How to Earn Money from Dropshipping | Step by Step 2024

Do you know? Dropshipping is one of the best ways to earn money online without investing money after affiliate Marketing.

After covid-19 people have started to shop online than ever before and this has create opportunity for various entrepreneurs to start their own store.

Dropshipping industry has changed a lot since it came to existence that’s how to earn money from dropshipping in 2023.

***Now before we go on making money with dropshipping there is a question “Is dropshipping worth it?” because you don’t waste your time on dropshipping right? Well here is the answer.

This image about growth of dropshipping by grandviewresearch clearly shows the positive growth of dropshipping from 2015 to 2021 and also the expected future growth of dropshipping till 2025

So when someone asks you next time can I really make money from dropshipping, show them this graph.

Let’s get back to our main topic

How to make money from dropshipping in 2023?

1. Understanding your niche

Before you even start dropshipping its really important to understand what niche you want to go with.

You can’t just start dropshipping selling clothes, watches, shoes, and everything. You have to select a particular product or niche that is profitable if you want to be successful in dropshipping.

Here are some reasons why you need to select a niche

  1. When you select a particular niche you don’t have to invest a lot of money on ads by promoting different products because in a niche you only have to focus on a specific product.
  2. A small niche has less competition than a broader niche.
  3. Having a niche gives you a clear idea of whether it will be successful in the future or not.
  4. It’s easy to research and dominate a niche.

So, How to select a niche, especially a profitable niche?

There are various ways to research and find a niche but the one I am going to show is going to be Free

  1. Use Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an amazing tool to find out what and how many people are searching for a particular product on google. This will give you an idea about whether the product you are trying to sell will be profitable or not.

You can’t sell a product that no one is searching for because you will hardly get any customers. Take the example of the iPhone 5, can you sell iphone5 mobile phone in 2023? No, you can’t because no one is looking for iPhone 5.

That’s why you need tools like ubersuggest, ahrefs, semrush to understand what people are looking for. (Ubersuggest has 3 free trials per day and ahrefs, semrush are paid tools.)

How to use ubersuggest

  1. Put your product keyword on ubersuggest
  2. Ubersuggest will tell you about how many people are searching for that product.
  3. It will also tell you about the countries where people are most interested in your product.

By using ubersuggest you will get a clear idea about in which country to target your product.

You can also use google trends to find out the trend of your products. For example, jackets have a high trend only in winters. Similarly, if your product is a seasonal product then google trends will tell you about it.

2. Finding supplier

After you have selected a niche lets say you want to dropship “selfie sticks”. The next step is to find supplier.

Finding a supplier is really important because a trustworthy supplier will make your business successful as compared to a poor supplier

What is a good supplier

  1. A good supplier will delivery your products to your customers in time
  2. Give discounts.
  3. Provide quality goods

How to find trustworthy suppliers?

Back then it was difficult to find suppliers for dropshipping but since the growth of dropshipping it has become very easy to find supplier.

Here are the few supplier

  1. Oberlo
  2. Ali-express
  3. Alibaba

On these websites you can find any product and also the suppliers, you can also check rating of various suppliers and choose the best one.

3. Create your online store

After selecting your product and supplier the next and most important feature is to create an online store where you can sell your products

In order to create an online store you can use wordpress, wix, shopify. On these platforms you can create your online store within few hours without coding.

4. Promote products on social media

The last step is to promote your products on social media with the help of facebook ads.

Remember while promoting your products on social media only target the customers who are interested in your products. For example while selling women’s shoes don’t target men because men’s are not interested in women’s shoes.


This is how you can start your own dropshipping business and earn money online.

Remember to sell quality products only otherwise customers will not order products from you again or they will return your products back and you will lose your sales.

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