Tradex Opinion Trading Platform Review and Features

With the help of TradeX app, you can trade on different day-to-day events. It provides a variety of topics for you to trade on, which range from politics to current affairs, and sports to finance. But before you download the TradeX app, you need to have a clear idea on how to trade with it.

From this article, we will provide a quick overview on how you can trade with the TradeX app. Take a look at this article and then decide whether you are going to download this app for trading or not.

Step 1 – Foresee the outcome

The first thing to do after downloading and installing the TradeX App on your iOS or Android smartphone is to go through the available events. The event categories available on TradeX are many and include business, sports, politics, media, and news. Select an event that piques your interest.

 Events that you can see on the app change every day. This will make it easy for you to keep yourself entertained and bet on the outcomes. You will never end up with any boredom as you continue to bet using this app.

Step 2 – Decide – Yes or No

After choosing an event, you must guess the result by purchasing shares of either Yes or No. You can invest in Yes shares if you think the event will occur. You can purchase No shares, on the other hand, if you believe the event won’t happen. It’s crucial to remember that news triggers have an impact on market pricing, so being informed can help you make a more accurate forecast.

Step 3 – Sell early to book profits

The possibility that an event will occur or not can alter as time goes on and more information becomes available. Before the result of the event is known, you have the choice to sell your shares at any moment. You can sell your shares ahead of schedule if the market price has gone up and you want to lock in your earnings. As an alternative, you can elect to cut your losses and sell your shares before the event is over if the market price has dropped.

Step 4 – Gather Profits from Event Settlement

The event settles and the outcomes are established when the outcome of the event is obvious. If your prediction came true, you would get 100 credits for each share you hold that corresponds to the favourable result. These credits can be used to purchases made via the TradeX App or exchanged for other currencies.

Should you consider downloading the app?

A smooth trading experience with rapid deposits and withdrawals is provided via the TradeX App. You must add money to the app in order to begin trading. Deposits can be made to TradeX using either BTC (Bitcoin) or USDT (Tether). To make a quick deposit, just link your bitcoin wallet to the app. You can start trading instantly and without any delays thanks to this function.

Similar to deposits, TradeX App provides immediate withdrawals of your gains to your cryptocurrency wallet. Your earnings will be sent to you in USDT, giving you a fast and practical method to get your money.

The lack of taxes or levies is one benefit of trading using the TradeX App. You won’t need to be concerned about extra fees reducing your earnings, unlike conventional financial markets. To maximize your profits, you can withdraw the whole amount you won. Due to all these features, you can download the app and start trading today itself.

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