Hyper Ball Brick App | Break Bricks & Earn Real Paytm Cash

Who thought that someone can make money with just breaking bricks on mobile phone.

But Hyper Ball Brick App has made it possible to do so.

With this application, you can earn Real Paytm money only by breaking bricks on your mobile.

We will go into detail about this application and how it works.

What is Hyper Ball Brick App and how to play this game?

Play games on Hyper ball brick application

Hyper Ball Brick is a gaming application for earning Paytm cash. Users have to shoot balls and break bricks and complete the level.

As a new user you will get ₹100 sign up reward.

By completing the levels user earn ₹10 Paytm cash and if this is not enough you can also double your income by watching ads.

This games is free to play and comes with more than 3000+ levels with smooth controls and amazing graphics and physics.

How to earn extra money on Hyper Ball Brick?

The Game comes with other features as well which help users to earn extra Paytm cash aside from playing games.

You can watch videos or ads and earn ₹1-2 Paytm cash. But make sure not to skip any ad otherwise you will not get your earnings.

Make sure to use this application daily in order to collect daily check in rewards from ₹2 to ₹40.

Hyper Ball Brick also has scratch cards feature and users scratch these cards and earn up to ₹10-50 Paytm cash.


In my opinion this is the easiest way to earn Paytm cash without investment because even a small kid can play this type of game.

If you are a pro gamer then this game will be like a piece of cake for you. But if you think you can play more challenging games then here is an article on the best apps to earn Paytm cash.


What is the minimum withdrawal in Hyper Ball Brick?

You can only withdraw minimum amount of ₹500.

Can I refer friends on Hyper Ball Brick?

No, there is no feature of referring friends on Hyper Ball Brick. But developers may introduce referring feature in near future

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