8 Best mobile ad networks for App Monetization

Today we will discuss about mobile ad networks because the fastest-growing mobile advertising at the moment is in-app advertising in 2022, it’s estimated that global app install ad spending will grow 23 percent year-over-year to more than $118 billion.

Any application’s creator wants to make money off the apps they’ve created. There are numerous platforms for monetization. The fastest methods to make your app profitable are to use mobile offerwall surveys advertising.

However, it could be challenging to locate a reliable ad network.

Let’s look at the 8 best mobile ad networks that publishers and developers regularly suggest.

Here is the 8 best mobile ad networks list


Best mobile ad networks

Rapidoreach offerwalls assist app publishers or developers in rewarding user engagement and earning revenue from both premium and free users.

The Rapidoreach audience network is made up of a wide variety of apps and games. These apps come in a range of genres, from crossword puzzles to action games. Rapidoreach offerwall network has been leveraged to make an audience that is diverse in terms of age, hobbies, ethnicity, location, income, and education.

Rapidoreach, a provider of market research technology, claims it can raise eCPMs, fill rates, engaged users, and income for publishers. This is made possible by the company’s use of cutting-edge data comprehension to channel advertising programmatically.

High fill rates, tried-and-true technology, and premium offerwall from leading companies are all combined in Rapidoreach, an all-in-one publisher monetization platform. In order to monetize publisher apps and enhance user experience, it provides the best-paid surveys and an offerwall.

Rapidoreach reports, it’s easy to understand what you’re attempt and how much money you’re making. 


  • Integrate and adapt the Rapidoreach offerwall into your app to boost sales, boost user retention.
  • It makes it possible for app developers to monetize their creations by increasing user engagement.
  • To monetize the non-paying users of your app, use Rapidoreach offerwall, a monetization solution that outlines tasks users may complete in exchange for in-app rewards.
  • Since they allow customers to try out premium content for free, rapidoreach offerwalls are excellent for boosting revenue, engagement, and retention.
  • With cutting-edge monetization strategies, the value of your apps rises.
  • It develops close ties with publishers in order to offer advertisers greater support and safe surroundings.
  • Businesses have the opportunity to boost app income while also enhancing user engagement with Rapidoreach offerwall.

Iron Source

Best mobile ad networks

Iron Source supports a sizable number of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, Adobe Air, and Unity. They provide Rewarded video, Interstitial, Banner, and Offerwall as their four ad forms.

The mobile advertising platform from iron Source enables app creators to commercialize their products while upholding high customer satisfaction.

One of the largest businesses devoted to creating technology for app monetization and distribution is Iron Source. Iron Source, which was established in 2010, connects publishers with a variety of partner ad networks to assist them boost their earnings.

Iron Source enables companies to concentrate on what they do best—create fantastic apps and user experiences—while facilitating their business expansion in the App Economy—by offering a comprehensive business platform for the key players in the App Economy. 

You can also include several ad styles here, including offerwalls, interstitial advertising, and video. Music, sports, adventure, arcade, and simulation games had the lowest retention rates compared to Iron Source.


  • With ROI-positive advertising, it expands your user base.
  • This platform uses strong ad mediation and effective ad formats to raise the ARPDAU of the app and improve the value of users.
  • Analytics that help you better understand the performance of your app make optimization simpler and faster.
  • The instruments for creative production here excite people and improve artistic performance.

Facebook Ads

Best mobile ad networks

One of the best platforms for app monetization will round up our list. The platform for reaching users of mobile apps other than Facebook is called Facebook Ad Network.

Native position, banner or insert placement, video inserts, and bonus videos are a few choices. Publishers receive a portion of the money from Facebook ads when consumers click on the ads in their app.

Both websites provide marketing campaigns for any price range. Additionally, you can focus on a more specific demographic by using factors like location, age, gender, relationship status, education, job title, likes, and dislikes.

Facebook employs a variety of ad formats, such as image, video, video poll, carousel (up to ten images), slideshow (short video ads), collection (mobile only to feature five products), instant experience (full-screen ads that load quickly), lead (signups), dynamic (promoting targeted products), and ads seen in Stories and Messenger.


  • A different platform is where the ads are shown.
  • Placements on the Audience Network are more affordable than those on Facebook. Consequently, your average CPC drops.
  • You’ll eventually be able to purchase more slots and broaden your reach as a result.


Best mobile ad networks

AdMob, which states to provide more than 40 billion mobile ads each month, is currently the biggest mobile ad network in the world. An accommodating and responsive user experience is provided by ad formats.

Ads for applications are presented during breaks in the natural flow of events in order to increase engagement and decrease intrusion.

You may expect nearly flawless functioning and simple app integration, as with other Google products. If you’re new to mobile advertising, there isn’t a better place to start than AdMob.


  • One of the greatest mobile advertising networks is Google AdMob due to the security that a strong ad verification system provides.
  • You can monitor how users interact with the adverts in your app thanks to your strong partnership with Google Analytics.
  • The platform’s adaptability to changing the broadcast duration and impression count is another appealing aspect.
  • You might use ad network mediation to manage multiple ad networks at once.


Using the Tapjoy service, you may make money off of your app by paying others to download it. The user receives credit for installing the app or viewing adverts.

If you’re a mobile app developer working in the gaming sector, Tapjoy is what you need to be able to monetize mobile games. It is a mobile advertising network with a surprising number of features and capabilities.

One of the earliest strategies for monetizing apps was Tapjoy. The offered ad formats are Playable, Offerwall, Rewarded Video, and Video Interstitial. In addition to Mobile Web, Tapjoy supports the iOS and Android operating systems.


  • In order to monetize users, it is an in-app advertising feature that rewards users for seeing commercials.
  • It forms the cornerstone of modern app monetization. It offers a versatile and potent alternative for publishers with international audiences.
  • It enables app developers to monetize their apps and increase user engagement by making sure consumers enjoys views.


One of the most complete portfolios of advertising technologies available in the market is offered by Media.net, which includes native, local, mobile, search, display, goods, and video.

It is a fairly sophisticated approach of monetizing display placements since it recognizes user search intent and provides pertinent search keywords that then display search advertising funded by advertisers utilizing a cost per click (CPC) pricing mechanism.

Without considering the prospect of acquiring media based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM), where they incur the risk of having to pay for material that consumers do not interact with, advertisers have enjoyed exceptionally high conversion rates and revenues utilizing this format.

A website’s appearance, feel, and layout may all be entirely customized for ad units, providing a far more “native” experience that improves rather than detracts from the user experience.

The Media.net ad network offers native, contextual, and display adverts. It frequently appears to be the greatest AdSense substitute and is the most popular platform for monetizing mobile traffic.


  • All iOS and Android phones and tablets are compatible with mobile “in-content” units since they are responsive.
  • Many mobile websites currently use the “infinite-scroll” technique, in which content loads continually while a user scrolls down a page.
  • Ad units can be fully customized to meet a website’s look, feel, and layout.


AdColony is one of the best platforms for mobile advertising. It works with some of the top mobile device publishers and developers, such as ABC News, Flixster, Glu, and History. The company claims it can create distinctive advertising by reacting to requests from global advertisers.

It offers cross-platform monetization on the Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Publishers can alter the display creative’ content, typeface, and colors to increase reader engagement. Additionally, it provides HD grade creative for video advertisements.

Top fill rates, tried-and-true technology, and premium advertisers from Fortune 500 organizations come together in this app monetization platform to provide an all-in-one publisher monetization platform.

In order to monetize publisher apps and enhance user experience, it provides the best display, video, and rich media adverts.


  • Every customer receives a personal manager from it.
  • It comes with several different ad formats.
  • Many different target audiences and groups might be included in your advertising campaigns.
  • The revenue for each project is visible.
  • A colorful advertising-style solution.


The ideal mobile advertising network for your apps is determined by your needs. Your area of expertise and technological requirements, among other factors, has an impact on the platform you choose for app monetization.

Hope you got to know in this post about the best mobile ad networks.

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