Take survey and win Paytm cash daily in India 2024

Do you want to take a survey and win Paytm cash daily? If yes, then today in this blog post I will show you the best survey sites to earn Paytm cash for free. We all want to earn money in Paytm cash but the problem is we don’t have money to spend or invest.

That’s why today I will tell you about the best websites to take surveys on so that you can earn free Paytm cash without investment.

So let’s discuss these survey sites where you can take surveys and earn money in Paytm cash.

Best sites to take the survey and win Paytm cash

1. i-say.com

You can share your opinion about global brands, entertainment, and advertising with i-say.com and earn free Paytm cash. I-say also allows users to win extra rewards by competing in bonus quests. In bonus quests, you have to take 12 surveys and by taking each survey your ranking will increase.

You will start with invoice ranking (beginning ranking) and you to complete 12 surveys to reach the survey champion (Last ranking) to win the rewards.

Features of i-say.com

  1. 10 million users already registered.
  2. Win ₹500 Paytm cash
  3. Easy surveys
  4. Get rewards immediately into your account

Visit i-say.com

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2. in.yougov.com

take surveys and win cash

I am keeping this one the number second on the list because it’s easy to take surveys and win cash on yougov.com. As a member of yougov.com, you can redeem your 500 points and earn ₹3600 Paytm cash by participating in surveys.

in.yougov.com is a global marketing company, and your surveys are used by yougov.com to make products and decisions better. They have such stunning websites where you can the information about who they are and where you can read the latest stories as well.

Types of surveys

  1. Relationship surveys
  2. Current affairs
  3. Products and services
  4. Social issues

Benefits of yougov.com

  1. Receive 100 bonus points when you complete 2 small surveys
  2. Get regular invites to join new surveys

Visit yougov.com/

3. Indian music player App

survey for earning money

Indian music player app is the best app for earning Paytm cash where you can play music, watch ads or play quizzes and earn cash. Apart from all these Indian music is a great survey app that gives cash. When you take a survey you earn coins that can be transferred into real Paytm cash.

You can take two types of surveys

  1. Quick surveys – where you can complete surveys in a few minutes and get coins
  2. Super surveys – this type of survey takes time but they provide more coins

Benefits of the Indian Music Player app

  1. Take surveys and earn Paytm cash
  2. Redeem daily coupons to get cash prizes
  3. Play quiz games watch ads and refer your friends to earn Paytm cash.

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4. Roz dhan App

Take survey and win Paytm cash Roz-Dhan-App

You may have heard about this popular application Roz Dhan which means “Daily cash“. In this application, users can earn money by completing various tasks such as downloading applications, trying new surveys, and watch videos to win Paytm cash, and more.

But in the Roz Dhan app, you can also earn money by completing surveys. You can get 15000+ coins for completing surveys. These coins can be redeemed into Paytm cash

Benefits of the Roz dhan app

  1. Earn daily Paytm cash by completing offers on Roz Dhan.
  2. Take surveys and get Paytm cash.
  3. Invite friends to earn extra rewards.
  4. Play games, read the news, or spin the wheel to earn Paytm cash

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5. Opinionworld.in

earn Paytm cash by taking surveys

Do a survey and earn Paytm cash according to me this is the best website. Opinionworld is a unique website for those who want to earn Paytm cash by taking surveys. The best thing about Opinions is that they are always protecting your privacy no matter what.

Types of surveys you can take:

  1. Product testing – In this type of survey you can test products and give your opinions before they are launched in the market.
  2. Advert Review – You can watch ads of various companies and by giving your opinions you can help improve the quality of ads
  3. Real-world mission – Where you can find opportunities in your real-world

Rewards by opinion world

Win various vouchers such as Bata vouchers, Big Bazaar vouchers, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopstop, Pizza Hut, and Westside vouchers.

Recently opinionworld.in has removed Paytm cash rewards but may again add this feature.

6. Surveymonkey.com

earning Paytm cash SurveyMonkey

Surveymonkey.com is a very famous platform for taking surveys and winning Paytm cash. If you go to Google to search for the best survey websites for earning Paytm cash SurveyMonkey will be among the best websites you will find.

Benefits of Surveymonkey.com

  1. Take short surveys and get ₹25 Paytm cash.
  2. Create your surveys
  3. The most popular platform for surveys.

Visit: Surveymonkey.com

7. Indiaspeaks.net

take survey and earn paytm cash

Indiaspeaks.net is a good survey platform and rewards your time and honesty when you fill out a survey.

On this platform, you can earn Paytm money in three ways

  1. Take surveys

Take part in surveys and give your honest opinions after completing the survey you can earn up to 2000 coins and 1 coin is equal to ₹1.

But you need to collect a minimum of 200 points to redeem them.

  1. Refer your friends for extra Paytm cash

For referring each friend you will get 20 points after he/she has completed her profile.

  1. Lucky Draw

In this method, those who are disqualified in surveys will be selected and out of the 10 can stand a chance to win Paytm cash worth up to ₹200-2500.

Visit Indiaspeaks.net

8. Ipanelonline.com

It is an online sample-collecting company that rewards users to earn cash by completing surveys. But they also provide PayPal cash, if you don’t have a PayPal account. When you participate in surveys you can get up to 2000 points and these points are redeemable points that can be converted into cash later.

For inviting friends you can also earn extra rewards.

Visit Ipanelonline.com

Things to keep in mind while taking the survey

1, Review survey websites before because most of them are fake.

2, Open your account in Paypal as well because international surveys only pay through Paypal, and not having a Paypal account can make you lose some opportunities.

3, Stay up to date and don’t miss any surveys. Most survey platforms will remind you through emails when a survey is available

4, Give as many surveys as you can and win Paytm cash

5, Make sure to give honest answers so that you don’t get banned for spamming.

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