Airtel Free Recharge Tricks | Get Free Recharge Worth ₹2000

Are you out of data or calling packs and you don’t have money to recharge your number. No worries I have a few Airtel Free Recharge Tricks that can help you to get free recharge for any airtel number or any network service provider.

Well, these are not exactly free recharge tricks but the appropriate name would be methods. I will show you 4 methods that you can use to get free recharge for airtel.

Here are the 4 methods that we will use to earn free money and recharge our airtel number.

  1. Through GamingApps
  2. Through Online website
  3. Referring Apps
  4. Through Online Jobs

All of these methods will help you to win real Paytm cash which can be used for recharge or your personal uses.

So let’s look into all these ways

Airtel Free Recharge Tricks

1. Through Gaming Apps

I am putting this method on the top of the list because this method is the most popular and the most simple one.

So, how to use this method?

There are various Paytm earning apps that you can download and use to get free Paytm cash.

How to use these apps?

In these applications, you have to play games, complete daily tasks, spin the wheel, or follow the earning instructions in the app. Most of these apps are free to use and don’t require any type of investment.

But some apps will be paid where you have to pay to enter the tournament but the earnings in such paid apps will be quick and higher than in free apps.

So according to your needs and skills, you have to choose the right app.

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2. Through Online websites

Different Online websites can also help you to earn money and trust me if you use these websites in the right way you can earn a good amount of money.

Different websites that you can use

1. Link shortener website

You can use websites like Link shortener where you have to shorten the links and when someone opens the link an Ad will be displayed to them and for those ads you earn money. Check this some link shortener to earn money.

2. Freelancing websites

If you have a particular skill or if you are good at something that other people need such as Logo designs, SEO, Animations, or anything.

Then you can earn a good amount of money on freelancing websites by providing your services at a certain price.

To read about all the ways to earn money through online websites here is an article on the best websites to earn Paytm cash online

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3. Online job websites

Like freelancing websites, there are also websites where you can apply for different jobs by companies or organizations. If your skills match the job, you can apply for these online jobs and get paid.

Websites that you can use


Make sure you only apply for Trustworthy jobs, check the background of the company that provides you the job, and research how they conduct their business.

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4. Through Referring Apps

Various apps in the market allow users to invite friends to their application and earn Paytm cash per friend. If you don’t know about such apps, you can read this article Best refer and earn apps to earn Paytm cash

How to use these apps?

You simply have to download these apps and invite friends through your referral link, make sure that your friends are invited through the referral link otherwise you will not earn anything.

Different apps have different rules for referral earnings. So you should go through these rules before using referral links.

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This article covers Airtel Free Recharge Tricks and I have explained about 4 ways for getting free recharge on the Airtel number.

I am sure that there are other ways to earn free recharge for Airtel and I will update this blog post as soon as I find new ways, for now, you can subscribe to my blog so that whenever there is a new update you will get notified.

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