Top 10 business ideas in India under 1 lakh rupees

Top 10 Business ideas in India that you can start with under 1 lakh rupees. The business has both profit and loss. But if we start the business with thought, maybe we can avoid the loss. So today I will give you 10 business ideas, that you can start and make a lot of profit without loss. So let’s find out what business we can start at 1 lakh rupees.

1. Institute Business

Yes, you can open your own institute business. It can be any yoga institute, song, and dance or it can be an educational institution. If you open an institute of something, then it costs you, your rent is a maximum of 10 or 12 thousand. For the summer you need to install an AC inside the house which can cost from 30 to 40 thousand rupees. It can also cost between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 for benches, blackboards, and power connections.

In all, your expenses will be less than 1 lakh and your income from here depends on how much talent and student you have.

2. Salon or beauty parlor Business

Nowadays it is very difficult to find boys and girls who do not go to salons and beauty parlors to make themselves very beautiful and stylish. You see, if a boy or a girl goes to a salon or a beauty parlor, it costs 100 to 200 rupees per person. If at least 10 to 15 people come every day, you can earn easily at least 1 thousand to 2 thousand 500 rupees per day, which is possible to earn a minimum of 30 thousand rupees per month.

3. Coffee shop Business

Coffee Shop Business
Coffee Shop Business

We are all familiar with the word coffee, almost all of us are accustomed to drinking coffee in the morning and afternoon so there are very few people who do not like coffee. So you can easily start a coffee business in India. You don’t need too much capital to start a coffee business in 1 lakh rupees.

You must find your best location before you start this business. In offices, colleges, bus, and train stations, where the population is high, it is very profitable to open a coffee shop.

4. Artificial jewelry Store

Yes, the artificial jewelry store is basically a very popular shopping store for girls. Nowadays girls use more artificial jewelry than gold jewelry for regular use because every girl wants a new look every day which is not possible to change gold jewelry every day. Where they change artificial jewelry every few days or every month. This is a good place to start this business near school and college. So you can start your own artificial jewelry business, which can be started in 1 lakh rupees.

5. Kids Play Center

If you have enough space then you can start the kid’s play center business. For this, you need to keep the children’s play materials, in order to open a kid’s play center, 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees will be required first. Instead of where you can keep children’s play items, you will receive a certain amount of money each month from the children’s parents.

To start this business, you need to have some sports material from which children can learn a lot and gain intelligence through sports.

6. Soft Toys manufacturing business

Soft Toys Manufacturing Business

This is very popular among children and teenagers as well as young people all over the world. These are usually made of fabric and acrylic wool. These toys are very popular in different animal shapes. You can start your own home-based business with less than one lakh rupees in Indian currency. General is the perfect business, especially for women, housewives, and mothers.

7. Event Management Business

From village to town, wherever we rent a chair, fan, pot, light, etc., for a wedding or any other party, we rent all the equipment. If you want, you can start this business it’s a good business idea in India. The most important thing is that there is no loss in this business, only profit. So you can start this business with 1 lakh rupees.

8. Sweet and snack shop

We all need food to survive, so the need for food in daily life is immense. So sweet and snack shop can be a profitable business for you. Basically, if you do this business at any bus or rail station or near a school, college, office court, it is possible to succeed in business quickly. It doesn’t take much money to start a snack and sweet shop business in 1 lakh rupees.

9. Farming business

If you are living in village and you want to start a business it can be really difficult because in village side people don’t have enough money and it makes it difficult for a business to sustain in the environment.

But living in a village also has a great benefit, you can start a business and supply your products in town and cities.

So you may be thinking what type of business you can start, well here are some ideas

1. Farming products

2. Pottery farm

3. Vegetable business

4. Fruit business

5. Manufacturing factories like sandals, pencils, carpets etc.

10. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is an online business, this business does not usually require an offline store. Many people in India are currently involved in this business. Know before you start a dropshipping business meaning of dropshipping business.


It’s not difficult to start a business in India under 1 lack, if you know how to do it in right way.

Before starting any business, think, and research many times which business in your local market. It Will benefits you from the beginning because business cannot be improved just by investing millions of rupees, it also requires intelligence.

Sometimes you maybe in very profitable business but the competition is really high so you need to spend more time and resources to out rank the competition.

If you can’t beat the computation because then you may change your niche, and find something that is less competitive, where you can find success quickly and take your business to next level.

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