How much can you earn from dropshipping

You may have heard in the news or read a blog about someone making millions of dollars through dropshipping and that grabbed your attention and now you also want to start a dropshipping business. But you are not sure about how much you can earn from dropshipping?

So that’s why today in this blog post we will cover the reality of dropshipping business and how much money someone can make from dropshipping.

How much can you earn from dropshipping

So what really is dropshipping?

Before we jump into the topic I want you to understand what is dropshipping business. So that you can have a clear idea of how it works

It’s such a type of business where you don’t need to buy products in order to sell them. You know a regular business works, they buy products at a cheap price and then they sell at higher prices. Dropshipping is similar but with a little change.

In dropshipping you also find cheap products but you don’t buy them, instead you add that product to your online store at whatever price you like and when your customer order from your store. You have to order the same product from the other website or supplier and they will deliver it to your end customer.

So, yes you can say that dropshipping is a business with no or little investment. When I say little investment I am talking about investing in Ads or websites, not on products.

If I talk the minimum investment you will need for dropshipping is somewhere between 30-50 dollars.

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Earning from dropshipping

I am not going to explain my own theories to you about how much you can earn from dropshipping. But instead, I would tell about some of the success stories of other drop shippers. So, you can get an idea of how much someone can make from dropshipping business.

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The success story of Alex –  14 years old Heading For A $250,000 Turnover

Alex started his successful dropshipping business at 13 years old and right now he is making a $5000 profit a month by dropshipping the products from Ali-Express and selling them online on Shopify.

I mean guys if a 14 year old can do this why not you? You can read the whole blog post on Alex and his journey of dropshipping on Forbes.

Well if this story doesn’t get you motivated then here is another story.

Gabriel Beltran – who buys sports cars from his dropshipping earnings.

Few years back he was struggling to pay his rent and was living on the money from his girlfriend’s student loan.

But soon made his fortune in dropshipping and has made a total of $435.42k in sales.

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Need a little more motivation?

Live video by Ecom King from $0 to $61k in sales.

Check out these amazing videos by one of the greatest drop shippers Ecom king where he shows how he made $61k in sales by dropshipping.

Live video by Ecom King from $0 to $61k in sales

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There are thousands of successful stories of drop shippers but I cannot simply post about all of them. So, it’s your job to start and see for yourself because it’s always better to experience by yourself than to read and watch others.

I will give you a few tips to start a successful dropshipping store.

  1. Find a best dropshipping supplier

Your supplier is the core thing in your business. So make sure your supplier is the best one.

  1. Find winning products

Do in-depth research and try to find a product that generates a hell of a lot of sales. If one product fails, find another one. You will never find your successful product on the first go.

  1. Create your own online store

Not having a store is like having no shop, where else can you sell? Create a beautiful store that build customer trust.

  1. Advertise on Social media

Social media is the best platform to find the targeted customer for your products.

  1. Build connects with influencers

Influencers play a major role when it comes to generating sales and building trust among your customers. So, approach as many as customers you can.

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At last, I would say dropshipping is a great way to make money online if it’s done in the right way. I mean you can’t expect to reach your destination if you don’t know how to drive the car. That’s why it’s important to learn before you start anything.

That’s why I would suggest you check the best courses for dropshipping both free and paid ones if you are a total beginner. So, that you can have an idea of where to start and where to go.

So go ahead and earn from dropshipping by creating your online store on Shopify or Woocommerce.

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