Top Cement Company in India you should know in 2024

Do you know about the Top Cement Company in India? and you know India is the second-largest producer of cement in the world after China. In 2021 India produced 330 million metric tons of cement.

Are you curious about which companies are manufacturing this amount of cement? Today I am going to share top cement companies in India. With that said let’s just dive in.

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Top 10 Cement Companies In India

While researching the post, I found that there are many cement manufacturer companies in India. I listed the top cement companies by their market capitalization.

#1 UltraTech

Top Cement Company in India

Headquartered in Mumbai, UltraTech is the largest cement manufacturer in India. Surprisingly, It has a capacity of 116.75 million tonnes per year. Aditya Birla Group owns the cement company UltraTech. UltraTech has over 100 cement manufacturing plants across 39 cities. Apart from India the largest cement company also operates in  UAE, Bahrain, and Sri Lanka. Surely, It is one of the best cement companies in India.

Not only grey cement but UltraTech is also one of the largest manufacturers of White Cement. They sell White Cement under the brand Birla White. Presently, The giant cement company has dealers and retail networks of 1,00,000+ partners across the country.

Market Capitalization: Rs.163,889.99 Crores

#2 Shree Cement

At this time, Shree Cement is one of the biggest cement manufacturers in Northern India. It was founded in 1979. The company operates in India & UAE. It has 4 plants in India and 1 in UAE. Shree Cement has a capacity of 47.4 million tonnes of cement per year. Without a doubt, it is one of the biggest cement manufacturers in India.

In 2018 Shree Cement was the 2nd largest cement company by market cap in India. Surprisingly, it is among the top 3 cement groups in India. Apart from Cement the company also produces and sells power under the brand Shree Power.

Market Capitalization: Rs.74,618.96 Crores

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#3 Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cement is an Indian cement-producing company. Narotam Sekhsaria and Suresh Neotia founded the company in 1983. Formerly the company was known as Gujrat Ambuja Cement Limited. Later they changed the name to Ambuja Cement. Without a doubt, Ambuja is one of the most popular cement brands in India.

Initially, They started with a single plant that had a capacity of producing 700,000 tonnes per year. Presently, the company had multiple plants with a capacity to produce 31 million tonnes of cement per anum. Holcim is a Swiss-based company that owns Ambuja Cement. Although Adani Group acquired Holcim’s stake in Ambuja Cements.

Market Capitalization: Rs.73,171.03 Crores

#4 ACC Limited

Top Cement Company in India

ACC Limited is a cement manufacturing company based in Mumbai. It was founded in the year 1936, then it was known as The Associated Cement Companies Limited. Later, they renamed it ACC Limited. Surprisingly eleven cement companies merged and formed the company.

In the year 2004, Holcim Group took the control of this company. Later, the company changed to ACC Limited. ACC has 17 cement manufacturing units, and also 85 ready mix concrete plants in India.

The cement company has 56,000 dealers & retailers across India. It has a cement-producing capacity of 33.05 million tonnes per year. Same as Ambuja, Holcim used to own ACC Limited. But after 17 years Holcim took an exit from the Indian market.

It is also part of the Adani Group.

Market Capitalization: Rs.40,080.37 Crores

#5 Dalmia Bharat Cement

Top Cement Company in India

Jaidayal Dalmia founded the Dalmia Cement company in 1939. It is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalmia Bharat. Dalmia Group also operates several sugar mills, cement plants, chemical factories, engineering plants, and a paper mill.

The company has 14 plants with a cement producing capacity of 35.9 million tonnes per year. The plant spread across 10 states.

Market Capitalization: Rs.23,485.73 Crores

#6 JK Cement

Top Cement Company in India

JK Cement Limited is one of the leading cement manufacturers in India. It was founded in 1975. With a capacity of producing 15 million tonnes of Grey Cement, it is the leading cement manufacturer. The cement company also has the capacity to manufacture 1.2 million White Cememt and 1.2 million per Wall Putty year.

Presently, JK White Cement is sold across 43 countries.

Market Capitalization: Rs.16,584.08 Crores

#7 Ramco Cement

Headquartered in Chennai, Ramco cements limited is a subsidiary of Ramco Group. Earlier the company was known as Madras Cements Limited. It was founded in 1961. Later they renamed it Ramco Cement.

The Ramco cement plant was established in 1962 with a production of 200 tonnes. Presently, the company has a capacity of producing 15.45 million tonnes of cement per year.

Ramco Cement manufactures Portland cement. With eight manufacturing facilities, it’s the 5th largest producer in India. Ramco also generates power through windmills.

Market Capitilization: Rs.14,904.14 Crores

#8 Nuvoco Vistas

Nuvoco Vistas is a cement manufacturing company by Nirma Group. Nirma entered the cement manufacturing business in 2014 with a manufacturing capacity of 2.2 million tonnes per year. Then they grew their business by acquiring Lafarge India Limited & NU Vista Limited(formerly Emami Cement Ltd).

At the present time, the company has 11 cement manufacturing plants in multiple states. Apart from producing cement the company also produces power.

Market Capitalization: Rs.10,875.40 Crores

#9 India Cement

Top Cement Company in India

S. N. N. Sankaralinga Iyer founded the India Cement company. The cement manufacturing company was founded in 1946. In 1989 the cement company had two manufacturing plants with a capacity of manufacturing 1.3 million tonnes per year.

At the present time, India Cements has now 8 integrated cement plants with a capacity of manufacturing 15.5 million tonnes of cement per year.

Market Capitalization: Rs.5,060.62 Crores

#10 JK Lakshmi Cement

Top Cement Company in India

JK Company owns JK Lakshmi Cement Limited. It started its journey in 1982. They have fully computerized & integrated cement plants in Udaipur, Jaykaypuram & Ahiwara. JK Laxmi company has a capacity of producing 13.3 million tonnes of cement per year.

The cement company has introduced JK Lakshmi Powermix- Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), JK LakshmiPlast- Gypsum Plaster, and JK SmartBlox.

Market Capitilization: Rs.5,019.22 Crores

This is the list of cement companies in India.

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These are some of the top cement companies in India. I hope you got the information about cement companies. These companies are ranked according to their market cap.

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