10 Best Quiz Apps | Play and Win Paytm Cash March 2024

Making money online is fun only till the moment it looks easy. That’s why you are here you want to earn money in an easy way to Play quiz and win Paytm cash. Don’t worry today you will get to know some easy and best quiz apps to earn money in India for free. These apps don’t cost any money and they are free to download.

Let’s not waste more time and hunt down these online quiz apps one by one.

Top 13 quiz apps to earn Paytm cash

1. MPL – Mobile premium league

MPL is one of the most trusted apps for play quiz and win Paytm cash. In MPL app there is many category of quiz just play quiz and earn money.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. Cricket quiz
  2. Maths quiz
  3. Current affair quiz
  4. Bollywood quiz and more


  • Earn by playing quiz on MPL.
  • Refer to your friends and earn

You have to answer simple questions to earn money and you can instantly width draw your winning money into your Paytm wallet, Amazon pay, UPI, or direct bank transfer.

Choose the category you want to play quiz from and earn instantly by giving the right answers. Increase your knowledge before starting the game in order to have a better chance of winning.

2. Task bucks app

play online quiz and earn money in india

Task bucks are a great application to increase your knowledge and earn money by playing a quiz. In Task bucks you can play free quizzes as well as a paid quiz. The paid quiz comes with great rewards.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. General knowledge quiz
  2. Sports quiz
  3. Bollywood quiz
  4. Business Quiz
  5. History and IPL quiz.


  • Earn depending upon the tournaments.
  • Refer and earn per friend.
  • Complete various digital tasks on your mobile to earn.

With Task Bucks you can easily earn Paytm cash and transfer the money into your Paytm account.

You just need to follow these simple steps

  1. Sign up and add your Paytm no.
  2. Play various quizzes to earn coins and convert these coins into real cash.

3. Top quiz application

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

Anyone can play a quiz to earn money and win over 10 thousand per month through the top quiz app. This is a really easy quiz to make money, all you have to do is give the correct answer. Apart from playing a quiz, you can also get a chance to win a lottery tick worth 5000.

Type of quiz can you play:

  1. Quiz about cricket
  2. Bollywood quiz
  3. Quiz about India
  4. Basic math quiz


  • Earn Paytm cash by playing a quiz.
  • Earn by referring your friends
  • Check the daily spin to win daily rewards.
  • Play Mega quiz and get a chance to win Paytm cash.

Choose the topic you want to play the quiz from give the right answers to the right questions and earn cash. Once you have earned coins you can redeem them in your Paytm wallet.

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4. BrainBaazi application

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

You can play an online quiz and win cash with BrainBaazi and compete with millions of players and defeat them. This is the best quiz app to earn money in India. It’s a live quiz game so the host will ask you 10 questions and you have to answer them correctly if you give the wrong answer you will be eliminated but you can use an extra life to keep playing.

Type of quiz you can play

  • Bollywood quiz
  • Hollywood quiz
  • GK quiz
  • Maths quiz


  • Earn per quiz you play
  • Refer and earn from friends

How to play BrainBaazi?

  1. The host will ask you 10 questions and for every question, you will get 10 seconds to answer. So you need to be quick.
  2. Give correct answers to earn money.

5. Qureka quiz App

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

This Qureka is one of the best quiz apps to earn money by playing simple quiz games. Qureka app enables you to play a quiz every 30 seconds. You can play the live quiz in both Hindi and English language.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. Cricket World Cup quiz
  2. IPL quiz
  3. Indian cricketers quiz
  4. UPSC exam quiz
  5. SSC exam quiz
  6. Bank PO quiz etc


  • Win by playing a quiz.
  • Invite friends and earn per friend.
  • Earn by the video you watch.

You can play quiz from 9 am to 9 pm and you will be given 10 seconds to answer each particular question. So, you need to be fast.

By giving the right answers you will earn money. But remember you will only have 10 seconds per question so, you can’t take help from Google.

6. Bujho-to-jane application

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

It’s a great quiz app for earning money, you can play various quizzes and win real money with the “Bujho to Jane” application which is developed by Ninehertz. This game tests your general knowledge and your IQ and if you answer each question correctly then you can win real money.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. General knowledge quiz
  2. Cricket quiz
  3. English learning quiz
  4. Bollywood and Hollywood quiz
  5. Competitive exam quiz


  • Play simple quizzes and win coins
  • Refer to friends and earn extra coins

With this app, you will not only earn money but you will also increase your knowledge about various exams and general things. Sign up with your correct mobile number. Play and answer quickly to earn real cash.

7. mChamp application

mChamp application

mChamp is a free trivia application and quiz app to earn money and win big rewards daily.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. current affairs quiz
  2. play math quiz
  3. Logo quiz
  4. Bollywood, music, movies quizzes
  5. word games quiz


  • Play a quiz and win
  • complete surveys and earn Paytm cash.
  • Watch daily videos to earn coins.
  • Spin daily to win coins.
  • Earn mobile recharge, gift vouchers, movie ticket

Register with your mobile number and then Play any quiz that you are interested in. make sure that you give the right answers to earn Paytm cash.

Register and use the Referral code – UG191091 – while registering.

8. Play and win – Numbase limited

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

With this quiz application, you can win real money by playing trivia questions.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. Technology
  2. sports
  3. movies
  4. culture
  5. history and more.


  • Earn Paytm cash by playing a quiz.
  • Win daily rewards
  • Earn from spinning the wheel.

The best thing about this app is that you can watch videos to unlock superpowers that can be used to:

  1. Remove 2 answers among 4 answers. Which will increase your chance of giving the right answer.
  2. Ask the audience.
  3. You can also get more lives.
  4. Or increase question time so that you can have more time to think and answer.

9. CashNGifts App

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

If you know basic maths. If you can solve basic math questions like (4+5) or (10+34) then the CashNGifts app is perfect for earning money by solving basic math quizzes. CashNGifts is a free application that can help you win various rewards like Paytm cash or Amazon rewards and more

Type of quiz you can play

  1. Basic Math quizzes and different games


  • Solve the quiz and earn
  • Earn by spinning the wheel
  • Refer and win
  • Watch Ads and earn daily rewards.

How to use CashNGifts apps to Play Quiz and win cash

  1. Navigate to the home screen of the application and you will find an option as “Play and Earn”.
  2. Click on the “Earn” option and you will find the “Solve math’s problems” option
  3. Play a math quiz to earn money

10. Qunami app

Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash

The name of the application is kind of weird but the application itself is a great quiz app to earn money and Paytm cash. You have to play against 5 players and bet them on quizzes to win money.

Type of quiz you can play

  1. science
  2. entertainment
  3. culture
  4. General knowledge and more.


  • Play a quiz and win cash
  • Invite friends and earn per friend.

This application is available both in English and Hindi language. You can sign in with either Facebook or Gmail and then after successful registration, you have to play any quiz games and defeat your opponent to win money

At last:

I have tried to find the most trusted quiz apps to earn money for real. Make sure you try all these applications and see for yourself which one works better for you.

If you are not satisfied with these apps then here is the list of top money-earning Paytm apps for earning Paytm cash.

Thanks for reading this article. Please share your views and let me know if I am missing something.

Thank you 🙂

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