Free Paytm Cash | How to Earn ₹10k+ Paytm Cash from Mobile

Do you want to earn free Paytm cash without any investment? Well, we will know about free cash earning tricks. So this article can help you because I will show you the easiest ways how to earn Paytm cash for free by only using your mobile phone.

Now the first question you may ask is how much Paytm cash can we earn from home? If you put in little hard work and have patience then you can earn more than ₹10,000 per month.

Most importantly if you think after reading this blog post you will make ₹10,000 overnight, then NO! The various techniques that I have discussed in this blog post need some hard work and patience and if you have that in yourself then you are good to go.

Without more delay. Let’s get started

10+ Ways to get free Paytm cash from your mobile phone?

1. Dropshipping: Meesho, Shop101, Glowroad


This is my favorite way of earning Paytm cash without investment. If you are really serious about making more than 25,000 from home then you have to try dropshipping. Dropshipping has helped people in making millions of dollars.

What is dropshipping?

With dropshipping, you can sell products on eCommerce stores, Facebook, and Instagram without buying the products.

In dropshipping, you only have to promote products when a customer orders a product from your store. You have to place the same order from the supplier and he will deliver your products to your customers and you will earn a commission.

If you want to do dropshipping and earn free cash in India then you have to try these 3 apps.

  1. Meesho
  2. Shop101
  3. Glowroad

Benefits of dropshipping?

  1. You can set your own price while selling the products.
  2. No investment required.
  3. Variety of products available.
  4. Easy to start, no legal requirements.

Learn how you can earn free Paytm without investment

2. Paytm earning Applications

Paytm earning apps

Do you know you can get free Paytm cash just by playing games on applications? There are various applications where users can play games and earn real Paytm cash. You can play both paid and free game tournaments and make Paytm cash.

If you are interested in Paytm earnings applications then check this blog post where I have discussed the best Paytm cash earning games and apps.

Benefits of Paytm apps

  1. Play free games whenever you want and earn Paytm money.
  2. Sign up and get free Paytm cash as a bonus reward.
  3. Pass your time and also earn money.

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3. Tele caller – Futwork App


Maybe you don’t like to sell products, play games, or worry about finding the best product you can sell Then here is another way you can try and earn at least more than 10K+ from home just by working for 4-5 hours.

What is Tele calling in Futwork app?

Futwork app allows users to earn free Paytm cash by completing short-term tasks. You will be assigned a project and you are supposed to call potential customers to promote products and complete the project. Per 1 minute you will speak, you will earn ₹1.75 and don’t worry you will be given full training about how to speak and how to communicate with your customers.

Benefits of Tele calling?

  1. Work according to your own time.
  2. Only work for 6 hours maximum.
  3. No need to invest anything.
  4. Work from anywhere you like
  5. Earn daily, weekly and monthly bonuses.

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4. Quiz Apps


Quiz applications can be the best way to earn free Paytm money because if you have good knowledge about things, you can use the same knowledge to make money.

Different quiz apps to earn Paytm cash

  • Galo
  • Top Quiz
  • MPL
  • Qureka App

Some of these applications are free and that means you can get free Paytm cash and some of these apps are paid which means in order to play, you need to pay the tournament fees but the earnings in the paid tournament are higher than in free quiz tournament.

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4. Promote services and products – ZET (OneCode) App

Free Paytm cash Oncecode

One of the disadvantages of dropshipping is that you have first found a product then you have to sell the product and also take care of customer queries.

What is ZET app and how to earn money?

With the ZET app, users can promote services and products of various companies on social media and other platforms. When someone will buy the product from your link you will earn a commission of up to ₹100-1000 Paytm cash per purchase. A lot of companies are already connected with ZET.

Benefits of ZET app

  1. Earn good commission on products.
  2. No need to handle customers’ queries.
  3. Refer friends and earn 25 PLUS 10% lifetime earnings of your friends.

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5. Payment Service Agent

Free paytm cash

In Paytm service agent you can earn Paytm cash up to 25,000 without investing anything. But if you are a Paytm service agent you have to move out from home and approach the shopkeeper and if you don’t like doing this then you can skip this and read the 6th number (freelancing).

If you ask me how to get free Paytm cash without any app then I would say PSA is the best way to earn without any app.

What is Paytm Service Agent (PSA)?

As a member of PSA, you have to bring new merchants to Paytm and also promote products and services of Paytm to various shopkeepers or retailers

We all know how booming the industry Paytm is right now and everyone wants to get connected to Paytm but some shopkeepers don’t know how to do that.

You can take this as an opportunity and earn money by bringing them to Paytm.

6. Survey website

Free Paytm cash

Your opinion matter for some companies because they want to make their products better and that’s why they pay free cash to you.

How to do a survey?

While giving the survey make sure you give an honest opinion so that you can get Paytm cash without any problem.

Experts will check your opinion and if they think your opinion is valuable and honest they will pay you.

Best websites for surveys:


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URL Shortener to Earn Paytm cash

Another amazing way to earn Paytm cash is by shortening the links.

In this method, you have to shorten any link on any link shorten platform and share that link with your friends to earn Paytm money.

What is the link shorten method?

There are various link shorten platforms or websites where you can shorten any link whether it’s a YouTube video, Facebook video, or some news.

After shortening the link you have to share the link with your friends, the more clicks and views you will get on that link the more you can earn.

If you have a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or WhatsApp group you can share the link on these groups and expect to earn Paytm cash.

But remember not to spam people with links, if they don’t like it then you shouldn’t do it.

Best Link shortener websites you can try


8. Referring programs and apps

refer and earn program

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? If not then it is a good program for earning passive income. But since affiliate marketing doesn’t pay Paytm cash. That’s why I came up with a similar program called Referring programs or refer and earn.

What is refer and earn and how to earn Paytm cash from refer and earn?

Referring programs are similar to affiliate marketing but you don’t have to promote products. Instead, you have to bring new users to use these applications. For every user who will join and download the application from your link, you will earn Paytm cash.

Remember every application has there own rules before you earn referring income into your Paytm. Make sure to go through these rules.

If you are interested in referring and earning programs then go through this blog post where I have discussed the Best refer and earn apps to earn Paytm cash

9. Freelancing – Truelancer

Free Paytm cash

You probably may have heard about freelancing because it is one of the most famous ways to earn money. If you have any skills that you think you are good at then you can earn money by giving your skills to different organizations or other people.

For example: let’s say you are good at graphic designing, you can help companies or individuals by helping them to design t-shirts, banners, and more.

Now you may ask how to earn Paytm cash and how to find clients?

You don’t have to find them, they will come to you on their own. Let me show you how

There are various freelancing websites where you can place your Gig or in simple terms create a profile and add your skills and your work experience.

Now as there are various freelancing platforms not all allow you to withdraw money into Paytm, but if you will use Truelancer they allow you to withdraw money into your Paytm.

But if you have a bank account then you can also other freelancing platforms such as:


On these websites, you will find better clients and I am sure if you have a Paytm account then you will also have a bank account.

Some in-demand skills in freelancing in 2021

  1. SEO
  2. Content and copywriting
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Data entry
  5. Graphic designing

Check this full list of the best demanding skills in freelancing in 2021.

10. Social media – shoutout

Free Paytm cash

Do you ever think about why people create pages on social media? what do they get by sharing posts every day? Well the answer is simple they want to earn money and they earn a lot of money.

What is social media shoutout and how to earn Paytm cash from social media

First, you need to create an account/page on Instagram and Facebook. You can create a meme page, an informative page.

Second, you need to share good posts according to your page niche, if you have a meme page then you need to share some good quality memes, and if your page is informative then share high-quality information.

Third, in order to make money, you need to build followers and don’t even think about fake followers because anyone can easily identify your fake followers.

Once you have enough followers different organizations and individuals will contact you and ask for shoutouts or promotions. You can set your own price for different shoutouts such as story shoutouts and post shoutouts. For shoutouts, you can ask them to send money to your Paytm.

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These are the best 10 ways to earn free Paytm cash from home without investing anything from your home. All these ways are 100% legit and require hard work from your side if you want to earn good money per month. This content is up to date and our team always tries its best to update content.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is free Paytm cash?

Free Paytm cash doesn’t mean you will get Paytm cash for free instead, it means to earn Paytm cash without investment.
I have shared 10 ways that you can use for earning Paytm cash for free.

How to earn Paytm cash for free?

There are 10 ways to get free Paytm money
1. Dropshipping
2. Paytm earning apps
3. OneCode app
4. Tele calling from Futwork app
5. Freelancing
6. Survey
7. Short links
8. Refer and earn apps
9. Social media shoutouts
10. Paytm service agent

Which app gives free Paytm cash?

These are free Paytm earning apps
1. Galo
2. Rozdhan
3. Top quiz
4. Frizza
5. Mini joy lite

What are the best daily Paytm cash-earning websites?

4. Cashsurvey. in

What is the best trick for free Paytm cash?

The best trick for earning Paytm cash is by inviting friends from WhatsApp groups and social media. Here are some best applications that pay good Paytm money for referring friends.
1. Gamezop
2. Galo
3. Big cash
4. Roz dhan

How can I get free Paytm money?

Try using apps like Galo, Meesho, Glowroad, Rozdhan, and many more to earn Paytm cash without investing in your own time.
All these applications are free to download and free to use.

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