What is Dropshipping business in India? [explained well]

The Dropshipping business in India is growing day by day because nowadays people are shopping online from home using the internet, that is why online shopping in India is growing very fast so the business of dropshipping is also growing. Dropshipping is a business where you can start this business without any investment.

So today in this article I will tell you what is dropshipping business? How to do it? And do you have to invest in it? Details are discussed below.

But before we go if you want to know if dropshipping is profitable in India or not then I want you to read this article.

What is dropshipping Business in India?

After receiving the order from the customer, send the details of that order to the supplier, then the supplier sends that order directly to the customer. That is the dropshipping business, you do not have to buy any product in advance and store it. When you receive the order from the customer then you will order details forward to the supplier that’s it.

But don’t think it’s an affiliate program, an affiliate program is a different method and dropshipping is a different method. An affiliate program that you will get a certain commission or dropshipping which will not have any commission You can determine the price of the product yourself.

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How dropshipping works:

Dropshipping does not pay any commission. Here you can fix the price of the product yourself. When a buyer purchases a product from your store, you will send the purchased information to the supplier and you will purchase the product from the supplier.

The supplier will send the product to the buyer on your behalf. In India, Amazon and eBay are now used for dropshipping. Since there are millions of buyers on Amazon and eBay and they feel more comfortable paying here.

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You should know before starting a dropshipping business

The most important thing before starting a dropshipping business is to find a reliable supplier. A dropshipping business can never be successful if the supplier is not accurate and trustworthy. Because a lot of people have been heard cheating online. So make sure this supplier background is good and trusted to fulfilling your customer order.

However, I can give you some ideas on how to identify a trusted supplier. Websites that have faxes, email ids, mobile numbers, and addresses for contacting providers do not usually cheat. It is not possible to guarantee that it will be 100 percent faithful. But most of them are usually real suppliers.

Trusted websites for dropshipping

  1. Aliexpress dropshipping
  2. Oberlo dropshipping
  3. Meesho dropshipping
  4. Shop101 dropshipping

How to register dropshipping business in India?

Registration of Dropshipping is not necessary at all. All you need is a bank account so that you can receive money.

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How to start dropshipping business in India?

How to start dropshipping business in India

You have no idea about the dropshipping business, but you want to start that, there are some things you need to know before you start a dropshipping business. So let’s get to know these things.

1. Choosing the right product:

Choose the right product that we all need in daily life and it is more important. Which helps to sell more products. And will automatically grow your dropshipping business.

Check out this blog post on choosing the right dropshipping product.

2. Determine the right product price:

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This can have a detrimental effect on your dropshipping business.

3. Follow the competitor analysis:

After selecting your product, you need to see what other competitors are selling and how they are selling it.

In the end

Start your dropship business while you still have a chance to grow in the market because you never know when the market is going to be exhausted by the competition.

Opportunities don’t always stay, while they stay to take them.

I hope you find this article informative and it’s clear what dropshipping means, please share your views on what you think of dropshipping. In my opinion, if you want to start a dropshipping business then aliexpress is the best.

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