20+ Best Refer and Earn Apps in India | Earn 200 Per Refer (2021)

Are you trying to find applications that will help you to earn money?

I know making money sucks. It takes a lot of handwork and patience. But today I am gonna show you some of the best refer and earn apps that actually pay in 2021.

You can easily earn ₹ 2000 by referring your 10 friends.

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Without wasting further time let’s get started and find out some best referral apps to make money.

20+ Best refer and earn apps in India 2021

1. One code- Earn more than Rs.200 per refer

OneCode app

Refer reward₹ 25 Plus 10% of your friends earnings.

With oneCode anyone can easily earn more than ₹200 per refer without investing any money.

This can be the best referral app to earn money because there is no limit on how much you can earn.

This application gives a special coupon code and when any person purchase products or services with your coupon code, you make money

You will instantly get money in your account once you have earned.

OneCode Features

  • Various brands are associated with oneCode like Dineout, Mydreamstore, Bewakoof.
  • You can earn ₹200-1000 Paytm cash by referring services and products to your friends.

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2. Google pay app – Invite friends and get Rs.101 per refer.

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward₹101 when your friend makes a transaction.

This can be your great chance to earn because we all trust Google and their services.

The old way of paying physical cash is long gone. Now everyone pays money on their mobile phone.

You can use this opportunity to earn money because Google pay is one of the best refer and earn apps that you can have.

All your friends and people who don’t use Google pay, you can help them to download and earn as they will download the application.

GooglePay Features

  • Most trusted application around the world
  • Earn money by completing daily tasks
  • Get a bonus on every transaction you make.

3. Meesho – Refer and earn up to 50,000 a year

Refer reward ₹1,000 per referral plus 15% of commission for every sale your friends make.

Meesho is reseller application where people can dropshiping products.

In simple words you sell the products of Meesho to your customers and earn commission.

But if you refer this app to your friends you will earn a commission for each sale they make.

Meesho Features

  • Sell products to others and earn up-to ₹25000 monthly.
  • Complete daily channels and earn money.
  • Lottery spins to earn points.

*So you have to Bring your friends and family to Meesho, help them earn on the platform by making sales, and get rewards to your bank account.

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4. Shop101 application

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer rewards – Invite friends and earn a 10% commission on their sales.

Shop101 is another great refer and earn app and a reselling application to earn money while selling products to your friends or customers.

It works in the same way as the Meesho app. But have many different features as well

Shop101 Features

  • Sell products and earn commission
  • Earn ₹100 as a signup bonus
  • Win big products like Apple watch, cashback offers, and more.

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5. UpStox App Refer and earn Rs. 300 per person.

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer Reward – Earn ₹300 per refer by referring your friends

The best way to multiply your earnings in a passive way is to invest your money in the stock market.

UpStox is very good application where you can invest money in stock market, IOPs, mutual funds and more.

Now the best part about this application is that its pays ₹300 per refer that you make. You can encourage your friends to download this application from your referral link and earn Free Paytm cash.

Features of UpStox App

  • Zero brokerage fees on stock investment
  • Open Demat and Trading account for free
  • Supported by top investors like Tiger Global and Ratan Tata
  • Open accounts with paperless accounting

6. RefOEarn app

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward₹350 per friend, when your friend refers to someone else you will earn an extra ₹300.

You can earn money by referring your friends and family for various personal Loans and Ujjwal card.

Since it’s a free app and can be used online, there is no need to travel and everything can be done online.

How to earn money from RefOEarn app?

  1. Register with your correct details
  2. Start referring the services to others and earn.

RefOEarn Features

  • Earn Paytm cash with no investment by referring services to friends.
  • Refer services such as Marriage expenses, small business, higher studies, Home renovations, and more.
  • Work from home on your mobile phone and earn up-to 10-25k monthly.

7. Frizza app – get Rs.20 for each person

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer rewards – You will earn ₹20 per refer and your friends will get ₹10

This is be the best referring and earning app for getting Paytm cash.

With the Frizza application you have to complete various digital tasks to make money.

But you can also use this application to make money by referring it your friends.

Frizza Features

  • Earn Paytm cash up-to ₹25 by completing digital tasks.
  • Get Daily rewards for daily use.

8. Lucky words – Refer 1 friend, get Rs.50

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Referral reward – Earn ₹50 per friend

Lucky words is a simple app that gives you Rs.50 per friend you refer.

You will not only make money through referring but you can also earn by playing word puzzles in the application. Lucky words is the best refer and earn app.

There is a level for the users in the app. The higher level your friends reach the more you will earn.

Lucky words Features

  • Earn 50 Signup reward for the first time.
  • Play word games and earn Paytm cash

9. Coins Switch app – Give Rs.50 and Get Rs.50

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward – You can earn ₹50 per refer and your friend also earns ₹50

This application is mainly to buy and sell crypto currencies but we don’t want to buy or sell digital or crypto currency.

We want to earn from this application. That’s why I have included this app in this list.

Coins switch Features

  • Invest in cryptocurrency like bitcoins and make money.
  • Start investing with just ₹100.

10. Galo app – Get Rs.240 for referring 1 friend.

Galo earning app

Refer rewards – Earn ₹240 per friend

Galo is an amazing app were you can earn Paytm cash by playing games daily.

It’s important to connect your Paytm mobile no. with the Galo so you can withdraw earning when you have earned, otherwise, you can’t. You can get Rs.240 on each referral you make.

Just think if you just refer only 10 friends you will make Rs.2400 easily.

Galo Features

  • Earn ₹300 playing games
  • Bonus reward – ₹50
  • Spin and get Paytm cash.
  • Watch ads and earn Paytm cash.
  • Earn daily rewards.

Use the refer code – 2UDGH3

11. 5-Paisa App

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Referral rewards – Earn ₹500 per referring and 12.5% brokerage per referral

5Paisa is one of the best online apps to invest in the stock market for NSE BSE and MCX. It can also be a great refer and earn app to earn instant money.

Personal tip: With Upstox you can invest in stock market which is really a good thing if you want to have a secure future.

It just charges Rs.20 as brokerage fees. Which is very less as compared to other stock brokers.

Upstox Features

  • Create a Demat account with-in 5 minutes
  • Invest in stocks, commodity, currency, futures, options, MCX commodities.
  • Zero brokerage on trading.

12. Groww application – Get up to Rs.100 per referring

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Referral rewards – You can easily earn ₹100 per refer.

I hope you guys are familiar with the Groww application as it is one of the best applications to invest money in mutual funds.

It is a great thing to invest in mutual funds as there is very low risk and good returns.

So what are you waiting for start using Groww and start earning.

Groww Features

  • Invest in all types of stocks.
  • Invest money in mutual funds and grow your money.

13. Pocket money – Get Rs.160 by referring

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Referral rewardEarn ₹160 daily by inviting your friends

Another cool app that gives you ₹160 per refer, Not only that but also helps you to win cash in different ways.

Not only refer . But you can also save money with exclusive discounts and offers on e-commerce, food, or traveling by using the coupons on pocket money.

Pocket Money Features:

  • Completing various tasks on your phone.
  • Playing various games.
  • Watching videos to earn.
  • Complete daily challenges

2. Use the refer code – elzCe – and get Rs. 5 instantly

14. PhonePe – Refer and get Rs.100-200

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer Reward ₹200 per friend you refer

I think I don’t need to tell you guys about the PhonePe as this application is famous in India and you guys are smart enough to know this.

With PhonePe is the same as the UPI app that you guys can use to easily transfer and receive money to your friends, shopkeepers or to buy something online.

PhonePe Features

  • Recharge, pay bills, book utilities
  • win daily rewards and cash backs
  • Buy and sell gold.

15. Watch video and earn money app (WVEP)

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward – Earn ₹30 per refer you make

Well, the name of the app is kind of weird but this application pays money for completing various tasks like watching videos, daily bonuses, rating them.

But application is the best refer and earn app to make money by inviting your friends.

Once you have earned coins you can redeem through paytm or PhonePe app.

WVEP Features

16. Poll pay – Make money and free gift cards

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer rewards – Earn ₹20 per friend plus 15% of their earning as a bonus

A great application with very good reviews on playstore.

This application is useful only if you have a PayPal account.

Poll pay is a real and easy application to earn money. You can start referring your friends and earn PayPal cash.

Well if you don’t have any friends to refer to. Don’t worry! There are additional ways to get money from this app.

Poll pay Features

17. Bulb Smash cash game – Break Bulbs

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Referral reward – Per refer you will get ₹20.

You should play this amazing game if you want to kill your time and also if you want to earn money.

Bulb Smash is a very simple game where you have to break bulbs. You can receive coins for breaking bulbs and receiving a good score.

If you don’t want to play the game, you can also refer this game to your friends.

You can transfer your earnings directly to your Paytm account.

Bulb smash Features

  • Play with friends.
  • Earn Paytm cash up-to ₹100-200 while playing the game.
  • Rank more and earn more.

Bulb Smash is not available on the play store, you need to use google to download the app.

18. PayZapp – Get 25 for referring your friends

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward 25 per person you refer.

PayZapp is a simple but powerful application to pay bills or recharge your mobile phone or receive money from someone.

It works in the same way as other Payment apps like Paytm, Google Pay, or PhonePe.

But I have included this app in the list of refer and earn apps because you will get Rs.25 if you refer your friends to this app.

Not only referring money but you will also get 250 cashback for the first time.

Make sure to use your referral link to invite friends in order to earn from this application.

PayZaap Features

  1. Find great deals.
  2. Send and receive money.
  3. Pay bills, recharge.
  4. Find new offers.

19. Dream11 – Its your game

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward₹100 for referring per friend.

People are literally earning in corers from this application. This can be the best application for you to earn money.

In this app you have to create your own team on 11 members and if your teams scores good in real life match, you will get money.

Well if I talk about the referral program then Dream 11 is the coolest refer and earn app. You can get Rs.100 for referring a friend. So make sure to invite lots of friends to Dream 11.

Dream 11 Features

Use the refer code – ZEESH5138UV – To get Rs. 100 bonus

Step 1 – Click on invite by friend on the bottom

Step 2 – Enter the invitation code and register on Dream 11

20. Mobile premium League app

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward – Earn ₹75 per friend you refer and your friend also earns ₹75

The mobile premium league also know as “MPL” is India’s famous application to play games and earn cash.

This game is also not available on android right now. But you can download from the their official website.

It is totally safe to use and it has more than 4 crore users and 24×7 support team.

MPL is also a good refer and earn app and you can get ₹75 for referring to one friend. Your friend will also get ₹75 as a reward.

MPL Features

Use the refer code – NDKVAX3T – to get Rs. 10 as bonus

Using my refer code you can Rs. 10 as a gift, you can use the same money to play games on the app

21. Plaisa Pro App – Earn Rs.400 by referring 10 friends

Refer and Earn Apps in India

Refer reward – Earn ₹100 per friend

This is the best application to earn ₹400 just by referring to 10 friends.

You can instantly withdraw money from Paytm or from other payment width draw sources.

How to find 10 people for referring:

It’s not hard enough to find 10 people around you. If you are 5 people in your family you can easily refer this app to them as everyone has smartphones these days.

The other 5 people can be your friends. If you a better way you can also use that.

Frequently asked questions

What is refer and earn?

It involves recommending your friends to use a particular app or service. You may be suggesting the service or app because you want to make money with the referral link despite knowing that this particular app or service is not valuable.

Can I earn money with referring?

Yes, if your friends will use your referral link to download or use a particular service. You will make money.

Is it safe to use referring program?

Yes, It is totally safe to use, but you have to be sure about the referral program. Most of the referral programs don’t pay money at all.

Do these apps work all the time?

No, sometimes these applications change there policy and don’t pay for referring anymore. But our team is regularly updating the content. So you have a better chance that these applications will work for you.


Today you got to know about some of the best refer and earn apps in India that you can download to get instant cash in your bank account or your Paytm.

Make sure that you use all these apps to increase your earnings and share them with your friends and also tell them what could be the benefits if they use these apps.

You can make money with referrals for free but a lot of people misuse this method. Which is not a great idea.

People also use various refer and earn tricks to make money without friends and that’s illegal. I never encourage you to do that.

I put a lot of effort into creating this content. So please make sure you check my other content as well and don’t share this with your friends.

Earn more than Rs.3000 with these 20 best refer and earn apps in india. Download them for free and start referring and earning now.

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