Watch videos and earn Paytm cash unlimited in April 2024

Watch videos and earn Paytm cash yes guys right it’s true. Hey, guys today I will show you how you can earn Paytm cash by watching videos or ads for free. Earning money by watching videos can be the best thing because these applications will be free to download and you don’t have to invest any money at all.

You can earn if you will use all these applications daily in the right way. I would suggest you try other features of the applications such as refer and earn, spin and earn and play games to win Paytm cash to boost your income.

Let’s know how to earn Paytm cash by watching videos without wasting time

12 Apps to watch videos and earn Paytm cash

1. Intervideos app


Watch Videos and Earn Paytm cash through Intervideos app this is one of the best applications for earning Paytm cash by watching videos. The more videos you will watch the more Paytm cash you will earn. You can also share the videos with your friends on WhatsApp and earn Paytm cash. After watching the videos, you will earn coins and once you have collected these coins you can redeem them into your Paytm account.

You can also earn money by referring your friends to Intervideos app. Make sure to log in every day and win extra big bonuses.

2. Roz Cash App

Watch Videos and Earn Paytm Cash

One of the most trusted apps to earn money while watching video ads. You will earn 10 coins per ad. Not only ads but you also get a chance to earn by spinning the wheel, you also get daily check-in rewards and many other features that will boost your earnings.

But remember – you don’t need to watch every ad that is displayed in the app, only watch those ads that pay money.

How to watch and earn on Roz Cash?

Click on “Watch the video” and make sure not to skip the video and watch it completely to earn money.

3. VidCash app

Watch Videos and Earn Paytm Cash

Use VidCash app is another great app for watching videos and earning Paytm Cash. This app is so simple and easy to use and you will love the videos because they are funny and fun to watch. So you can say it’s fun to make Paytm cash with this application.

There are other ways to earn money also. In the “Earning Center,” you can complete various digital tasks to earn extra money. You can also get cash for referring your friends.

How to earn with the VidCash App?

Click on “View Video and Meme” to watch videos and earn money.

4. Top quiz application

Top quiz application

Watch videos and earn money by watching ads on the top quiz application. This application is free to download and you can also get an opportunity to earn money. You can also play a simple quiz and win Paytm cash. Make sure you give the right answers to win the quiz game because if you don’t win the game, you won’t get any money.

How to earn money on TopQuiz?

Sign up on the application and then go to the “watch videos and win coins” sections and watch complete ads don’t skip. You can convert your coins into Paytm cash whenever you want to.

5. Indian music player app

play musc and Earn Paytm Cash

With the Indian music player app, you can earn money by listing to music, and taking surveys, and also you can earn Paytm cash by watching ads. If you also want to earn extra money then invite your friends and tell them to use your code while registering to earn more Paytm cash

How to Watch Video and Earn Paytm Cash on the Indian Music Player App?

On the home screen, click on “video Ad” to earn coins, Once you have received the coins redeem them into your Paytm wallet.

6. mChamp app

Watch Videos and Earn Paytm Cash

Another simple and easy app for earning Paytm cash by watching videos. You can also earn money by playing different types of quiz games like cricket quizzes, Hollywood or Bollywood quizzes, and more.

How to earn Paytm cash on the mChamp app?

You can earn money on mChamp by spinning the wheel, now to get a free spin you can watch videos and after spinning the wheel you will get a free spin, use the free spin and win Paytm cash.

7. Play and win app

Play and Win app

It’s really simple to earn Paytm cash with the Play and Win app by watching videos. If you want to earn extra money you can further play a quiz to earn more money.

Various Quiz you can play:

  1. sports quiz
  2. Technology quiz
  3. history quiz and more

The application is very simple to use and also has good reviews. This app also allows you to win money by inviting your friends.

How to earn money with the Play and Win app?

Go to the “achievements tab” and click on “Support Us” to watch videos and earn Paytm cash.

After watching the ads, you will receive coins or points, you can convert them into Paytm cash later

Make sure you don’t skip the video otherwise, you will not get any rewards.

8. Real cash games App

Real cash games” is a great application for those who want to earn cash by watching videos online for free.

You can play various games on the app as well if you wish to earn some extra Paytm money. You can also get a chance to win big awards like tickets, headphones, mobile phones, and much more.

9.BakBuck app

Watch Videos and Earn Paytm Cash

You need to try this new app known as BakBuck because of the positive reviews that it has got in recent years and yes you can also get Paytm money for watching videos. Again guys this application will fill your Paytm wallets if you play and win quiz games.

You can play various types of Quiz games like

  1. Muhavare Quiz
  2. Antakshari
  3. Sports
  4. Health and fitness quiz
  5. Bollywood quiz and many more.

You can get big rewards for referring your friends, so make sure to refer your friends or family members.

How to get money in BakBuck?

On the bottom screen click on “Get free gems” and then click on “Watch ad“.

10. Roz Dhan app


The Roz Dhan app also allows you to watch ads and get Paytm cash. The best thing about this application is that it doesn’t only help you to win money through ads but also gives a lot of Paytm cash when you play games. This app also provides Rs. 50 as a first signup bonus. Roz Dhan also provides great rewards for daily logins.

Apart from playing games and watching ads, you can also read the news, complete daily tasks, and also complete daily surveys to earn extra money.

How to win money on Roz Dhan?

There are two ways to make money with Roz Dhan.

  1. Click on the “coins section” to watch an ad and earn money.
  2. On the right bottom side click on the “Chest box” to watch more ads and earn more.

Why do apps pay money to watch ads?

Have you ever wondered why you earn money when you watch advertisements?

Whenever a user sees an ad, the developer of the app earns money, and then they share some part of the money earned with you.

Let’s say per advertisement the developer earns Rs.5, he will then share Rs.2 with you.

Important Tips

If you want to earn then you must remember these points

  1. Use every feature in the application, such as earn Paytm cash by playing games, watching ads, referring and earning Paytm cash by inviting your friends, and much more.
  2. Don’t rely on one app completely, make sure to check all the apps because some applications give more money than other apps.
  3. Don’t use fake apps because they don’t pay any money. You will only waste your time.
  4. Share the application and your referral code on WhatsApp groups and ask people to use your referral code.
  5. Make sure to use the apps daily to receive daily rewards that are provided by the apps.

At Last…

The world is so advanced that you can even watch videos and earn Paytm cash. I made this list of the 10 best apps that you can use to earn Paytm money without investment.

Don’t get confused when you earn coins in the apps, these coins can be converted into real Paytm cash. So collect as many as coins you can and stay away from hacks and frauds or else your account will be banned for a lifetime.

Make sure you have completed your KYC on Paytm otherwise, you can’t withdraw your earnings from these apps

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