Best niche for dropshipping Business in India 2023

Starting a dropshipping business may look easy, but hard to find the Best niche for dropshipping in India or you may start a business that will not generate any money a business with huge competition, or maybe a business where there is no demand.

That’s why it’s really important to start a perfect dropshipping business so that you can have the maximum benefits and less waste of time and resources.

Also, read some of the best products for dropshipping

But before we go and select a niche we must first understand what a niche means so that if you don’t like any niche that I have mentioned below, you can research your own niche.

What is a niche

There are two types of niches

  1. Niche and
  2. Sub niche


You can’t just start a dropshipping business or any business that focuses on different customers and different income groups. Your business should target a particular customer or particular type of income group like middle class or high class.

That’s the only way to make your business successful because when you focus on particular customers your business tends to become specialized in that particular business and your expenses also decrease as your business is targeting one type of product.

For example, if you want to start your clothing business you have to select either to go with kids’ collection, men’s collection, or women’s collection. You can’t decide to select all the products or all the collections

Sub niche

Sub niche means to select a particular product for example if you decide to sell kid’s collections it’s a niche but if you decide to sell kids’ shoes only then is a sub-niche.

So, in simple terms niche is selecting one type of category and only focusing on one category and customers and sub-niche means selecting a particular product.

Now you got to know what niche means now let me show you some of the best niches for dropshipping

5 Best niche for dropshipping in India you can start now.

Clothing dropshipping in India

1. Clothing niche

We all love wearing clothes no matter what the season or time it is. Clothing is always the first priority whenever you are going outside whether to meet someone, to the office, or anywhere. Well, People out there will judge you for your clothes.

So selecting a niche in the clothing line can really be a great idea to go with

Some niches in the Clothing line.

 It’s important to select one Niche in the clothing line. So the different niches that you can select in clothing can be:


  1. Kids collection
  2. Women collection
  3. Men collection
  4. Winter collection
  5. Summer collection

Sub niches

  1. Men T-shirts
  2. Makeup collection
  3. Pants
  4. Uppers
  5. Shoes
  6. Undergarments or more

2. Gadgets niche

Gadgets niche for dropshipping

People love to buy small gadgets to make their life simpler and faster and it could another great niche for dropshipping.

You can find small gadgets like phone stands, small drones, or others. These types of gadgets are in good demand and the best place to find such products at a cheap price is to look on Alibaba or Ali-express.

Best niches in Gadgets niche


  1. Fidget spinner
  3. USB Lighter
  4. Anker Wireless Charger

3. Gym/fitness niche

Best niche for dropshipping in India
Fitness niche for dropshipping

Fitness is as important as it is to make money. In the future people promote fitness more because of increased technology we are able to do everything right from our figure tips and that’s the major reason why we are having a lot of health issues.

Getting into the gym or fitness niche can be really beneficial in the future and also in the present because people will love to buy your products if they can make their life healthy.

Because fitness comes before anything else and that makes it the top niche for dropshipping.

Best Niches in fitness


  1. Protein shakes
  2. Mass gainer
  3. Powder shaking bottles
  4. Gym clothing
  5. Gym shoes

Sub niches can be selling a particular company’s protein shake, mass gainer, gym clothing, or gym shoes.

4. Home decorations

Best niche for dropshipping in India

Everyone wants to have a well-decorated home especially when guests arrive and some people love to keep their home beautiful because when you have a beautiful home you have good peace of mind.

If you find and sell quality products that make someone’s home beautiful then people will definitely purchase from you and it can be the best niche for dropshipping you.

Best Home decorations niches


  1. Bedsheets
  2. Flowers
  3. Decorative pillows
  4. Curtains
  5. Wall clocks
  6. Lights

5. Skincare niches

Skincare dropshipping in India

People usually love to buy products to keep them looking young and healthy especially women so if you can sell skincare products and you can target such customers you can easily make a good profit with your dropshipping.

There are various suppliers who provide skincare products at cheap prices so that you can sell them at higher margins.

Best niches in Skincare


  1. Cold creams
  2. Anti-acne cream
  3. Body lotions
  4. Perfumes
  5. Shampoo

Sub niches can be to sell a particular brand’s product for example cold creams from XYZ or body lotions from ABC.

How to select and research your own niche for dropshipping

Now that I have told you some top niches in 2020 for your dropshipping business in India. Now let me show you how you can choose and research your own Niche.

There are 3 steps you need to follow in order to choose your perfect Niche.

  1. Check the selling base of the products

Whatever product you want to do dropshipping with the first thing you should check is to see how many people are willing to buy the product. If the product doesn’t have any demand, then there is no point in selling that product

So, how do you check the demand for a product?

It’s really simple you can visit various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others to check how many people are purchasing the products and what reviews people are giving to the product.

  1. Check the price of competitors

If you can provide at a much less rate than your competitors, then your business can outrank any other business. You can check the price of your competitors by visiting their websites.

  1. Choose the right supplier for your dropshipping

Even if you can provide products at a cheap price if your dropshipping supplier doesn’t deliver products on time and especially quality products then you will lose your customer base

That’s why it’s really important to choose the right supplier. You can find suppliers on eBay, Ali-baba, Oberlo.

What dropshipping niches to avoid?

A very common question people ask is what type of niches should we avoid and there is no straight or correct answer to this question.

First, you should never choose a niche you know nothing about, let’s say you choose to sell fitness items but don’t have knowledge about fitness

Even if fitness is a great niche you won’t make money because you won’t be able to satisfy your customers.

Never choose a niche where there is a lot of competition because a beginner should choose a niche where you can grow easily and fast.


Finding the best niche for dropshipping really important for your dropshipping business in India because if you are having the right niche, you will make great money.

But if your niche is dull then you won’t be able to make any money. It may take some time but it will be worth it in the end.

Hopefully, you understand the best niche for dropshipping in India. If it is helpful for you don’t forget to share it with your friend.

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