How to start affiliate marketing in India (2023)

Affiliate marketing is the only business that can help you to make money even when you are sleeping. That’s why how to start affiliate marketing in India.

However, it can get difficult and complicated when you will actually try to start an affiliate marketing business.

Just don’t worry we are going to learn everything about how to start a successful affiliate marketing in India.

But before we start. It’s really important to know a little bit about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

How to start affiliate marketing in India

Affiliate marketing means to promote products or services of other companies and earn commission per refer or per purchase.

The most successful way for affiliate marketing is through blogging.

There are two types of affiliate:

  1. Digital Affiliate
    • Where you promote products or services that are not physical but digital
  2. Physical Affiliate
    • Promoting physical products, not digital.

How to do affiliate marketing in India?

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to follow a path otherwise you will only wander here and there.

What do you need for with affiliate marketing?

  1. First, you have to find a profitable product.
  2. You need a website and a domain name.
  3. You will need to signup for affiliate marketing
  4. Most importantly you need visitors to your website (from Google and social media).

Follow these simple steps to get started with affiliate marketing.

1. Find profitable product/service

Without this step, your affiliate business can be a big failure because it’s really important to find the right product.

You need to do excellent research in order to find the right product to make money because affiliate marketing is not about selling a variety of products.

It is about choosing one niche that you can go with because selecting a product that doesn’t come under your niche can lead you to failure.

How to choose the right products / service?

Today you will get to know how to choose a profitable product for your affiliate marketing like a Pro.

Choosing the right product like a pro can cost you money but I am going to show you how to do it for FREE.

Use tools such Uber-suggest and Google trends

Tools like uber-suggest and google trends will help you to check whether people want to buy the product you are trying to choose for affiliate marketing.

These tools also show you how many people are trying to search for a particular product and what is the competition.

Lets see how to use these tools
  1. Let’s say I want to do affiliate marketing for bedsheets. I have to make sure that I can rank in Google for the term “bedsheets” otherwise I won’t be able to generate traffic and earn my commission.

I will use a tool called Uber-suggest to find out how many people are searching for bedsheets and the extra keywords I should target in order to rank in google and generate traffic.

It’s important to find out the search volume of a product because if no one is searching for your product then there are no customers and no earnings.

  1. The next step is to look at the competition for your product. In uber-suggest, you can check the SD column which shows how difficult it is to rank in Google for your keyword. The higher the number, the difficult it is to rank.

Here you can see I found a keyword with high search volume and less difficult to rank in google. I can use this keyword to do affiliate marketing with bedsheets

If the SD of your keyword is 20-25 it can be considered as very low competition. By the way here is the full tutorial on how to use Uber-suggest.

  1. Now you need to check the trend for your products because if it’s decreasing in trend then people are gradually ceasing to buy these types of products.
    • Google trends can also help you to identify in which season people prefer to buy what type of products. So you can target your customers with different products during different seasons

2. Create your amazing website

Now you have found your lucky keyword with low competition and high search volume. The next step is to create a website and use this keyword within your website.

You have 3 options while creating your website or blog

  1. WordPress

It is considered one of the best platforms for creating your websites or blog. And a lot of great features and themes that help you to create your professional website.

WordPress comes with various powerful plugins that make your website outshine your competitor.

It is a paid platform for creating high-quality websites. (I personally recommend going with that.)

  1. Blogger

Blogger is a free and easy platform for creating your website. But a blogger comes with fewer features as compared to WordPress.

Blogger is the best choice for you if you don’t have money to invest.

  1. Wix

The Wix allows people to create stunning websites for desktop and mobile by using drag and drop features. Wix also provides great tools such as logo maker and SEO-friendly tools.

It’s super easy to create your blog with Wix.

If you want to know how to create a website with WordPress Click here

Few examples of affiliate marketing websites in India


Use your keywords in your blog

After creating your website or blog. The next most important thing is to use your keyword within your blog.

For example — My keyword is “bedsheet for kids”. I will write a blog post on the best bed sheets for kids and use my keyword” bedsheet for kids” within my blog article.

This google will be able to understand my content and will rank my blog for my keyword.

Check out how to use keywords within your blog.

Find more keywords related to your niche.

Writing one blog post won’t help you to rank in google or to generate any traffic.

You have to write at least 30-40 articles on different keywords to generate more traffic.

For example – If one keyword helps you generate 1000 traffic, you can find more keywords and write articles around those keywords to get more traffic to your blog.

Let me show you how to find more related keywords.

Go to ubersuggest put your main keyword in the search bar and then go to the “Related tab”.

In the “Related tab,” you will find other keywords you can target and create new blog posts to get more traffic from different keywords.

Check out this tutorial on how to do keyword research by Neil Patel.

Check the backlinks of your competitors

Don’t ever skip this step! Backlinks play a very important role in the success of your blog.

What are backlinks?

In simple words when different websites link to your website or blog.

Why are backlinks important?

If other websites link to your website or blog. It increases your trust in Google. The more backlinks you have the easy it gets to have a better ranking in Google and beat your competition

How to check backlinks of your competitors?

You can use Moz or Ahrefs to check backlinks for your competitors and formulate your own plan to get more backlinks and get a better ranking than your competitors

3. Signup for affiliate programs.

The last thing to do is to signup for affiliate programs. There are various affiliate programs you can signup for but you have to find the one that is relevant to your niche.

While choosing your affiliate marketing program make sure to check the percentage of commission you will get per to refer.

Choosing an affiliate program that people don’t trust can also lead to failure. If you have joined an affiliate program with a company that people don’t trust, then people will not buy from that company and you won’t be able to earn any commission.

There are two ways to choose affiliate marketing.

  1. Directly from the company itself.
  2. Using affiliate networks

1. Directly from the company itself

You can directly go to the companies website and apply for their affiliate program. They might have certain rules and requirements you need to follow and you can become an affiliate marketer.

This is the best method for doing affiliate marketing because these are the top paying affiliate programs and the commission you get from such affiliate programs is usually high as there is no one in between you and the company.

Best Affiliate marketing programs in India

  1. Amazon affiliate marketing
  2. Udemy affiliates program
  3. Mantra affiliates
  4. Nutrabay
  5. Flipkart affiliate marketing

High paying affiliate programs in India

  • CJ Affiliate
  • Bluehost Affiliate
  • Reseller Club
  • Bluehost Affiliate
  • GoDaddy Affiliate
  • Hostgator Affiliate
  • BigRock Affiliate
  • Weebly Affiliate

The signup process for each affiliate marketing program may differ from each other but mostly they are the same.

2. Using affiliate networks

This is another way of signing up for affiliate marketing programs.

You can use affiliate networks to find various merchants/advertisers who want to promote their products.

You will earn money per purchase made by your visitor through your affiliate link.

How to use affiliate networks?

  1. Signup with the necessary information.
  2. Find the products you want to promote on your website.
  3. Copy the link and paste it on your website.
    • visitors will buy from your link and you will earn a commission.

Best affiliate marketing websites/networks

  1. Click bank
  2. Peer fly
  3. Commission factory
  4. Regnow
  5. Webgains
  6. Affiliate window
  7. ShareAsale
  8. vcommission

How to take your affiliate business to next level (Easily)?

It may sound difficult to take your affiliate earning to the next level but it’s just a piece of cake. You need to follow these simple steps

1. Use social media to generate sales.

If you are not considering using social media to get traffic to your blog then it’s really going to be difficult for your business to make money.

With social media, you can generate free traffic very quickly. People spend a lot of time on social media. It is the hub of traffic and targeting people on social media can be a great thing for your affiliate business.

How to use social media to get free traffic?

  1. Create an account on social media with your business name.
  2. Starting posting informative content
  3. Increase your follower’s base and trust.
  4. Put a link to your affiliate website on social media regarding a product and tell people what are the benefits of using the products.
  5. Get visitors to your website from social media and earn money.

2. Start your YouTube channel.

Probably the best way to generate sales is by creating a YouTube channel around your products.

YouTube helps you to showcase your products in a video format and people usually love to watch videos more than read.

You can create a YouTube channel and talk about the benefits of using the products put an affiliate link in the bio of the video and ask people to buy.

You may have heard a lot of YouTubers saying “you can buy the product from the link in the description” that is actually affiliate marketing.

YouTube can help you to generate free traffic to your blog and more affiliate earnings.

Best niche for affiliate marketing in India 2023.

  1. Hobby Niches –
    • Travelling, books or sports
  2. Shopping Niches –
    • Mobile, clothing, phone cases, gadgets
  3. Health Niches –
    • Protein shakes, Gym bags, Gym gloves
  4. Digital niches –
    • Online courses, online paid tools, Wix

Affiliate marketing vs AdSense – Which one is better?

This is a very interesting question which one is better? Is it Affiliate marketing or Google AdSense?

AdSense has always been the best primary source of income for most bloggers and still, it is the most preferable source of income for bloggers.

But when it comes to how much money you can make? Affiliate marketing beats Google AdSense

Here are some reasons why Affiliate marketing can also be the best option to go with.

  1. More income.

Affiliate marketing pays more money than AdSense. With affiliate marketing, you can make 10-20% per refer but with AdSense, you can only make a few bucks per click.

  1. Clickable

Most people don’t click on Ads as they are annoying but when you are promoting a product and explaining its benefits, users love to click through your affiliate link.

  1. AdSense is complicated

In order to get your AdSense approved your websites should fulfill certain requirements such as a minimum of 300 visitors a day, Quality content, old domain name, and more.

  1. Age factors

In order to get AdSense, you must be 18 years old otherwise you will not get AdSense approval.

Read more – dropshipping-with-aliexpress


It is really fun and easy to start affiliate marketing in India. You only need to know how to use the right tools and techniques to find the right niche and increase the chance of success in affiliate business.

YouTube is the best way to begin affiliate marketing without a website. But blogging has always been considered the best and the easiest to start affiliate marketing in India.

But always remember everything takes time and affiliate marketing will not make you money overnight. You need to put in the work hard to see the results. Thanks for reading this post and I hope this article solved your questions.

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