Stick Pool Club App | How to earn Paytm Cash Quickly

Have you heard about the new application Stick Pool Club App? If not let me tell you that you can earn real Paytm cash very quickly on this application. We will be discussing everything about this application such as

  • What is a Stick pool game?
  • How to use the stick pool club app for earning Paytm cash.
  • How much can you earn from this app?
  • What are the different ways to earn from this app?

I have taken this application from some of the best Paytm earning applications because this is the new application in the market and is paying good money to the users.

Before we go I want you to know the difference between the two versions of the stick Pool club.

There are basically two versions of these same applications.

  1. Playstore version
  2. Website version

1. Play store version

If you download stick pool club from Playstore, you can play 8-ball pool and enjoy all other features of the application. But you cannot win Paytm cash.

The version of this application from the Play Store doesn’t have to earn the Paytm cash feature because the play store doesn’t allow such apps to be in their app store.

2. Website version

The second version of the Stick pool club application is from their website. In this version, you can play 8 ball pool and earn Paytm cash instantly.

This version is totally safe to use and if you want to earn Paytm cash for real then you have to download this version.

What is the Stick pool club App?

This application allows users to earn Paytm cash by playing 8 ball pool games on their mobile.

Users can play with real-time players and win the match to earn Paytm money. If you are a total beginner you can also play pool games with virtual coins.

Playing with Virtual coins will give you an idea about the application without spending real money.

Users can play different Tournaments such as

  1. 1on1 tournaments
  2. 9 Ball
  3. Jackpot
  4. Mini-games
  5. or you can play with your friends.

You can also check leaderboards and find out the top players in your country. Users can also make new friends.

The money earned in the Stick pool club application can also be withdrawn to your Paytm wallet or it can be used to purchase Cues within the application.

Cues can be purchased with real money or with virtual chips. Different Cues have different Force, spin, and aims which can make your winning easy and your game simple.

How to use the stick pool club for earning Paytm cash

Users can play paid tournaments and after winning the match, you will immediately get money into your Paytm wallet.

Different tournaments have different entry fees and different winning prices. Users can play tournaments such as

  1. 1on1 tournaments contain
  • Eagle club tournament – Entry fees 100 and winning price 180
  • Wolf Club – Entry fee 200 and winning price 360
  • Tiger Club – Entry fee 500 and winning price 900
  • Dragon Club – Entry fee 750 and winning price 1350
  • Griffin Club – Entry fee 1000 and winning price 1800
  1. 9 ball tournamnets contains
  • Cobra club – Entry fee 100 and winning price 180
  • Rhinos club – Entry fee 750 winning price 1350

Once you have earned money you can withdraw instantly to your Paytm wallet or into your Bank account

The daily withdrawal limit is 500 and bank charges are also deducted while withdrawing your money.

How much can you earn from the stick pool application?

stick pool club app

Just to motivate you here is an earning proof screenshot that will help you to get an idea of how much people can earn

This depends upon various factors such as the player must have played big tournaments which is not possible for beginners to play and much more.

This is the weekly winning by the player and will give you an idea of how much a person can earn weekly from this game.

If you are really serious about earning Paytm by playing games then this screenshot will give you the best motivation to start.

What are the different ways to earn from this app?

1. Refer friends

The other ways you can use it to refer and earn Paytm cash on stick pool club is by referring your friends

You will get 100 coins when your friend installs and verify his/her account on stick pool club.

Furthermore, +50 coins will be given to you when your friend buys real money coins and 150+ coins will be given to you when your friend plays 20+ real money games.

Lastly, you will earn +50 coins when you will play 5 matches with your friends.

2. Complete the Jackpot tasks

You can also call this completing daily tasks to earn extra rewards.

As you can see in the image above there are some daily tasks that the user will complete in the given time will be rewarded.

3. Play mini Games

In the Minigames section, you can buy spin and earn big rewards such as coins, discount on cue, Chat pack, no bank charge, cash, and Rake free.

5 Things to keep in mind while playing on stick pool club?

1. Real money game

This game is a real money game which means if you will deposit money in this app you can win extra money, but you can also lose money if you lose the game.

2. Don’t get overconfident

Never play big tournaments until you are not ready, just by playing 3-4 matches you don’t become a pro player.

If you will enter big tournaments you will find more competitive players who may be very different to beat. So take some time and play small tournaments then slowly go for bigger tournaments.

3. Learn from other pro players

If you really want to excel in this game, you have to make sure that you keep learning new tricks or new shots every day.

You can watch on YouTube how pro players play to learn some new skills and this will help to increase your winning chances

4. Play slow

If you feel like you lost too many games in one day, give yourself a break. No need to rush for playing more games.

Take some time and understand what went wrong and why are you losing too many matches or take some walk in the park to get refreshed.

5. Learn from your mistakes

This can make you the best player in the world whether it’s football, cricket, or 8-ball pool.

You need to understand and learn from your previous mistakes and keep a closer look at the mistakes you do while playing with other players.

It can help you to avoid them and increase your chance of winning.


Is the stick pool club app free to play?

Yes, you can play both free and paid tournaments. By playing free tournaments you can earn virtual coins and by playing paid tournaments you can win real money.

Is stick pool club legal to play?

Yes, it’s 100% legal to play but you need to be 18+ older.

Is there any financial risk while playing on a stick pool club?

Yes, Since the application comes with paid tournaments, users can lose their money if they lose the game.

What is the minimum withdrawal in the Stick pool club?

There is no minimal withdrawal but you can only withdraw up to 500 into your Paytm or bank account. But you can also increase your withdrawal limit by purchasing the packs

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