Rozdhan Refer code | Earn ₹700 Tricks to Invite Friends

Complete daily tasks and play games to earn Paytm money on Rozdhan App. The Rozdhan refer code is GQPJN. By using this referral code you will instantly get ₹25 in your account.

Today in this blog post we will discuss

  1. What is the Rozdhan App?
  2. How to earn ₹50 in the Rozdhan app soon?
  3. Tricks to invite more friends to Rozdhan and earn up to ₹700.
  4. How to complete daily tasks and earn up to ₹400 Paytm cash PLUS 4k Coins.
  5. How to play and win games on the Rozdhan app?

What is the Rozdhan app and how to earn money on Rozdhan?

Rozdhan App Refer code

Rozdhan as the name itself says “Roz” Daily “Dhan” cash. “Daily cash“. Rozdhan is a famous application developed by RozDhan officials with over 10M+ downloads on the play store.

It is a famous application where people can earn money by playing games, completing daily tasks, or by referring their friends and earning Paytm cash.

Once you have earned money on Rozdhan you can easily withdraw into your Paytm wallet. The best thing about the Rozdhan application is that they have a good support team that will help you with every problem such as withdrawal issues, Earning issues, and more.

How to earn ₹50 in the Rozdhan app soon?

Rozdhan app gives ₹25 for signup and ₹25 for using the referral code of your friend. In order to get a ₹50 in Rozdhan App, follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Download the Rozdhan App from the below link

Step 2. Signup with your mobile number and get ₹25.

Step 3. You don’t need to put any referral code because if you download from the above link, the reference code will be added automatically and you will earn ₹50 immediately.

How to complete daily Tasks on Rozdhan App and earn 300+ cash?

If you really want to earn money such as ₹300+ Paytm cash from the Rozdhan application then you have to complete daily tasks

Step 1. In order to complete a daily task, you have to go to the “Earn money” section.

Step 2. In the “Earn money” section, you will find various tasks and also the earning amount by completing these tasks.

As you can see by completing some tasks you can earn Paytm cash and by completing some tasks you can get coins. which can be redeemed into Paytm cash ( I will talk about that later in this blog post).

Step 3. Complete all the tasks in order to earn more and don’t worry new tasks are updated daily, so you can earn daily.

How to play games on RozDhan app and earn money?

Rozdhan app is famous for playing games and earning Paytm cash. You can play 100+ games on the Rozdhan app and earn good money.

The games in Rozdhan applications are very simple, and the best part is you don’t need to download the games because they are web-based games.

In other words, web-based games are those games that load on your browser and you don’t need to download them.

Step 1. Go to the Game section

Step 2. Choose and play as many games you want, the more games you will play the more Paytm cash you will win.

Trick to Invite more friends on RozDhan and earn 700 cash

Now let’s get to our main topic on Rozdhan app tips and tricks where you earn ₹700 by inviting friends on Rozdhan.

I understand that you have very few friends on your list, maybe 10 friends or 20 friends but that won’t be enough to earn big money on Rozdhan.

But guys don’t worry. I will show you a trick to earn at least ₹700 per day by referring friends.

First of all, we know that the Rozdhan App Refer code pay ₹25 to the person who uses your referral code. Which attracts other users to use your refer code and makes it easy to earn money for you.

How the referral system of Rozdhan works?

But before we go you need to understand how the referral program of Rozdhan works

As you can see in the image above that you’re referring to earnings increase with each new referral

  1. For the first refer you will get ₹6
  2. 2nd-5th refer you earn ₹26 which is ₹6.5/per refer
  3. On the 6th to 30th referrals, you get ₹175 ( ₹7 per friend )
  4. On the 31th-100th referral, you get ₹525 (7.5 per)
  5. For 101th-500th referrals, you get ₹1600 which is 8 per refer.
  6. And finally, on 501st referrals, you earn ₹8.5 per person

That means the more you refer the more you will earn. Now let’s move on to the next step.

How do find more people to refer to Rozdhan?

I will show you two ways that you can use to find more people to refer.

  1. Download WhatsApp groups
  2. Create YouTube videos

1 Download WhatsApp groups

You can go to the play store and download Applications that enable you to join various WhatsApp groups.

You can ask people in the groups to download Rozdhan by telling them about the benefits and uses of the applications.

Don’t forget to put your Rozdhan App Refer code in the group as well.

2. Create Youtube videos

This is the most amazing way to find thousands of people to refer. You can create a YouTube video on the Rozdhan application.

Once you have uploaded your video on YouTube, people will automatically come to your video and watch your video when it will rank on YouTube.

This is the best way to find people to refer to without doing anything.

You can also share your video on Facebook, and Instagram and attract more people.

This way you will be able to attract thousands of people and earn up to ₹700 per day.

People Also Ask

How to withdraw money from the Rozdhan app?

Go to the profile section “Me” and click on the withdraw option to withdraw your earnings from the Roz Dhan app.

Is the Rozdhan app Indian?

Yes, the Rozdhan app is made in India. As the name also suggests “Roz” which means “daily” and “Dhan” which means Money. So “Daily money” is Rozdhan

Is Rozdhan app Chinese?

No, the Rozdhan app is not from china, it is made in Indian

Is the Rozdhan app legal?

Yes, the Rozdhan app is 100% legal to use. You can earn legal money on Rozdhan App.

What is the Rozdhan app minimum Redeem?

The minimum amount you can withdraw from the Rozdhan app is ₹200

How to redeem coins in Rozdhan App?

You don’t need to redeem coins in the Rozdhan app, they will be redeemed in cash on the next day.

What is the value of coins in the Rozdhan app?

The value of coins in the Rozdhan app is 26 coins = 0.1 rupees.

How much can you earn from the Rozdhan App Refer code?

By putting in your friend’s referral code you will earn ₹25 and your friend will earn ₹6-9 rupees.

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