30 Best Paytm Earning Apps | Start Earning in January 2024

This is the topic of today’s post where you will learn about some of the best Paytm earning apps without investment, which instantly pays real cash. I know you have a question in your mind is it really possible to make money from online apps? And which is the best earning apps and legit.

We have compiled a list of the best money-earning apps where you can earn cash by playing games and participating in competitions, referring apps, and in many more ways.

I bet these 30 applications will help you to earn Paytm cash without investment easily from home. If you use all the features of these apps like, refer and earn cash, playing games, and also earn by spin and win Paytm cash every day.

So these are the 30 real money-earning apps without investment in India that worked for me and I am sure they will also work for you.

30 Best Paytm earning apps with proof 2024

1. ZET App

Paytm earning app

ZET (formerly Onecode) is the best Paytm earning app without investment in India 2024. Which is considered one of the top lists of earning app with proof. This application is available on the play store for free.

ZET application has quite good reviews on the play store “4.8+” this means that many people have already begun to earn money from the ZET app without any investment, even me, you can see the proof of my earnings from onecode, we can say it is real money earning apps in India now is your chance.


  • There are various product sell categories brands associated with ZET like Credit Card, Instant Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Bank Accounts, Pay Later/EMI Cards, and more.
  • Recommend services or products to your friends or customers and when a particular person will buy with your code you will get free instantly Paytm cash ₹200-3850. (Depends upon the services or the product).
  • Recently added new features earn up to 4% commission on recharge and utility bill payment.
  • And many more features are available

In the picture below you can see its old Paytm earning proof of my earnings current earnings is Rs 25.193 + plus from ZET App.

Paytm earning app


  • Get ₹ 100-250 Paytm cash on Sign up
  • Invite friends to one code and earn lifetime 10% commission of friend’s earning.

2. Big Cash App

Paytm earning app

Big Cash is one of the most popular earning app, when it comes to earn paytm cash by playing games without investment. Also, you can win 500 Paytm Cash by referring friends. You can play multiple games that test your mental awareness, your IQ, and your reflexes.

Some well-known games you can play with Big cash:

And many more games are available.


  • Enter into game contests and win ₹1000 Paytm cash
  • Share on Facebook and WhatsApp group and get up to ₹30.
  • Minimum Withdraw is only ₹100


  • Get ₹20 as a bonus for new users by registering with Facebook.
  • Refer and get ₹5-25 per to refer. And also have a referral contest
  • Get 100% Bonus on 1st Add Cash

*How to get a ₹20 Bonus for free*

Step 1. Download the app

Step 2. Login from your Facebook or Google account

Step 3. Verify Your Paytm number and phone no. in the “Profile section” to get a ₹20 Bonus

3. Gamezop App

Paytm earning app gamezop App

Gamezop is another earning paytm app for those who want to play tournaments and earn cash. You can earn money by playing games with other opponents and defeating them. In Gamezop there are over 250+ Html games that can be played by users without downloading them. Gamezop has been featured in very famous Magazines such as Forbes, Economic Times, Yahoo, and Outlook business.


  • Play games and earn money up to ₹1000-10,000.
  • Create your own Tournaments and get ₹5 and 10% commission.
  • Withdraw your cash to Paytm or use it for recharging your mobile phone.
  • Enter into daily big contests for ₹2 and win Mega rewards such as ₹15,000 Paytm cash.


  • Spin the wheel and earn up to ₹20 Paytm cash
  • Use coins to buy Products from Gamezop Bazaar at a discount such as iPhones, Samsung tv, Mi band, and more.
  • Refer friends and get ₹5 per friend

4. Stick pool club App

Paytm earning app

Do you want to earn free Paytm cash quickly? If so, you should try Stick Pool Club right now because it is the top earning app in 2024. You can earn money instantly by playing Pool games or mini pool games. Not only playing games you can also make friends and also challenge your friends in this game.


  •  Users can play different modes such as 1on1, 9 balls, Jackpot, Play with friends, and Mini Games.
  • Play both free and paid matches and earn money.
  • WhatsApp Supports Team.


  • Refer friends and earn 300 per friend.
  • Buy Real Money Table Cues.
  • Play offline for practice

5. Roz Dhan application

Paytm earning app

Rozdhan is without investment best paytm earning app. You can download it for free from the Play Store. There is no limit on how much you can earn, the more you will use this app the more you will earn free Paytm cash.


  • You can play games and earn up to ₹200 daily
  • Spin the wheel and earn more Paytm cash
  • You can play daily quizzes and earn cash.
  • Complete daily tasks to earn more Paytm cash.
  • Invite your friends and earn ₹8.5 per friend


  • Sign up on Roz Dhan with your Paytm no. and you will get 25 as a bonus
  • Use the application daily and earn coins.
  • Open the treasure box to earn 3x rewards

6. MX Player Games

MX-Player-Online- app

You may have heard about this famous Video player MX Player. But now you can also earn money on MX Player by playing games and completing different tasks. MX player is the most trustworthy application and has over 500+ million downloads on the Play store and a “4.2” rating which makes this the best money earning app of 2024.

Users can play free games and earn Paytm cash by defeating other opponents and by remaining at the top of the position in the tournament.


  • Play free games and earn up to 1000 Real Paytm cash
  • Earn coins by watching videos, and daily check-in.
  • Redeem coins into coupons


  • Invite friends and earn 50 coins
  • Get the winning amount in your Paytm only in 3 hours.
  • Watch longer-duration videos to earn extra rewards.

7. GALO Earning app

Paytm earning app

This can be your best friend in lockdown. You can kill time and also earn from this app. GALO app gives you ₹ 50 for free the first time you download the application. You can quickly withdraw cash from the app into your Paytm account.

So if you are looking for self earning app to earn real cash then yes GALO can be the best app to win Paytm cash for free.


  • Refer friends and earn up to ₹240 Paytm cash
  • Earn ₹200-300 daily by Playing games
  • Spin and win up to ₹100 Paytm cash


  • Earn ₹50 as a new user
  • Open a treasure box and earn up to 50+ coins
  • Watch ads to earn Paytm cash.
  • Sign in daily to earn extra coins and big rewards.

Connect your Paytm mobile no. in the application so you can withdraw earnings after you earn.

Use the refer code – 2UDGH3 – to receive a bonus

8. Money Ball App

Paytm earning app

Money ball is a new earning app, but a very good application for earning Paytm cash in 2024. In this application, you have to play a very simple game of breaking bricks with the ball and completing the level.

By completing each level, you will earn coins according to your performance, these coins can be converted into PayPal cash or Paytm cash. Remember 15000 coins are equal to ₹50 so the more you will play, the more you will win.


  • Watch videos and get x4 coins
  • Get a free spin after every level


  • Complete all 30 levels to win up to 3000 coin rewards

9. Get Mega App

Paytm earning app

Get Mega is new earning app in the market but its earning potential is very good because new apps always pay more money. The interface of the application is user-friendly and users can play different games and contest to earn real Paytm cash.

The App will ask you for location access. So make sure to provide location access because you cannot play this game if you are from Odisha, Assam Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, or Telangana.


  • Play different games such as Gk Quiz, 123, pic me, Carrom, Go pool, Warship, and much more
  • Earn up to 1000-2000 Paytm money by playing games.


  • Get 10 diamonds as a signup bonus
  • Play the first 3 games for free.

10. Frizza App

Paytm earning app

Frizza app where you can earn real Paytm cash with the Frizza app. And, the best thing about this app is that you don’t only get Paytm cash daily but further earn rewards and new offers. Users have to download apps and earn Paytm cash or by completing other tasks such as signup, watching videos, and more


  • Complete Daily tasks on the offer wall to earn more than ₹23 Paytm cash.
  • Refer your friends and get unlimited rewards and up to ₹1,000
  • Play different games and win ₹100-200 Paytm cash instantly.


  • Sign in every day to earn extra rewards.

Frizza app also has good reviews online so you don’t have to worry about not getting your money.

11. WinGo Quiz

WinGo-QUIZ App

WinGo quiz app allows users to earn money by playing quizzes on their mobile phones. You can play the quiz for free, and earn free Paytm cash by giving the right answers to the quiz. There are other ways also to earn money such as Spin the wheel, scratch cards, or by playing games such as 8 Ball, Archery king, City racing, and many more.


  • Play different quizzes such as Bollywood quiz, Cricket, Hindi, eat and drink and earn cash.
  • Spin the wheel and earn up to 10
  • Complete daily tasks and win money.
  • Play different game-like space shooter, city racing, Mario, and boxing to win Paytm cash.


  • Refer a friend and get up to ₹100 cash
  • Scratch and win almost ₹500 cash and 30k+ coins
  • Draw luck cards to earn coins and money

Use the refer code – YQD8JH – to get ₹30 immediately.

12. WinZO Application

winzo play and win real cash

Another self-earning app Paytm cash pays for playing various games. This game is 100% legal and secure to play with over 1.2 crores + players. You can transfer your earnings to your Paytm wallet or through UPI otherwise you can use a Direct bank transfer.


  • Play games and earn ₹ 300- 1500.
  • Earn ₹5-15 instantly by playing daily puzzles
  • Earn big rewards like ₹354,734 by playing Fantasy cricket.


  • Win Amazon vouchers, Tv show subscriptions, Fashion store gift cards
  • Refer friends and get up to ₹10 Paytm cash instantly.
  • You can get ₹50 for the first-time registration.

13. InterVideos Application


InterVideo is the earning app to enjoy videos and make free Paytm cash. Yes, Intervideo’s rewards Paytm money just for watching videos. You can download the application for free. Intervideos also provide you with a chance to win the lottery and more.



  • Sign in with Facebook and earn a bonus amount.
  • Buy a mobile phone and other digital products from the coins you have earned.
  • Spin the lucky wheel and earn Paytm money.
  • Open the treasure box daily and earn big rewards.

14. Task bucks application

Task Bucks App

If you want to earn money from app and also increase your knowledge this app is the best for you. Task bucks allow you to earn Paytm cash by answering the quiz and by completing daily tasks. With every win, you will receive coins.


  • Complete free digital tasks and earn up to ₹100-500 Paytm cash.
  • Play the quiz and earn money
  • Play games and win Paytm cash


  • Invite your friends and earn ₹25 per friend.
  • Use digital services to earn a Reward of ₹15.
  • Watch ads

You can use coins either for mobile recharge, Paytm cash, or postpaid mobile bills.

* You can redeem the coins into Paytm cash *

15. InterMiles App


If you love to do shopping online but don’t have money to do so. Then don’t worry InteMiles App has just solved your problem. In InterMiles App you can earn coins also called Miles. These Miles can be used or redeemed for booking Flights, online shopping, Fuel, and Booking hotel rooms.

For making transactions on any website through the Miles app, you can earn points and the same points can be redeemed.


  • Earn coins and convert them into offers and services.
  • Spin the wheel to earn more coins.
  • Redeem coins for booking flights, hotels, or amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Tata Cliq, Uber, and other vouchers.


  • Earn 1 Mile or coin per 1000 steps.
  • Play quiz and earn 50 Miles
  • Earn 2 Miles per 100 spends on Flipkart.

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16. Hyper Ball Prick App


Hyper Ball prick App gives good Paytm cash when you play games on this application. It’s a great classic brick game, where you have to shoot the ball and break the bricks. The more bricks you break the more Paytm cash you will make.


  • Earn ₹10 per level you complete.
  • Double your earnings by watching videos.
  • Play Scratch cards and get up to ₹10-50 Paytm cash.
  • The minimum withdrawal is only ₹500.


  • Watch videos every day and earn ₹1-2 Paytm money.
  • Get a ₹100 sign-up bonus.
  • Earn daily check-in rewards from ₹2 to ₹40 Paytm cash.

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17. Moneybhai application

Paytm earning app

With Moneybhai, you can win money anywhere and anytime. Moneybhai allows you to earn Paytm cash on the go. It allows you to withdraw your coins into your Paytm wallet. It is super easy to use and a lot of people are already earning with this app.



  • Share the Money Bhai application with your friends and earn ₹20 per referral.
  • Check daily to receive extra rewards

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18. Indian music player App

indian music player app

Have you ever thought that you can make Paytm cash by listing to music? YES! it’s possible. The Indian music player is super smooth and easy to use. You can also set any song as your ringtone. The Indian music player is the right application for you if you want to earn ₹ 100-150 Paytm cash daily for free.

Indian music player app also gives you the opportunity to take surveys and earn Paytm cash for free


  • Take quick surveys and earn 5000+ coins in a few minutes
  • Play free quiz and win daily
  • Earn coupons and redeem them for Paytm cash.


  • Watch ads and earn money
  • Invite your friends and earn 1,50,000 coins per refer
  • Get a daily bonus on the regular sign-in.

You can convert your coins into real Paytm cash. This is the best Paytm money-earning app for free.

Enter your mobile no. and the refer code – yozhuB – on the Indian Music Player app

19. Zupee Gold App

Zupee Live Trivia app

This is one of the best Paytm apps in India. Zupee Gold app gives Paytm cash just for answering some basic questions or by playing games. Zupee Gold is a top earning app to get your Paytm wallet full. With Zupee gold, you can play games to earn Paytm cash quickly.

With Zupee gold you can choose over 100 games to play and get Paytm money every day. Remember this app is not for free. You need to pay ₹ 1 – ₹300 to register, but after winning the game you can earn huge rewards


  • Daily quiz available
  • Register with tournaments and win ₹ 2000-3000 Paytm cash


  • Earn ₹ 10 for inviting friends

Statics of Zupee gold app:

  1. 10+ crore total winning amount.
  2. 1000+ Tournaments every day.
  3. 10 Lac + trusted users.

Give answers as quickly as possible to get a high score and a chance to win huge money.

By using the referral code – ankt9jp – you will quickly get Rs.3 in your account as a bonus

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20. Futwork App

Paytm earning app Fut-work App

If you are looking for easy jobs to make money. Futwork is your next thing. You can easily signup on Futwork and apply for short-term projects from various companies. You don’t only get money in your Paytm wallet but you also develop your skills and experience with various companies. Which can be very helpful for your successful career ahead.

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge. If you have a passion for work this app works wonders for you. Simply select the work according to your time and skills. Start working from home in your own time. In my opinion, this is the most trustworthy earning app for you.


  • Complete Daily projects posted by companies and earn ₹ 1000-2000 Paytm money as well as certificates.


  • Invite your friends and get rewards.

21. TopQuiz App

Paytm earning app

Why is this the best earning app? Because you can Win more than 10,000 Paytm money with TopQuiz. The game is really simple. You have to give the right answers on the various topics to win real money.

You can play quizzes on various topics like

  1. Cricket quiz
  2. Bollywood quiz
  3. About India Quiz
  4. Basic Maths quiz and more.


  • Play quiz and earn from ₹ 1-100 Paytm cash
  • Play mega quiz and win ₹ 1,000 or more Paytm money.


  • Refer friends and earn 100 coins per refer
  • Use the daily spin and win coins every day.

Claim your bonus of 100 coins – Enter my referral code- ZEEF1B44 -in the profile section or during sign-up. If you love cricket then you can also check the best Cricket fantasy Apps to earn cash.

22. Qureka App

Paytm earning app

On Qureka, you can play various quiz games and earn Paytm money. Qureka lets you play a live quiz every 30 minutes from 9 AM to 9 PM. The live quiz is available in both Hindi and English language.

Do you know why Qureka is the best? because you can win up to 2,000 Paytm cash daily with the Qureka app for free. You will get 10 seconds to answer every question. The one with the right answers until the end will win.

Some of the quiz you can play on Qureka:

  • Cricket Quiz (IPL quiz, cricket world cup quiz, Indian cricketers quiz, and more. )
  • Exam preparation Quiz ( UPSC exam quiz, SSC exam quiz, Bank PO quiz, etc.)


  • Play quiz and win 10,000 coins.
  • Watch videos and earn 10 coins per video.


  • Refer friends and win extra cash.
  • Verify your email id and get 10 coins

Use the refer Code – ZEESHU194125 – (optional)

23. CashBite Application

Earn free wallet cash with the CashBite application. You can play a live quiz to make cash, you can also invite friends, and play games.

CashBite claims that users who rank on the top list earn more than ₹ 10,000 into their Paytm account. So it’s a great earning app to get your wallet full.


  • Complete daily offers to get ₹100- 200 Paytm cash
  • Play quiz
  • Win rewards by playing games.


  • Refer friends
  • Earn daily rewards

Download the application play a variety of quizzes and earn cash. You can width draw your money by Paytm.

24. Paybox App

pay-box app

With the help of PayBox, you can redeem your money into your Paytm account or get free recharge. The minimum amount you can redeem in a day is Rs.50 and a maximum of Rs.75.

Paybox Post polls every day and if your vote is the popular one then you will earn Paytm cash instantly. To make sure you are earning you need to keep up to date with the app so that you don’t lose any offers to earn


  • Play games and win money
  • Post your own polls and earn ₹20 every day on your Paytm.


  • Earn ₹50 as a joining bonus

25. CashNGifts Application

Paytm earning app

If you know how to solve basic maths questions like (9+5) you can earn from the CashNGifts application. The application is free to install and according to me, it’s the top money earning app because it doesn’t charge anything and you don’t only get cash in your Paytm wallet but you can get other rewards as well like Amazon and Flipkart vouchers.


  • Play 100s of games and win 200 points
  • Spin the wheel and win 100 points
  • Win 75 points by solving simple math problems.


  • Refer friends and earn up to ₹ 10,000 monthly
  • Watch daily ads to earn daily rewards
  • Get discount coupons.

Use the refer code – mYKbGlEA – to earn extra bonus.

26. Plaisa Pro Application

Paytm earning app plaisa-pro App

Plaisa Pro is the top earning app that allows you to win Rs.400 simply by referring your 10 friends. You can play many games and earn much more Paytm cash. You can instantly get your money into your Paytm wallet.


  • Play games and win ₹ 15-40 per game
  • Minimum withdrawal of ₹ 10
  • Refer your 10 friends and earn ₹ 400 Paytm cash


  • Get ₹ 52 as a signup bonus.

Download the Plaisa pro application from the Apkpure website.

27. TapTap.GG

Paytm earning app taptap-gg App

With TapTap.GG you can play games and get money into your Paytm account. For signing up you will get Rs20 that you can use for playing games on TapTap.GG. You can width draw a maximum of Rs.100 daily.

How to start earning from TapTap

  1. First, you need to go to the official website of TapTap and enter your mobile number.
  2. You will get a verification code on the same number you have used.
  3. Put the verification code on the same website in order to get the application.
  4. Signup and start playing games to earn cash

28. EWar Games Application

Paytm earning app EWar-Games App

If you love to play PUBG, COD mobile, or free fire then this application is the perfect earning app for you because you can earn while playing your favorite game. You will discover a lot of tournaments that you participate in and win real cash right away.


  • Play your favorite Game from 25+ games
  • Watch live streams of your favorite streamers
  • Real money can be withdrawn into Paytm with one click

How to download Ewar

  1. Go to the official EWar website to download the application If you are using IOS then you will find the application on Appstore.
  2. Signup with the application and participate in the tournament from your favorite game.
  3. Win the tournament and earn real Paytm cash. (Make sure you have a good Squad to win)

29. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey program android or iPhone mobile app developed by Google. From this app, users can earn rewards by answering the survey.

How to earn cash from the Google Opinion Rewards app?

Download the “Google Opinion Rewards” app and give answers to basic questions about yourself. You will then be sent a survey by Google once a week, but more or less.

Once a short and relevant survey is ready for you, you will receive a notification on your phone and Google can give you a play credit of up to $32.20 for completing it.


Great!. Today we got to know some of the great Paytm cash-earning apps we can use for earning. And I hope you will understand which app gives Paytm cash? All the applications are free to download and can be used to earn Paytm money very easily. The more time you will spend on these applications the more money you can make. Try to win the most number of games in order to get maximum benefits and earn more cash.

These games are very basic and can be played by anyone. You don’t need to be 18+ in order to use these apps. All you need is a Paytm account I will keep updating the post to make sure that every app is legit and works for you. Do you think there are any other apps that give Paytm cash that should be on the list?. If so, please comment and I would love to mention it.

So this is the end of the topic 30 Real money earning Apps in India that really give real Paytm cash for free. Ask me in the comments if you face any issues or have any suggestions

Disclaimer: The information in this article may not exactly match all of the apps mentioned above. Since apps change a lot with updates. And read the terms & conditions before using these money-earning apps.

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