Best bikes under 2 lakh in India know before you buy

Are you looking for the best bikes under 2 lakh? The Indian market is filled with a variety of bikes in different styles, sizes, and prices. Finding the perfect bike for your needs can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at top 2 bikes available under 2 lakh in India. 

We’ll discuss their overviews, provide reviews on each model and list the pros and cons associated with them. By the end of this article, you will have all the information necessary to make an informed decision when selecting your next bike!

Overview of the best bikes under 2 Lakh

When looking for a new motorcycle, there are many different types and styles available. For those on a budget of under 2 lakhs, there are still plenty of options. The most common bike types include cruisers, sports bikes, touring motorcycles, and scooters/mopeds.

Cruisers have classic styling with low seats that allow the rider to sit in an upright position. They are designed for comfort and leisurely riding experiences. Sports bikes have higher power outputs and performance capabilities than other bike categories but come at a price premium. 

Touring motorcycles offer more comfort for long-distance rides with features such as side bags and windscreen protection. Finally, scooters/mopeds provide efficient transportation with their low-powered engines offering fuel economy over speed or performance capabilities.

Overview of the Different Bike Styles

The style of motorcycle you choose is largely dependent on personal preference and the intended use case for your bike purchase; however, understanding each style can help narrow down what type may be best suited to your needs:

  • Cruiser – these bikes usually feature low-slung handlebars which give them a distinctive classic look while providing an upright seating position that is comfortable over long distances; they often have some form of storage space built into them too so they’re great if you plan to travel with all your gear in tow!
  • Sportbike – designed with speed and agility in mind these two-wheelers feature lightweight frames combined with aerodynamic fairings that help reduce drag at high speeds; they also often boast powerful engines which can reach 0-60 mph quicker than most other styles making them perfect for fast-paced thrill seekers!
  • Touring – these models incorporate features like windshields, luggage racks or side bags which make it easier to transport items during longer journeys; some even come equipped with heated grips meaning riders don’t need gloves when out in cold weather conditions!
  • Scooter/Moped – typically smaller than other models due to their lower powered engines (50cc or less) these two-wheelers are ideal for city commuting as they require little effort from the rider thanks to automatic transmissions plus fuel efficiency is usually very good too making them cost-effective transportation solutions!

Overview of the best bikes under 2 lakh in india

1. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Best bikes under 2 lakh in india

This cruiser has been around since 1949 but still manages to remain popular today thanks to its iconic design & reliable engine; it offers plenty of power & torque while boasting impressive fuel economy figures so it’s sure to go the distance without breaking the bank! check the more details.

349 cc
41.55 Kmpl
Dual Channel
Max Power:
20.21 bhp
5 Speed
Kerb Weight:
195 Kg

2. Bajaj Pulsar 150

Best bikes under 2 lakh in india

A sporty option that packs quite a punch despite being relatively inexpensive; this model comes equipped with dual disc brakes plus a digital console display as standard making it both a safe & fun ride all year round regardless of weather conditions!

Engine Capacity:
149.5 cc
47 kmpl
5 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight:
148 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity:
15 litres
Seat Height:
785 mm

Pulsar 150 Price:

Pulsar 150 Price Start Rs 116 755, and little change the price according to state wise.

3. Yamaha FZ-25

An attractive-looking street fighter that combines modern styling cues along a robust 250cc single-cylinder engine producing 20bhp power output makes it a great choice for anyone seeking something bit more exciting yet not too expensive either way upfront costs-wise! 


Engine Type:
Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Transmission type:
Constant mesh,5-speed
249 cc
Clutch type:
Wet,multiple disc
Bore & Stroke:
Fuel system:
Fuel injection
Maximum Horsepower:
20.8PS(15.3kW)/ 8000 rpm
Compression Ratio:
Starting system type:
Electric starter
Bore & Stroke:

Yamaha FZ-25 price:

The Yamaha FZ25 is the best bike under 2 lakhs with a starting price of Rs. 1,50,634 in India. I have used this Yamaha company bike which is good.

Pros and Cons of the Yamaha FZ-25

The Yamaha FZ-25 is one of Yamaha’s entry-level adventure sports motorcycles that still pack quite a punch despite being relatively inexpensive compared to other adventure sports motorcycles in a similar price range. Its 249 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine provides enough grunt when accelerating from low RPMs, enabling it to reach higher top speeds quickly, making it perfect for short sprints across highways. 

4. TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Best bikes under 2 lakh in india

This dual-purpose motorbike can tackle dirt tracks just as easily as tarmac roads thanks to its powerful four-stroke 197 cc engine delivering peak torque 17 Nm @ 6500 RPM making so ideal for road adventure adventure seekers alike looking to get outdoors and explore nature! check on the official website.

Features of Apache 200:

197.75 cc
Double Disc
Double Disc
20.82 PS
37 kmpl

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Price:

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is a street bike with a price range of Rs. 1,42,234 – Rs 1,47,216 in India it is readily available.

Reviews of the Best Bikes under 2 Lakh

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the most iconic motorcycles in India. It has been around for nearly a century and still attracts riders with its classic styling, reliable performance, and affordability. The air-cooled engine produces 19.8 bhp of power at 5,250 rpm and 28 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. 

It comes with a five-speed transmission and is equipped with telescopic front forks and twin shock absorbers at the rear. Its fuel tank capacity is 13 liters while its ground clearance stands at 135 mm. 

The bike provides a comfortable ride quality due to its upright riding position and wide handlebars which make it easy to maneuver through traffic or tackle winding roads.

Review of the Bajaj Pulsar 150

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is an excellent choice for budget-conscious riders seeking sporty performance in an affordable package. The 149 cc single-cylinder engine churns out 14 PS of power along with 12Nm torque mated to a five-speed transmission system which delivers smooth shifting even when pushed hard during spirited rides on highways or city streets alike. 

It offers good brakes along with telescopic forks up front for improved handling characteristics and overall comfort level over long journeys or under heavy loads respectively. 

The bike also features LED DRLs, split seats for rider comfort, a digital instrument cluster, and semi fairing design that makes it look attractive from all angles.

Review of the Honda Activa 5G

The Honda Activa 5G is arguably one of the best scooters available in India today owing to its reliable performance as well as user-friendly features like a keyless ignition system that allows you to start/stop the engine without inserting keys into slots a convenient side stand switch that automatically turns off engine if left unattended for more than 10 seconds. It’s powered by a 109cc BS4 compliant engine producing 8bhp power & 9Nm torque mated to CVT transmission.

Its Telescopic suspension makes sure that you have a comfortable journey even on uneven terrain while drum-type brakes offer satisfactory braking capability. Apart from this, it also offers great mileage figures ranging between 45kmpl – 58 kmpl depending upon your driving style & road condition making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for an economical & low-maintenance vehicle option within the budget range.

Review of the Yamaha FZ 25

Yamaha FZ25 is considered as one of the best bikes under Rs 5 lakh because it offers superior performance with rugged looks and an LCD panel with modern technical features like full LED lighting among many others. 

Powering this beastly machine is a 249cc single-cylinder air-cooled FI motor producing 20ps max power @ 8000rpm & 20Nm peak torque @ 6000rpm mated to a 5-speed gearbox enabling hassle-free acceleration even at higher speeds. 

Other notable features include wide tubeless tires giving better grip on surfaces, smooth suspension setup offering superb ride quality over different terrains especially bad roads & strong disc brake setup ensuring proper braking capabilities whenever required thus making this bike an exciting option within this price range.

Review Of the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V has become quite popular among biking enthusiasts due to its impressive specifications coupled with sharp styling elements giving it an aggressive yet appealing look overall making it one helluva deal indeed! 

This machine draws power from a 197cc single-cylinder oil-cooled FI motor producing 21PS max power @ 8500rpm & 18Nm peak torque @ 7000rpm mated up to a 5-speed gearbox allowing effortless acceleration throughout the entire rev range ensuring sufficient punch no matter what speed you are traveling on either highway or city roads respectively!

Besides this, it also sports a 270mm petal disc brake upfront offering precise stopping abilities while ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) further helps prevent skidding during panic braking situations thus providing greater safety altogether!

Pros and Cons of the Best Bikes under 2 Lakh

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a great choice for those looking for a stylish, vintage-look bike at an affordable price. It has a powerful engine that can easily cruise up to 80 mph and provides plenty of torque for city riding. The classic design is also complemented by its comfortable seating position, making it ideal for long rides. 

However, it does have some drawbacks; the suspension is not as advanced as more modern bikes, so it’s not suitable for high-speed cornering or aggressive riding.

Pros and Cons of the Bajaj Pulsar 150

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of the most popular bikes under 2 lakh in India due to its affordability and performance. With its twin spark plug technology and air-cooled engine, this bike offers great acceleration with excellent fuel efficiency. 

Additionally, its lightweight chassis makes it perfect for maneuverability in urban areas while providing good stability on highways too. On the downside though, this bike does lack some features such as ABS brakes or ride modes which are available in higher-end models from other brands like Honda or TVS Apache RTR 200 4V.

Pros and Cons of the Honda Activa 5G

The Honda Activa 5G is another incredibly popular scooter that offers both style and performance within budget constraints. It has an efficient 109cc engine which provides good power delivery even when accelerating from low speeds along with a smooth gear-shifting mechanism that helps you navigate busy city traffic without any hiccups or jerks while doing so.

While these things make this scooter stand out among others, there are certain drawbacks associated with it too such as lack of storage space compared to other scooters in the same segment, absence of telescopic front suspension set as well as shorter ground clearance than what you would expect from a proper full-sized motorcycle.

On top of that, its lightweight frame coupled with an adjustable mono-shock rear suspension setup provides excellent handling capabilities even on off-road terrains however, the lack of wind protection might be an issue if you plan on taking longer trips due to increased fatigue levels caused by wind buffeting effect at high speeds.

Pros and Cons of the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is one of TVS’s flagship models under the 2 lakh rupees category offering great value for money due to a round performance package delivered by a 20hp 197cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine paired with responsive multi-mode 6-speed transmission mated to race-inspired slipper clutch system making this bike capable enough even against bigger displacement rivals such as KTM duke 250/390 series & BMW G310R series motorcycles.

Another plus point about this bike comes from adjustable inverted front forks & rear mono-shock absorber allowing the rider to fine-tune dampening settings according to his preference & type of terrain he will be riding on but again, the presence of single-channel ABS instead of dual channel setup may disappoint few considering safety aspect first overall.


In conclusion, the 5 best bikes under 2 lakh in India are the Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Honda Activa 5G, Yamaha FZ-25, and TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. Each bike has unique features and advantages that make it an ideal choice for riders of all levels. Whatever your needs may be, you can find a great bike in this range to suit your budget and style. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable motorcycle that will provide years of performance and enjoyment, these are some of the best options available to you today! Be sure to do your research before making any decisions so that you can pick the right bike for you.

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