Best Reseller apps like Meesho to earn money in 2024

If you are looking for the best reseller apps in India like Meesho, reselling websites India, Top reseller apps, apps such as Meesho, whatever you say you have come to the right place.

We know there are other reseller apps available online but not all are trustworthy.

If you are reselling through Meesho or any reseller app you have to make sure that you only use apps and platforms that are trustworthy otherwise you will not only lose your customer but also your time.

Best Reseller app in India like Meesho

1. Shopsy Reselling App

Best Reseller app in India

Review Shopsy app and earn money with Shopsy app

Shopsy is best reselling apps like meesho, Shopsy app that is Indian Flipkart’s product resell platform, that allows customers to earn commissions on every purchase from the app.

So it is a good opportunity for those who want to earn money without investment from home. Not only product resale, But also you can refer this app to your friends and earn Rs 150.

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Shopsy App details:

App Name on play storeShopsy Shopping App – Flipkart
App Size       39MB
App version7.17
Rating on play store3+ stars
App Released on14-June-2021
Requires Android5.1 and up
Launched ByFlipkart
Shopsy app review

Why you will use Shopsy?

  • In this app, you can be shopping the lowest prices
  • More than 15 crore+ product listings
  • 1 Lakh trusted suppliers + Flipkart suppliers
  • Quality items and up to 80% Off
  • Delivery in 7 days

So today start your online earning journey with shopsy app from anywhere without any investment.

2. Glowroad app

Reseller apps like Meesho

If an application that is giving good competition to Meesho I think that is Glowroad. With over 10 Million downloads in India. Glowroad is competing inch by inch with Meesho.

Glowroad is good for those people who are looking to resell modern and trendy products. It is an easy-to-use platform for beginners who are new to the dropshipping or reselling program.

Glowroad has a lot of tutorials online that can help you to set up and resell through their app. I believe Glowroad is the best reseller application after Meesho

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3. Shop101 app

Reseller apps like Meesho

Shop101 is also one of the best online earning apps in India with over 5 million downloads on the play store. It has similar features to the Meesho app and also provides products at a cheap rate for its reseller so you can enjoy high margins while selling your products online.

Shop101 also provides great customer service. You don’t have to worry if you have any trouble while reselling through Shop101.

On this app, you will find a lot of cool collections like home decorations, kitchen stuff, beauty products, fashion collection both for women and men and much more.

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4. Milmila App

Reseller apps like Meesho

Milmila is also building a good image in the market with 500k+ downloads on the Play Store.

It is also a similar reseller app like Meesho that provides a great variety of products for resellers to sell online with up to 6% commission. Milmila app’s goal is that every reseller should earn 15000 per month.

They have various tutorials online both in Hindi and English language. A lot of people are already selling with Milmila so why should you wait?

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5. Alippo app

Reseller apps like Meesho

New to the market but resellers are giving good reviews to this application. But as compared to other apps Alippo has fewer downloads but provides good products and customer services.

Alippo offers free shipping on its products so that resellers can sell more and earn more. They also have an option for cash on delivery as a lot of people in India trust cash on delivery rather than paying online.

Alippo provides you with weekly payments. So you don’t have to worry about your payments getting delayed.

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6. Mine app

Mine app claims that you can earn more than 1 lakh per month. Well, I don’t believe that you can earn that much money with anyone with these applications.

This application is available on the play store and has “3.2 reviews” as of now and 10k+ downloads. It provides similar features to Meesho and other dropshipping applications.

I personally have no experience with the Mine app but I would still recommend it as it has good reviews on the play store.

So, these were the 5 best reseller apps like Meesho but the list doesn’t stop here if you want to know more about the other dealership platforms. I have a list of best-reselling website platforms you can also use to earn extra money.

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Read more about:

7. Oberlo

One of the best dropshipping and reselling platforms in the world. People are making thousands of money with Oberlo. Now it is also available in India.

Oberlo provides a lot of products that you can sell to your customers. The best part of Oberlo is that it is an autopilot dropshipping. You have to connect Oberlo to your Shopify store and when a customer will place an order on your website it will automatically process it.

They provide lots of courses on their website to help you to get started with dropshipping.

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8. Baapstore

Reseller apps like Meesho

Baapstore is also a dropshipping platform or website where you can find products at wholesale cost. The best thing about this store is that you can sell products to the international market. They are the best dealers in fashion products.

Subscribe to baapstore and you will get a website for free for your store. You can set automatic sales options whenever a buyer buys from your website. Baapstore will automatically place the order in the name of the buyer.

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9. Snazzy way

Not exactly an alternative to Meesho but provides dropshipping and reselling facilities like Meesho. They are the distributors of women’s garments only.

Snazzy Way believes in providing low-price wholesale products and free dropshipping as well. They keep their own stock so you have the guarantee that the exact product will reach your customer. Snazzy way also provides promotional HD videos of their products.

If you have a WordPress website you can download the Snazzy way plugin and import products of snazzy way to your website.

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10. Coorgle dropshipping

If you don’t want to do a lot of work in creating a website, choosing products, setting up an online store, and importing products then Coorgle is better for you.

Coorgle provides you with a pre-loaded store and with that, they have around 300+ themes you can choose for your store.

You have also got a dashboard where you can track your earnings and also they will provide you with an application so you can increase the trust of your customers.

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11. Resell Mall

Resellmall is another reseller app like Meesho. Where you can buy and sell your product through this “Resell Mall”.

Some features of Resell Mall

  • Fast and free delivery shipping
  • Product Good and High-Quality Product
  • Easy and free return
  • Lowest price
  • Cash on delivery available (COD)
  • You will get a Margin settlement Timely
  • And Support Team

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Today I showed you similar and better reseller apps like Meesho. Now it’s your choice which one you think is best for you or you can use all these apps to resell but I would recommend using only one platform and getting a grip of it.

The earnings totally depend upon your hard work the better you work, the better you will earn.

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