4 successful customer loyalty techniques

The step that follows the creation of a website, the acquisition of visitors converted into customers, and the animation of a community on social networks is undoubtedly customer loyalty. You must now find solutions to thank them, in a way, for their visits, their purchases, and therefore the acquisition of your notoriety. Without loyal customers, your site cannot last.

Carrying out a customer loyalty campaign is a win-win story. They make you grow up, you give them something in return.

You don’t have any inspiration? That’s good, I have some ideas about it!

Here are 4 possible customer loyalty techniques.

1. Customer loyalty on social networks

If you want to get results quickly, social media is going to be your favorite toy. By creating your page on Facebook, Twitter, or other, you will be very close to your customers.

Be careful, the idea is to retain them, you have to devote time to them, namely, to animate your page regularly.

For that :

  • Adopt the concept of the chosen one of the week . This will encourage your clients to invest more in their role as ambassadors. You can then stimulate their motivation by offering them this concept. Once you have selected your favorite customer, publish their photo, or include their first name in your product (see Coca Cola).

Not only, you will animate your community, but you will also federate new customers thanks to the enthusiasm of your customers (word of mouth).

  • Create contests on Facebook  and / or Twitter . It is the art of creating effective customer loyalty. Most people on social networks want to be entertained above all else, whether it is with their friends, relatives, or their favorite brands.

So get started!

To obtain maximum returns, the stake must attract. You will be able to offer them discount coupons, free delivery costs, a product offered for a product purchased …

For more ideas, especially to gain fans, then read this article .

2. Customer loyalty through emailing

Emailing, or the art and manner of keeping in touch with customers.

Have you obtained the consent of your customers (opt-in) to regularly send them your news? Good news !

Your customer loyalty campaign by email should bring out the image of your company. Here is a sample newsletter to help you.

Emailing is the ideal communication tool to disseminate information about your website such as new products, promotions …

With emailing:

  • You can offer them tutorials on your products so that they have an overview of their proper use (this product is more suited to such and such a product, such a garment, etc.). The idea is to distribute an excerpt from the article in your email and put a link to your site if they want to know more.

So your incentive to read the article on your site would look like this:

  • You can also send them a questionnaire on the quality of one of your products, or your website, so that your customers can feel concerned by the idea of ​​making you evolve while improving their comfort.

To get them to click on “answer the questionnaire”, add the words “it won’t take you more than 5 minutes” on the sole condition that this is true of course.

3. To sponsor is to build loyalty

Sponsorship represents the 2 in 1 option: thanks to sponsorship, you will retain your current customers and acquire prospects (new customers).

It’s a kind of contract between you and your customers. If they are successful in sponsoring a friend of theirs, you give them a gift.

Some ideas :

  • Encourage them to talk about your company around them by promising them a reward for both your loyal ambassadors and the people sponsored.

A reduction offered to sponsors and downline in exchange for prospects is an exchange of good process. Your customers will be more motivated than ever to receive a reward for their efforts.

  • Choose your best customers by comparing purchases made from your website. If they buy frequently, it is because they are true ambassadors of your brand.

They will gladly accept your sponsorship idea since they will have all the necessary arguments to convince their referrals, your prospects.

You can read this article for tips on sponsorship marketing.

4. Loyalty cards

The ultimate customer loyalty tool! The loyalty card stimulates purchases because customers know full well that they will subsequently be able to benefit from reductions. Especially since the creation of a loyalty card is simple, fast, and cheap.

Several software programs offer the creation of loyalty cards such as  Vistaprint and  Ma carte Fid ‘. When creating your card, you will determine a reward associated with the purchases made (the customer earns 10 points for every 10 €).

2 solutions to stimulate the use of the loyalty card:

  • So that customers can use their loyalty card online, create a tab so that they can add their card number to it.

It is a way to increase your turnover and the comfort of your customers (no trips). It would also be interesting to have them know their balance online.

  • You can stimulate the use of the loyalty card by granting discounts on a product when customers have a card (for example, deducting 2 € from the price of the product), or by giving money on their card when a product mentions a reduction (you pay € 15 when purchasing and then you will have € 5 on your card).

As you can see, there are a mountain of possible solutions to retain your customers with the loyalty card, it’s up to you to find the best!

As you will have understood, maintaining a long-term customer relationship is one of the first problems for a lot of entrepreneurs. One thing is certain, meeting your commitments should be your main goal. So if you are launching your customer loyalty campaign, be sure to follow it to the end.

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