How to Start Slipper Manufacturing Business in India

Slippers are used by everyone whether a kid, man, or woman and that’s why starting Slipper Manufacturing Business in India is such a good idea. This business can be started even on small scale and can be a very profitable business if you do it in the right way with a good marketing strategy.

Why Start Slipper Manufacturing Business?

Slippers are used everywhere such as office, home, outside and slippers are used by both gender men and women and because of this, you have universal customers for your slippers.

According to, the footwear market is worth 9.352m dollars and is expected to grow 13.53% between 2022-2025

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Machinery required for Slipper Manufacturing

Start Slipper Manufacturing Busines

1. Sole Cutting Machine

A sole cutting machine is an important machine for the slipper business, this machine will be used to cut the shape of the slippers.

You can use different dyes, to cut different shapes and sizes such as for women, men, children, or teenagers.

The cost of the machine completely depends on which type of machinery you want to use. You can purchase a Manual machine, Semi manual machine, or Semi-Automatic.

2. Sole Drilling machine

The sole drilling machine is used to put holes in your slippers so that strips can be put in your slippers.

There are different sole drilling machines such as the sole press machine, which is manual, and the Sole drilling machine which is semi-automatic but is fast and easy to use than the sole press machine since it comes with a driller.

3. Screenprinting Machine

This machine is required to put the design, MRP, brand name on your slippers, you can choose any design for your slippers.

Screenprinting machine comes in both Manual and automatic, but the automatic machine will cost more than a manual machine.

4. Grinding Machine

After using a sole cutting machine to cut different sole shapes, your slippers still need some shaping to make them look smooth and that’s why grinding machines are used.

You can find different grinding machines in the market and choose the one which suits your business and capital.

5. Strap Fitting Machine

A strap fitting machine is used to fit straps in the hole of the slippers. This machine is completely manual and requires manpower to work.

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Raw Material required for Slipper Manufacturing

These are the raw materials required for Start Slipper Manufacturing Business in India

  1. Rubber Slipper sheets: From these sheets you can design and cut slippers of different sizes.
  2. Slipper straps: These straps are in slippers holes.
  3. Packaging materils: Packaging materials such as boxes and tapes are used to pack your products.

License Requirement

Every business needs a license to conduct their everyday business tasks and having a license gives you different benefits as well.

Here is the license you need for this business

  1. Trade License
  2. Company registration
  3. Udyog Adhaar registration
  4. GST registration

Area Required.

If you are starting this business on small scale, you can easily start this business in a 500-700 square feet area.

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Process of Starting Slipper Manufacturing Business

Step 1. Cutting Slippers from Slipper sheets

The first step in manufacturing slippers is to cut them in proper shapes and sizes, it depends upon what type of customers you have.

If you are making slippers for kids, then you have to use different dye shapes and if you are doing it for men or women then again you have to use different dyes to cut different sizes.

Step 2. Grinding Slippers for smooth shape

After cutting the slippers in the required shape, the next thing is to provide them with smooth edges and for that, you can use a grinding machine to give your slippers a smooth shape and look.

Step 3. Putting design and brand name on the slipper

Giving a good design to your slippers is a very important part of the business especially if you want to create a brand name for your slippers, you have to put your brand name and MRP on the slipper.

You can use a Screenprinting machine to give different designs to your slippers, for example, different designs for kids, women, and men.

Step 4. Drilling holes in the slipper

Making holes in the slipper is very important otherwise it will not be possible to put your straps in the slippers.

You can use the Sole drilling machine to make holes in the slipper.

Step 4. Fitting straps in the slipper

The last step is to fit the straps in the slipper and the strap fitting machine can be used for this job by doing this step, your slippers are ready

Step 5. Packaging your slippers

The very last in the process is to pack your slippers, you can different methods to do so. You can pack them in polythene bags or boxes. Once this is done your slippers are ready to go in the market.

Marketing strategy for slipper business

Every business needs a strategy to grow in the market and having a strategy in place can help you to reach your customers quickly and sell your products.

Here are some of the strategies you can follow.

1. Find distributors to sell

The best way to sell your products without putting much effort into the marketing process is to find some distributors that can sell your products.

Instead of reaching the end customer yourself, you can have distributors do this job.

2. Create brand awareness

Even if you have distributers in place, marketing also plays an important role, the only reason why a distributor will be willing to sell your products is if your slippers sell in the market.

So, you have to create brand awareness about your products in the market, you can use social media, influencers marketing.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where to find machines?

If you want to purchase machines for any business or slipper-making business, you can find machines online on India mart or you can also find machines offline from a distributor.

How much manpower is required in this business?

Usually, 2-3 people are enough to run this business on small scale but if you want to expand this business or want to do it on a large scale, then you would need more manpower.


You can Start Slipper Manufacturing Business in India on a large and small scale and all the necessary raw materials are machines are available in the market.

The business has good growth potential in the Indian market as you have a universal customer base and everyone loves to wear slippers as they are comfortable and easy to wear.