15 Ways to earn money from home without investment 2023

I can understand it’s a hard life and your ways to earn money from home without investment. but you don’t know how to do it. You probably may have used a lot of ways online but they may not have worked for you. You may need money to support your parents, or fulfill your dreams.

So, you may be wondering can you really earn money from your home without investment?

Let me tell you! people are making millions of dollars online, If they can do it you can also do it.

If you know the right way, its a piece of cake

How to earn money from home without any investment

1. Earn from refer and earn apps

ways to earn money from home without investment

There are various applications that pay you money just for referring your friends. These applications are free to download from the play store and the best thing is that some of these applications pay 200 per referral you make.

But you have to make sure the other person downloads the application from your referral link or uses refers code otherwise you will not get any money. Here is the list of apps that pay you money for referring

How to earn from referring and earning apps?

  1. Download the app
  2. Signup and get the reference code
  3. Refer the link to your friends and make them download the application.
  4. Earn money and withdraw from Paytm, PayPal, or bank.

2. Create a YouTube channel

Hey! don’t worry if you are shy to come in front of the camera, I can understand. but it is not necessary to come in front of the camera. I will show you people who make great money from Youtube without even speaking or coming in front of the camera.

Don’t believe me?

Go check yourself, search from any gaming video on youtube, or videos like top 10 pranks, top 10 songs, top 10 cars, and top 10 places to visit.

These are the type of videos where you don’t need to speak or come in front of the camera at all. But if you are good in front of the camera, then you have a better chance of succeeding.

How to earn from YouTube?

  1. First, you need to know what type of channel you want to start with.
  2. Once decided, then you need to create a YouTube account
  3. You need good software’s in your laptop or mobile phone to edit videos
  4. Learn YouTube SEO, if you don’t know yet. (It will help you to rank your videos)
  5. Publish videos and wait until you have enough subscribers and views
  6. Once you have good subscribers, you can apply from Google AdSense and earn money.

3. Become a freelancer

ways to earn money from home without investment

Do you know freelancing is the only job that doesn’t require investment at all? Freelancing can be a good start for a beginner, as you don’t have enough resources or money to start with.

What is freelancing?

It means providing your services or skills to the people or businesses in need. People out there have a lot of money to spend, but what they don’t have is “time”.

If you think you have skills that other people want and will pay for, then its time for you to earn money from these skills.

Some of the in-demand skills?

SEO SkillsWriting/typing skills
Designing skillsWebsite development
Marketing skillsCoding skills
Translation skillsVoice over skills
Email writing skillsLegal writing skills
Logo designBusiness cards design
t-shirt designsGame development
Mobile app developerInfluencer Marketing

How to earn from freelancing?

Now the question is where will you find clients right? Because if you don’t have clients, you ain’t going to earn money. So, it’s really important to get clients.

Well you don’t need to find clients, clients will come to you.” Yes, I am right.

There are various websites online like

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer.com
  • Truelancer
  • PeoplePerHour

You can easily signup for free on these websites and whenever someone is looking for a service same as you are providing.

He/she will find you on these websites. But you need a good profile and a clear bio about your services otherwise you won’t be able to attract any customers.

4. Dropshipping e-commerce Business

ways to earn money from home without investment

Dropshipping is considered the best business online without investment and huge profit. People are making millions with dropshipping that too without any investments.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping means selling products online through various channels like social media, websites, or WhatsApp. In dropshipping, you are working as a middle man, and you are connected with a supplier. Whenever your customer places an order from you.

You have to place the same order with your supplier including your margin and your supplier will ship the product to your customer with your brand name and price.

Here is the image that will help you to understand dropshipping in a better way.

How to find suppliers for dropshipping

You don’t need to spend time to find suppliers, there are some the applications you can use for dropshipping as a lot of suppliers are connected with these apps


How to earn from dropshipping?

First, you need to select a niche or a particular product. Now you may be asking yourself why should you select only one product? But selecting one product is the key to being a successful dropshipper because you need marketing for one product only.

Follow these simple steps for successful dropshipping

  1. Create a beautiful website and a professional social media account.
  2. Make an attractive logo for your brand (Make it look like you are selling a brand)
  3. Set a price that is fair, don’t sell at a higher price as your customers don’t know your brand.
  4. Starting promoting products on social media or through advertisements

5. Become an affiliate marketer

ways to earn money from home without investment

I consider this the best way to earn money online without any money. If you are thinking to make money online but have not considered Affiliate marketing on your list, then you can never make a hell of a lot of money.

What is affiliate marketing?

When you recommend a product to people and they purchase from your link, you will get a commission. This can be a physical or digital product.

The commission depends upon the affiliate program itself.

Now the question is does it require investment?

  1. You can do it without investment:
    • If you have a YouTube channel then you don’t need any investment, you can recommend affiliate products from your youtube channel.
    • If you have a famous Instagram channel, you can also promote products to your audience.
  1. You can also do it with investment:
    • With the investment, you have better results, but it totally depends upon you.
    • You can buy a website because affiliate marketing through the website is much better.

6. Guest poster/posting

Do you what a guest poster means? You know if a website wants to rank on google it needs backlinks or simple word links from other websites.

The other websites don’t provide links for free. In fact, they will ask you to write a blog post on their website and from within the post, you will get a backlink.

How do you earn from guest posting

Now people with big blogs don’t have time to find and write blogs for guest posts. You can help them to find the website that allows guest posts and write on those websites and create backlinks, in return the website owners will pay you money.

7. Social media influencer

Social media influencer = free money, more fame. Hahaha yes :0

If you have an account on social media with a huge number of followers then it’s time for you to earn money. If you don’t have one then don’t worry because nowadays it doesn’t take much time to increase your followers base.

You can create any type of social media account like memes, news, fashion, food, or fan page.

How to earn from social media?

Once you have a good followers base, people or various companies will contact you to promote their brand or give them a shoutout or promote their products or promote events.

8. Online survey jobs

Big companies take surveys because they want to get feedback from customers in order to improve their products or new startups use surveys to learn whether their product is going to survive in the market.

But these companies know that people won’t take surveys and that is why they decide to get people rewards if they give their honest opinions.

An online survey is the simplest way for earning money online for free because it doesn’t cost anything.

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How to earn money from surveys

Here is the list of online survey websites to earn money

  • Triaba.in
  • Mobrog.com
  • valuedopinions.co.in
  • Toluna.com
  • survetpolice.com
  • Swagbucks.com

9. Start your own Blogging niche

ways to earn money from home without investment

If you think you have writing skills that can turn a person into a customer then you should probably join blogging. Blogging has made fortunes for various people. Why not you? look simple if someone else can do it. Why not you?

Blogging is all about writing and helping people to solve their problems and make money out of them.

How does someone earn from blogging

There are various ways to earn money from blogging. Once your blog is successful, you can create a great passive income for yourself.

Here are some ways to earn money from blogging

  1. Google ads
    • earn money from Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate marketing
    • Promote products of various companies and get a commission
  3. Provide backlinks from Guest posts
    • Let other bloggers write for you and charge them for backlinks
  4. sponsor post
    • Charge money from people for sponsoring their posts on your website

10. Start dropshipping old items

Not everyone likes to buy new products because we know products keep on changing every day. So, sometimes it’s a waste of money to buy new products. Most people prefer to buy second-hand products and here is your chance to make money from them.

What is the meaning of dropshipping old items and how to earn them?

Let me explain,

Let’s say you find someone who wants to sell his mobile phone.

Then you will find a buyer who wants to purchase the mobile phone

You will take the mobile phone from the seller and sell it to the buyer including your margin.

Extra tip

You can use Olx and quicker to find sellers and buyers both.

11. Become a Domain trader

Now it’s time to talk about making millions. Why am I saying this? Because domain trading can make you millions of dollars if you know how to do it correctly. Do you know the domain housing.com was sold for 1 million dollars?

What is domain trading?

Domain trading means buying domain names that are unique and in demand and then selling them at higher prices in the future.

For example, let’s say you purchased a domain that is having a short and good name like blog.com or business.com or something else.

You can easily sell these domains at higher prices. ( blog.com or business.com are not going to be available for purchase cuz they are very unique and of high value )

So, try to find and buy domains that you sell at higher prices.

How do buy domains and how much do they cost?

Buying a fresh domain only costs around 13$.

You can buy domains from various companies like

GodaddyBig rock

12. Become an app developer

Coding is the new future because everything you see today is developed with coding. Building apps don’t cost anything and learning how to code also doesn’t cost any money. All you need is to invest time to learn about coding.

You can learn how to code on YouTube for free and build your own apps. Learning how to code will not only help you build apps but also will help you to get jobs in big companies like Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and other companies.

How to earn money by developing apps

  1. Create android applications and publish them on the play store
    1. Promote your applications with google ads
    2. Get downloads
      • Display AdSense within your apps to earn
      • Sell digital items with the apps
  1. Make apps for your clients
    • Various companies and individuals want to build apps for their business, but they don’t have coding knowledge. So, the only option they have left is to hire you.

13. Sell your courses online

If you like teaching or you have good knowledge of a particular subject or course. You can create your own courses and sell them.

For recording videos, you need a good camera, or you can also use your smartphone because nowadays smartphones also have a great camera

What type of courses you can create?

It doesn’t matter unless people are searching and need it.

You can use google trends to find out how much people are searching for something.

You can use google trends to know if people are interested in your course or not.

How to make by selling courses online

  1. Record your videos
  2. Upload them on Udemy
  3. Set a fair price
  4. Start selling and earning

14. Become an online gaming streamer

Streaming is the best way for students to earn money online without investment.

Who thought people will make money by streaming games online. But anything is possible in today’s world.

Many teenagers are streaming online and making money from home without investing any money. Youtube doesn’t charge anything for uploading videos or for streaming live.

If you love to play games and you have good gaming skills, you can stream online and earn money online.

How to make it from streaming?

  1. You can stream online on YouTube or Facebook
    • People will donate money if they like your gameplay.
  1. You can also upload gameplay videos on YouTube and earn through AdSense.

15. Data entry jobs

Data entry is another way to earn money from home without investment. If you are looking to work from home Data entry jobs can be a good source of income for you. Various companies provide data entry jobs to people who like to work from home. This is the best way to make money online without paying anything.

What is data entry?

It simply means putting data into an excel sheet or database or when the company you are working for will give you a huge number of data and you are required to organize it in the right manner.

It depends upon the company itself what type of data entry job they will provide you. But it can be the most reliable way to earn money from home without any investment because you don’t need to buy anything

What do I need for this job?

You need a certificate in data entry jobs. So, that company can hire you. You can get a certificate from various online institutions.

16. Start a Cooking channel

This can be the best way for earning money from home for ladies in India. If you love cooking and know how to make great food. Then it’s your opportunity to make money online.

How to make money from Cooking?

Create your YouTube channel about cooking and teach people how to prepare delicious food. Once your YouTube channel starts doing good, apply for Google AdSense and make money with AdSense.

To sum up

There are various ways to earn money from home without investment, but it depends upon what works for you and what you are passionate about.

Never do something that you are not passionate about. You will end up cursing it.

Do you think you know the better way to earn money from home without investment Please post a comment and let me know 🙂

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