Intervideos app | Watch Videos & Earn Free Paytm Cash

Do you want to earn money by watching videos? If so, then you have come to the right place because today in this blog we will discuss a very famous Paytm earning app known as “Intervideos app“.

Users can download this app for free and earn Paytm cash for free.

What is Intervideos app?

Intervideos application allows users to watch free short and long videos and earn Paytm cash. You can watch videos of 00:22 seconds duration or 4:39 duration, the more lengthy video you will watch, the more earnings you can make.

Apart from videos, users can also play games, read the news, complete daily challenges, and refer their friends to make extra cash.

How to earn money from Intervideos app?

  1. Watch videos

The most popular way to earn from the Intervideos application is by watching videos, the more videos you will watch the more money you can make. The duration of the video starts from 00:22 seconds to 6:00 minutes or more.

A video of less duration such as 20 seconds will pay you fewer coins like 22 coins and a video of a longer duration will pay higher coins like 300+ coins.

*Coins can be converted to real Paytm cash at any time, 10,000 coins are equal to ₹1.0.

  1. Playing games

You can also play easy games in order to earn extra Paytm cash such as Strike expert, Fruit slasher, cricket championship, and more.

  1. Watching Ads

Watching ads is similar to watching videos but this time you have to watch ads that can provide more Paytm cash than watching simple ads.

You have to watch 30 seconds full advertisement without skipping it in order to win coins.

Go to the earn column and click on “Active prize” to watch ads and earn Paytm cash.

  1. Lucky wheel

Users can also spin and earn Paytm cash from daily Lucky wheel.

You can earn up to ₹2 Paytm money from spinning the wheel daily.

  1. Complete Daily Mission

Users can also extra cash by completing daily tasks such as watching 2 videos, watching 5 videos, sharing videos, and much more.

  1. Refer friends and earn Paytm cash

This is my favorite way of earning Paytm cash. Users can invite their friends and per friend, you can earn almost ₹100 or less.

  1. Read news

Reading the latest news will give you 100+ coins, and reading news will also keep you up to date with new things happening around you.

How to use coins in the Intervideos application?

You have two options to earn money from Intervideos.

  1. You can redeem your coins and withdraw your earnings into your Paytm wallet
  2. or you can use coins to buy products or recharges from the Inmart store within the Intervideos app.

I am going to discuss about the 2 way as the 1 way is already clear to you. From the in-mart store, users can redeem coins for recharging their mobile phone or buy other gadgets such as mobile phones, Mi smart bands, Xiaomi Mi A2, or various other gadgets.


I don’t think there is any better way to earn Paytm cash than watching videos on the intervideos app for free.

You only have to spend 10 minutes daily on this application to boost your earnings.

The videos on Intervideos are also funny and knowledgeable, so you can enjoy videos and earn as well.

Common FAQ

What is the minimum withdrawal on the Intervideos application?

The minimum withdrawal on Intervideos by Paytm is ₹5. There are no fees for withdrawing by Paytm

What are the fees for Withdrawing cash on Intervideos?

If you are withdrawing by Bank account you may be charged ₹0.05. But for Paytm withdrawal it’s free.

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