How to Connect Wireless Headphones to any iPhone

Wireless earphones are amazing when it comes to watching movies, and listening to music while workout because you don’t have to worry about tangled wires

So in this blog post, you will get to know how to connect wireless headphones to any iPhone model and this method will work for almost every wireless headset.

Sometimes some headphones have different features, so you may need to check on their official website or read the user manual.

Before pairing your device with iPhone

  • Make sure it’s compatible with iPhone
  • Make sure it’s not connected with any other Bluetooth device at the same time
  • Make sure it has the latest version of Bluetooth for fewer connection dropouts

Steps to Connect Wireless Headphones to any iPhone

  1. Go to your iPhone setting and open the Bluetooth setting
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth mode
  3. Keep your Wireless headphone in the pairing mode

How to keep your wireless headphone in discoverable or pairing mode?

Most wireless headphone has a multi-functional button or power on/off button which can be used to turn on the pairing mode.

How to turn on pairing mode: Hold down the multi-functional button or power button for some seconds to enable pairing mode (depending upon your device, you may need to hold down the button longer).

Once the pairing mode is ON you will see a red and blue flashing light, which means your device is in pairing mode, if the light is not flashing fast, it means you are not in pairing mode yet. so you may need to hold down the power or multi-functional button a little more.

  1. After the paring mode is enabled, you will see your wireless headphone’s name under other devices on your iPhone
  2. Select the device and it will connect

Once the device is connected, it will become easier for you to connect them next time.

Problems while connecting wireless headphones with iPhone and the solution

If your wireless headset doesn’t connect make sure to do these follows

  • Restart your iPhone and if that doesn’t work then
  • Factory reset your headset and if still doesn’t work then it has a manufacturing default.


Connecting your wireless earphone to your iPhone is very easy but sometimes your headset will not connect, not because of a manufacturing defect but because you have not properly enabled the pairing mode or your devices need a restart.

But sometimes, your device has a manufacturing defect that doesn’t enable you to connect it with your iPhone.

So whenever you are purchasing a wireless earphone, make sure it’s the right one, if you are not sure which wireless earphones to buy check out blog posts we have revived the best wireless earphones on our website that can help you to decide and buy the best one.

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