Galo app Latest version | Review and features

Do you know that you can earn real Paytm cash on the Galo app? If you don’t know let me tell you that Galo is an application where you can play games and earn Paytm cash or by completing daily tasks in the task center.

Today in the blog post I will tell you everything about the new Galo App latest version. I will teach you:

  1. How to get a ₹50 Signup bonus on Galo App?
  2. How to earn Paytm cash by playing games on Galo?
  3. Refer friends and earn ₹240 Paytm cash
  4. How to complete tasks in the task center to earn more Paytm cash?

So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

But before we go here is a proof screenshot just to show you guys how much people are earning from Galo. If they can do it you can do it too.

Get a ₹50 Signup bonus on Galo App

Galo earning app

Follow these simple steps to get your ₹50 signup bonus

Step 1. Download and Install the Galo App Latest version.

Step 2. Add connect your Paytm number to get ₹50 Paytm cash immediately

Adding your Paytm no. is really important if you want to withdraw your earnings from Galo App. And by adding the Paytm no. you will also receive ₹50 Paytm cash.

How to refer friends and earn ₹240 Paytm cash?

Galo app provides ₹20 Paytm cash but as a new user, you will get a chance of earning ₹120 on the first 2 refer.

So don’t waste this chance before it’s too late.

Share Galo on WhatsApp groups with friends and family members and ask them to download the Galo app from your link and also use your refer code.

But there are some rules

After your friend installs Galo from your link, he must Connect his mobile no. with Galo in 24 hours and then put your invite otherwise you won’t be able to earn it.

How will you get ₹240 by Referring

On the 1st day, your friend will install and activate the application and you will get ₹4.

Then from the 2nd day to the 4th day, you will get ₹10 (₹2 per day for 1 friend you have invited).

On the 5th day, you will ₹120 (10% referral rewards of friends.)

If you don’t have friends. How to find more people to refer to?

Step 1. Open your play store and type the keyword “WhatsApp groups”.

Step 2. Install all the apps that provide WhatsApp Groups

Step 3. Open the app and join the various groups, (Join as many as you can)

Step 4. Invite as many friends as you can, the more you invite the more you will earn and there is no limit to how many people you can invite.

How to earn Paytm cash by playing games on GALO?

Now that you know how to get ₹50 Paytm cash as a bonus and how to refer your friends. The next step is to learn how to earn Paytm cash by playing games.

On the game sections of Galo, you will find various games that you can play.

Some games can be played on Galo.

  • Subway Run 3D.
  • Knife hit.
  • 8 Ball pool.
  • Super Mario Rush.
  • City Racing.
  • Moto Rider and more.

Just pick your favorite game or play any game you think you are good at.

Once you have chosen your favorite Game the next you need to do is to keep playing the game and earn G-coins (Galo coins). The more you will play the more coins you will earn.

After you have won enough coins, you can either redeem them in your Paytm wallet or redeem them as Amazon gift cards.

You can also use G-coins to spin the wheel or play Jackpot to win Paytm cash.

How to complete daily tasks to earn more Paytm cash?

The best thing about the Galo app’s latest version is that there is a Daily G-coins event or you can Task center where you complete daily tasks to earn Paytm cash.

  • You can try the lucky slot and win up to 100+ coins.
  • You can also try Lucky cards to earn ₹500.
  • Users can also earn 10k+ coins by scratching cards.
  • Spin and win ₹100 Paytm cash.
  • Share Galo and get 30+ coins.
  • Play games and earn 150+ coins.
  • Open the treasure box and win 8888+ coins

Things to keep in mind…

Galo is a great application and one can really earn money on the Galo app but you should never try to use hacks otherwise your account will be banned permanently.

Galo developers are regularly bringing new updates and the latest version of the Galo app provides more money than ever.

In order to maximize your earnings, you should try to play as much as you can and refer to as many friends as you can but never use any fake numbers.

There will be new features added to Galo in the future, where users can earn more Paytm money.

Frequently asked questions

How much time will it take for you to earn 1000 Paytm cash?

People ask this question very often but the answer stays the same, you will earn the more you play and the more you refer. You can even earn ₹10k in a day. It all depends upon your efforts.
But the new version of Galo is paying more than before.

What is the minimum Withdraw for GALO?

The minimum withdrawal in Galo is only ₹300 and the maximum withdrawal is ₹50,000.
You can withdraw only 4 times in a day maximum.

How long will it take since you will receive cash into your Paytm wallet?

Once your earnings are approved it can take up to 72 hours, sometimes it takes more time because of bank and other issues.

Is Galo safe to use

Absolutely, Galo is 100% Safe to use. People are earning good money with Galo every day.