Which 7-Seater Luxury Car in India Reigns Supreme?

India’s car market is known for offering a wide range of affordable and durable vehicles. However, with an increase in economic growth and rising incomes, luxury vehicles have become more popular in the country. The popularity of 7-seater luxury cars has increased in recent times, as people want more space and seating options for their families. In this blog post, we will discuss India’s top 7-seater luxury cars.

The luxury car market in India is highly competitive, with various models and car brands available. Before we dive into the options, it’s essential to highlight the demand and economic factors influencing the luxury car market in India. The Indian luxury car market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with the adoption of new technology and increasing disposable income levels.

Features to consider when choosing a 7-seater luxury car

When choosing a 7-seater luxury car, there are several factors to consider. These include price, fuel efficiency, safety ratings, design, performance, and technology. For example, if you are looking for a spacious car, fuel efficiency may not be your priority.

Discussing important factors like price, fuel efficiency, and safety ratings

Price is a critical factor when buying a luxury car. The cost of a 7-seater luxury car ranges from Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 2 Crore. Fuel efficiency is another essential factor to consider. The fuel efficiency of luxury cars can vary, but most models provide decent fuel economy. Safety ratings are another crucial factor to consider when buying a luxury car. The safety ratings of each car are based on how they perform in various crash tests.

Top 7 seater luxury cars in India

Here is of the top 7-seater luxury SUV cars available in India: Showcasing the pros and cons of each car option, including design, performance, and technology.

Lexus RX

7-Seater Luxury Car in India

Lexus RX is a popular luxury crossover SUV manufactured by Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus. The RX has been one of Lexus’ top-selling models since its introduction in 1997. The third-generation RX debuted in 2010 with a bold new design and a host of advanced features. The latest fourth-generation models offer even more technology, safety features, and modern aesthetics.

From its sleek exterior lines, intuitive interior controls, and powerful engines, the Lexus RX exudes luxury and performance. Whether cruising on city streets or hitting the open road, the RX provides a refined driving experience that discerning owners expect from a luxury vehicle.

Volvo XC90: This car has a luxurious design and is functional enough for Indian roads. It has great safety features, including airbags, emergency braking, and lane departure warnings. However, it’s slightly more expensive than other models.

Mercedes-Benz GLS

7-Seater Luxury Car in India

Mercedes-Benz GLS is one of the most luxurious and spacious SUVs on the market. It has a sleek and stylish design with cutting-edge technology and engineering. The GLS is perfect for families or those who love to travel in style and comfort. The spacious cabin can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers with plenty of legroom and storage space. The car also has a variety of safety features such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking. With its powerful engine and smooth ride, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is truly a luxury car that is second to none.

Mercedes-Benz GLS is an excellent luxury car, with superior technology features, great interior space, and a powerful engine. The design is luxurious, and it has outstanding safety ratings, making it an ideal option for families. The car boasts of being fuel-efficient and smooth to drive. The price range starts from Rs. 99 Lakhs.

Audi Q7 Luxury car

7-Seater Luxury Car in India

Audi Q7 is a luxury SUV that boasts a sleek design and impressive performance capabilities. It offers a spacious interior with comfortable seating for up to seven passengers, making it an ideal family vehicle. The Q7 is also equipped with advanced technology features such as a virtual cockpit display, adaptive cruise control, and a Bang & Olufsen sound system. 

With its powerful engine options, smooth ride, and customizable driving modes, the Audi Q7 is a great choice for drivers who want both style and substance in their vehicles. Overall, this luxury car is perfect for those who value comfort, performance, and advanced features.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery has been a favorite among luxury car owners for decades. Known for its ruggedly handsome exterior and luxurious cabin, this vehicle is perfect for those who like to go off the beaten path but still want to travel in style. With its advanced technology features, powerful engines, and comfortable seating, the Discovery is a top choice for drivers who want to experience the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re driving down the highway or exploring the great outdoors, the Land Rover Discovery is sure to impress. With its sleek lines and sophisticated design, this vehicle is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious and versatile ride.

Mercedes-Benz EQB

Mercedes-Benz EQB is a luxurious all-electric compact SUV that showcases German engineering at its finest. With a sleek exterior and a spacious interior that can accommodate up to seven passengers, this car is perfect for families who want to travel in style and comfort. The electric powertrain of the EQB delivers impressive performance, providing a driving range of up to 260 miles with fast charging capabilities that can add 100 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

The EQB also features advanced safety technology that makes driving safer and more efficient. Overall, the Mercedes-Benz EQB is a stunning vehicle that combines luxury, performance, and eco-friendliness in one irresistible package.

Toyota Vellfire

Toyota Vellfire is spacious and comfortable, with luxurious interiors and technology features. The car is also fuel-efficient, making it a popular choice among buyers. However, it’s slightly more expensive than the other models mentioned on the list. The price range starts from Rs. 83 lakhs.

Toyota Fortuner Legender

Toyota Fortuner Legender is an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers who want some luxury features. The car has great interiors and features a sunroof, with a smart entry, and exit system, among other features. The car is also fuel-efficient and reliable, making it a popular choice. The price range starts from Rs. 38 lakhs.

Our top pick for the best 7-seater luxury car in India

After careful analysis and considering the various factors outlined in

We have concluded that the Mercedes-Benz GLS is the best 7-seater luxury car in India. It boasts superior technology, great interior space, excellent safety ratings, powerful performance, and fuel efficiency.

We suggest that buyers consider their primary requirements before making a choice. A luxury SUV must fulfill the requirements of the driver to be a suitable purchase. Car buyers are encouraged to read the review of each car before making the final decision.


In conclusion, 7-seater luxury cars offer great functionality and luxury, and their popularity continues to rise in India. We hope that this article will provide a comprehensive understanding of each car’s advantages and disadvantages, helping you make an informed decision while choosing the best 7-seater luxury car in India.

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