Learn to code after business school

More and more students who have graduated from business schools wish to learn to code in order to acquire dual business and technical skills and to gain access to strategic positions in companies. 

Technical skills are indeed a real asset to complete a business school course and be a profile that stands out in the job market.

Why learn to code after business school?

Acquire dual business and technical skills

Many business school students wish to take web developer training to complete their studies and acquire skills that are highly sought after in the job market. Many realize during their internships in digital marketing, for example, that technical skills are necessary to communicate effectively with teams and gain autonomy. 

Others wish to boost their skills in order to be able to access strategic positions in companies. It is a winning bet because the professions are digitizing and the new professions require more and more technical skills. And of course, this trend will become even more pronounced in the coming years.

Become a very attractive profile to recruiters

At the end of a business school and despite a brilliant course, it is still sometimes difficult to find an internship or a job. We have to find ways to stand out. People who have technical knowledge in addition to their core business are rare. 

This is why knowing how to code will be a real asset for recruiters. Business and technical skills are very complementary and therefore highly sought after by companies and startups.

What types of profession can we aspire to with this dual skill?

With your business and tech skills, many opportunities are presented to you:

You will be able to work in companies and tech startups in key positions. Students who have this dual skill generally work as Digital Project Manager or Product Owners. For these professions, knowing the technical aspect is a real plus. 

This makes it possible to communicate effectively with the technical teams and developers and also to master one’s product and gain credibility with customers.

You can also learn to code to develop an entrepreneurial project. Many people who have graduated from business schools have plans in mind and want to get started but do not have the technical skills to do so. 

It is sometimes difficult to find technical associates because these profiles are in great demand. Learning to code yourself is therefore a very good option to get started and set up your project or startup idea.

What web developer training to follow after a business school?

A business school course implies that you already have several years of study behind you. You will therefore not necessarily want to go back for several years of study. 

The Bootcamp coding format is therefore a very good option. This intensive format allows training in web development in just a few weeks. You can take full-stack training and acquire all the skills necessary to launch your project or work in a company. 

Note that there are also part-time training courses that are very suitable for reconciling both your professional life and learning to code. These training courses are ideal for people who work in companies and who wish to learn how to communicate with technical teams.