you an idea.

1. Land or space – The minimum space required for a paper plate business is 230 Square feet

But if you are using more machines then you need more space.

2. Room – Since this business can also be started in a rented room, the minimum requirement for a room is 10X8 or 10X10.

Few tips on how to choose the best place or room for your plate manufacturing business

  1. Make sure you choose a place which is near to your market so that you can save cost on transportation
  2. Choose a place where you have all the necessary facilities for the business such as electricity, water supply, and easy reach the place.
  3. If you hiring a worker make sure the place is easily reachable for him, or hire someone near your business place so it can be easy for your workers to come and go.

2. Machinery

Machinery is an important part of this business and choosing the right machinery is very important.

Machines you need:

  1. Paper plate manufacturing machine
  2. Die Press Machine
  3. Bag sealing Machine

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1. Paper plate manufacturing machine

Paper plate manufacturing machine cost starts from 30,000 with a production capacity of 60 pieces per minute and a required Voltage of 230V.

The more costly machine you will buy, the more production capacity it will have and the more voltage it needs.

2. Die Press Machine

First question what is the Die Press Machine?

A die press machine is equipment that is attached to your main plate manufacturing machine and it helps you to cut paper plates in a particular shape and size. Most Machines will come with 2 free die press machines.

Different size plate manufacturing requires different die machines.

So to put it simply, if you want to manufacture a big paper plate for rice or thali then you need a different die press for it and if you want to manufacture a small paper plate then you need a different die press.

Die Press machine costs between 2000-6000.

3. Bag sealing Machine

In order to pack your products, you will need a bag sealing machine, so that your products reach safely to your customers.

The cost of a bag sealing machine completely depends upon you, there are various bag sealing machines available in the market and you could choose the appropriate one according to your business.

A simple bag sealing machine costs around 1500-1600.

3. Raw materials

These are the following Raw materials you will be needing for your business and you can purchase and store them according to the scale and demand of the business.

  1. Scrap paper
  2. Polyethylene sheets
  3. Packaging materials

4. Employees or workers

You need two minimum people to run the Paper Plate Manufacturing business, even two family members can run this business because the usage of machines is simple and easy.

It will only take you 1-2 days to train your workers on how to use the machine and packaging.

5. Licenses

A business License is very important before starting any business. So, make sure to get your business registered.

To start your paper plate manufacturing business in India, you will need the following licenses.

  1. Registration of Business license
  2. NOC from the State Pollution control board
  3. Registering for a trademark
  4. Trade license
  5. GST registration

How to start a Paper Plate Manufacturing business in India?

Now you know about the paper plate business and the basic requirements for this business now let’s understand how to start this business from scratch.

1. Demand and Supply

The first thing before starting any business is to know the demand and the supply of the product, and where you wish to sell the product.

If there is very little demand then you may want to avoid the business or change your location.

How to check the demand for paper plates in your area?

  1. You can ask various Restaurants owners whether they use paper plates or not
  2. Look how many competitors are in the market, the more competitors, the more the competition.

2. Know your Competitors

The next you want to do is to analyze your competitors because this will give you the overall idea of your business.

While analyzing your competitor look for these things:

  1. Check to see how many products they sell
  2. Where do they buy raw materials from
  3. At what cost do they purchase raw materials?
  4. What is the selling price of your competitors

3. Select the Restaurants/Retailers/Wholesalers

The 3rd step should be to select your shoppers, then accordingly you can select the type of machinery and equipment.

Since the Paper Plate business is B2B (business to business), you need to find restaurants, Shopkeepers, and stalls.

You can contact different restaurant owners and ask them if they would buy plates from you and how much in quantity and what size and shape.

Few tips on selecting the right restaurants, shopkeepers, and stalls:

  1. Find out how many customers your client has and how many paper plates are consumed per day.
  2. Can your client purchase from your frequency, so that you can run your business smoothly?

2. Select the right Machinery

Once you have decided who are your potential clients, the next step is to buy the Machinery according to your requirement.

You can find types of Paper Plate Manufacturing machines but you need to buy the one which will fulfill your needs so you can meet the market demand.

Few tips on selecting the right Machinery

  1. Choose the machinery with quality, so it can be used for long term
  2. Select the machinery with good production capacity to meet your demand.
  3. Look for electricity required to run the machinery
  4. Make sure after-sale service is available if the machine gets any default anytime.

3. Recruit the right Workers

Finding the right worker is the most difficult part of any business because workers are the backbone of any business.

The best thing to do while hiring workers would be to select workers from around the area where you want to conduct your business because this way, your workers can find it easy to travel to your manufacturing place.

Few tips on selecting the right Worker

  1. Check whether the worker is skilled for your job.
  2. Find out whether your worker is a fast learner.
  3. Make sure your workers will stay in your business for the long run because finding new workers every now and then can impact your business operations.


A good plan and marketing can turn any business into a success and every business has good profit potential and demand in the market. The Paper Plate Manufacturing business is one of the businesses with good demand and ROR (rate of return).

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