Top 10 Construction company in India

Top Construction Business in India. The construction industry is a great source of employment in our country and there have been many companies that are making huge profits by providing services to people, especially in rural areas.

At first blush, it looks like any business organization does not need much investment for success. But once you start working with some construction companies, it becomes a big business.

Companies like RAK Industrial Pvt. Ltd & Dileep Industries have helped millions of families and villages in their time of need.

However, such work is difficult to find when you go to a foreign state or city for example Mumbai, Bangalore, etc so here we offer recommendations to choose the best companies.

For this purpose, we have come up with a list of the top 10 Construction Companies in India which you can consider for your projects.

Top 10 Construction company in India

Construction company in India

1. Rajkumar Group

Rajkumar group was founded in the 1960s as an engineering company but now they provide quality services to the people. They provide all sorts of construction and earth moving services by using machines and heavy machinery and machines. Today, it has gained fame as one of the leading Construction company in India.

Their equipment is used by private and public companies across North Indian cities, mainly in commercial buildings and industrial units. Their engineers are also available around the world and most of them are skilled at installing and repairing concrete structures and masonry buildings.

2. The International Building Services Company Limited (IBSC)

IBSC has been serving the international market for a long time. It provides complete designing services including general planning and structural design, interior design, fire safety, and energy efficiency.

IBSC works on various pillars of modern infrastructure such as airports, railway stations, etc. They also have expertise in renewable power generation projects like solar power plants, wind turbines, solar panels, etc.

3. Sushil Projects Private Ltd.

Sushil Projects Private Ltd. offers the best quality services in civil infrastructure projects. They focus on road and bridge projects for the development of highways, interchanges, and urban sprawl across North East, Central East, and South Eastern states.

By offering quality services through years of experience, they have been able to develop over 6 million km of roads across India.

4. Arup

Arup specializes in the civil construction sector. They give services in several sectors including bridge building, road widening, and upgrading, water supply, housing, agricultural land development, mining, construction of dams, bridges, etc.

The company operates internationally and has offices in Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru. Also, there are branches in Noida, Lucknow, and Jaiswal to serve more customers in other states.

5. Jain Engineering Pvt. Ltd.(Jain-Safran Engineering Company)

Jain-Safran Engineering Company offers full structural design services with extensive knowledge of materials. This allows us to get the exact dimensions needed to build any structure from scratch.

We use different types of concrete, steel, and other kinds of specialties to prepare designs. Our technical staff has good knowledge of both domestic and global construction methods.

6. BHU Civil Works Ltd.

BHU Civil Works Ltd. is a major player in the field of civil infrastructure, especially highway projects. Apart from designing, their consultants understand the needs and requirements of clients.

They have worked on several important highways like NH 66, NH 80, NH 234, and others. They are involved in a large number of projects in rural areas as well as in developed cities.

7. J&K Civil Project Management Company Ltd. (J&K CPMC)

This J&K CPAM is a leader in sustainable civil projects like residential housing, commercial complexes, commercial parks, malls, hospitals, schools, and colleges among many other projects.

As per the vision of “Sustainability”, the company focuses only on environmentally friendly products. They do not compromise on the environment, nor do they use raw materials.

With highly qualified personnel, J&K CPAM is an ideal choice for project completion management.

8. Nandan Development Corp.

Nandan developments is a subsidiary company of the Sarawak government and its main office is located in Kuching, Malaysia.

And Nandan Development Corporation has worked on more than 8,000 buildings under 40+ schemes in Singapore and also conducted feasibility studies abroad. Along with their skilled team of experts, they have completed 70 buildings.

9. Tushar Structural Construction

Tushar-Structural Construction (TSC) comes with highly experienced and dedicated teams. It takes care of the projects with respect to detail, budget, timing, and implementation.

These teams have achieved impressive results and are able to complete the projects before their timelines. Therefore, TSC is one of the top players in this segment.

10. Vibhavi Global Capital Pvt. Ltd.

Vaibhav Global Capital Pvt. Ltd. offers consulting and architectural services to many companies and individuals across the globe. They have a wide range of skills and experience required to execute projects effectively.

For instance, in designing, they have got vast knowledge from past projects. Hence they give advice based on the client’s requirements.


In conclusion, construction firms play a key role in economic growth and progress. To know more about these companies, their operations, and financial status, contact us to discuss your requirement at your doorstep.

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