ZET (Onecode) App Review & how to earn ₹1500 Paytm Cash

Have you heard of Affiliate marketing or Dropshipping? You probably may heard have because they are the most famous ways of earning money online. But what if tell you that there is another famous way to earn Paytm cash by sharing services or products with your friends.

Yes, review of ZET app, can refer services to their friends, and when they will use these services they can earn Paytm cash up to ₹3000.

What is ZET App?

OneCode app

ZET is a best without investment commission and referral-based online earning app various brands are associated with the ZET application such as Credit card, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Gold Loan, Pay Later/EMI Cards, Fixed Deposites, FD-backed Credit Card, and many more.

Whenever you will recommend products or services from ZET to your friends through WhatsApp or from any other means you will earn Paytm cash.

Each product or service has its own earnings, Some referrals will pay you ₹100 and some will pay you ₹1500. It all depends upon the service or product you refer to.

It’s important that your friends use or buy services from your special link, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

So we can say the ZET app is the best way to earn Paytm cash without investment

Different services and products

Here is a screenshot from the ZET app where you can see various brands as well as the earnings that can be generated from referring to these services.

Earning proof of onecode

Refer and Earn Feature of ZET App

ZET app has a refer and earn program where users can invite friends to ZET and earn 10% commission on friends’ earnings for a lifetime. If you want you can use our ZET app referral code “One@S9136

The more friends you will refer the more you can earn because the referral system in ZET works like a network the more you will refer friends the higher your earnings will be.

At last…

I would recommend to you using ZET app if you have a great friend list or if you own a blog, YouTube channel, WhatsApp group or social media account with high followers.

You can earn a good amount of money from your traffic. If you like this app then I would recommend you to read this blog post on the best apps for earning Paytm cash. I have shared much more applications like ZET that can help you to earn more Paytm cash.

Frequently Asked questions

How long does it take to get a commission in your Paytm wallet?

There is a refund period and once the period is over and the customer didn’t refund the product, you will immediately get Commission into your Paytm account.

If my friend cancels the order will I get a commission?

No, if your friend cancels the order you will not get any commission.

How can I get my Signup bonus?

Initially, your signup bonus will be locked and in order to unlock your Signup bonus, you will need to refer your friend and ask them to purchase ZET brands.

If I face any problems while using ZET, what should I do?

You can contact ZET at [email protected] and write your problem.

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