4 Tips to Create Professional Fiverr Profile in 2023

Fiverr is one of the most important platforms for freelancers as well as people who want to hire professionals to complete their jobs or tasks. So it’s very important to create Professional Fiverr Profile.

People love freelancing jobs because freelancing is the same as other businesses and you can also call freelancers successful entrepreneurs but only if they know how to do it right.

But Fiverr is a very competitive place for freelancers because you will find highly skilled freelancers on Fiverr but not only people with good skills but people who sell their services at a very low price and this creates Fiverr as a very competitive place.

If you are a new buyer on Fiverr, you may find it difficult to get orders since there is already lots of competition on Fiverr.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot start your freelancer journey on Fiverr because all those professional people you see on Fiverr have started from very basic just like you, the only difference is that they knew what it takes to become a successful freelancer.

The problem with Fiverr is that it doesn’t allow you to show your skills unless you have got an order and reviews from clients and that’s why it’s important for a beginner to make a professional Fiverr profile.

So here are a few tips for you that will help you to create a professional profile on Fiverr so that you look professional from the very start and get good orders from clients.

How to create a Professional Fiverr Profile?

1. High-Quality Profile Pic

The first thing that gets the attention of your client is your profile pic because it shows who the person behind this account and that’s why you need a high-quality profile pic when I say High quality, I don’t mean in terms of resolutions but in terms of the way you click the picture.

Tips to click pics for Fiverr

  1. Try to smile, when you smile it puts a positive impression on your clients.
  2. Wear a formal dress, when you wear formal dresses, it shows your client that you are professional and have good knowledge about your job.
  3. Click the photo in high resolution, you can use the backside camera of a mobile or DSLR.

2. Write a good Description

After checking your profile pic, the need thing the client might be interested in is your description part and it’s a place where you can make a good impression on your clients.

So make sure your description looks as professional as your profile pic and here are a few tips for a good description.

  1. Keep your Description short, don’t make your description long and boring to read.
  2. Focus on writing about your skills and other main areas of your job.
  3. Bold very important skills that you have.
  4. Write about why clients should trust you and for this, you can share your previous experiences.

3. Add your certificates and education

People like to work with those who are educated and well-disciplined because they know they can expect good behavior and professional work.

So don’t forget to add all the certificates and education that you already have. The best way to add certificates is to add those first which are pertaining to your freelancing jobs because these are the certificates and education levels that your client is most interested in.

4. Add your social media profiles

Social media marketing is very important, it shows how active and social you are and people love to work with those who have a good social presence.

You can also share your past successful projects on your social media profiles because Fiverr will only allow you to add limited images.


To get more orders, you need to look professional and also you need to talk to your clients in a professional manner. So these simple 4 tips are enough for a beginner to start his career on Fiverr.

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