Earn money by listening to music online in India

Can someone really earn Paytm cash by listening to music? Yes, Earn money by listening to music online in India. Well, there is an application where users can listen to music and earn Paytm cash.

So, today I will show one application that will help you in earning Paytm cash while enjoying your favorite music. This application is called the “Indian music player App

How to earn Paytm cash by listening to music?

Paytm cash by listening music

One of the best applications for earning Paytm cash and enjoying the music is by using the app Indian music player. It is free to download and free to use as well you get Rs.50 as a signup bonus.

What is an Indian music player app?

With the Indian music player application, users can earn Paytm cash by completing surveys, playing quiz, or redeeming daily coupons for existing rewards.

Apart from all these users can also enjoy their favorite music and earn Paytm cash. You will earn coins by listing that can be redeemed into Paytm cash.

Furthermore, you can also refer friends and win coins. Use the application on daily basis and earn . You can also check the earning proof within the application so that you can have trust in the application before you spend your time on this app.

Best features of the Indian music player app

  1. This application is only 4 Mb and lightweight and can be used on all phones at least.
  2. You can listen to MP3 songs and also works with other formats as well.
  3. Users can also set any song as their ringtone or notification tone.
  4. It automatically scans your device and displays all the music in one place. so you don’t have to find your music in different places.


The only thing you have is to listen to music from your phone, complete surveys, play games and win Paytm cash. This is the most exciting way to earn Paytm money while enjoying your time. If you wish to earn a little extra you can refer your friends to get big coins.

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