Intermiles App Earn Shopping, Travel, Hotel & Flight Offers

InterMiles app is a great mobile Application for earning various rewards such as Travel, Hotel, fuel, flight, and more.

Whenever you make any transactions online, you don’t get any benefit from it, But if you make any transaction such as book flights, hotels, dine cabs, or fuel from Intermiles you can receive offers and also earn miles.

Now, what is Miles? Don’t worry we will discuss everything you need to know about the intermingles app

What is Intermiles App and How to earn Miles?


Whether you wanna buy a ticket, book or you want to buy anything online and if you are using the Intermiles application you can earn Miles.

Miles are nothing but coins that can be earned by making transactions from the Intermiles application and can be redeemed to get various offers such as

  1. Get 5% off on shopping from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, or other shopping websites.
  2. Get subscriptions from times prime or Zee5.
  3. Use your Miles to fill fuel for free.
  4. Get free flights on 7600 destinations and 200+ airlines by redeeming your Miles.

You can make transactions on Flights, hotels, shopping, Digi Stores, Dines, Cards, Cabs, and fuel and earn miles.

The earning of miles depends upon the service you are paying for. Every service will pay you different miles.

Flights: You can book both domestic and international flights from various airlines such as Spice-jet, Qatar Airways, indigo, and many more.

Shopping: You can shop on Flipkart, Amazon, Dominos, TataCliq, and various others.

Hotels: Book hotels on, Fab hotels, Agoda, and

Dine: Book on Dineout, Wandertails, and much more.

How to earn extra Miles on InterMiles app?


We always don’t have money to spend, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t earn miles on intermiles.

You can play games to earn miles such as Cricket Gunda, Cyberfusion, Escape run, and many more.

Users can also spin the wheel to earn miles and exciting deals and offers.

If you are good at quiz games then you can also play quiz and earn up to 50 miles.

And the best part of the Intermiles application is that you can earn miles from steps. For every 1000 steps, you can get 1 Mile.

Increase your level:

By earning miles you can increase your level from red to Silver, Gold, and up to Platinum. The more your level will be the more offers you get.


InterMiles app is the best-earning app for those people who are making regular online transactions and want to earn various offers on transactions that they make.

If you don’t make online transactions very often you can use this application because there are other ways also to earn miles within the app.

Common FAQ

How to redeem your miles on?

Once you have earned enough miles you can go to the “Redeem Miles” section.
You can redeem miles on flights, Dine, Fuel, Shopping Vouchers, and more.

How much is 1 mile equal to?

Miles are used for redeeming various offers and redeeming offers depends upon how many miles you need.

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