Digital Booster School: The New School Marketer Training

If you are one of those who learned about marketing with the 4 P’s of Kotler, or later with inbound marketing, you have to know that there is a new methodology that has come to revolutionize everything you know about online advertising and online growth. 

The Digital Booster School has launched the 1st Promotion as Digital Booster to train professionals in the boost marketing methodology or amplification marketing with the aim of developing the new generation of marketers. 

The AIDA model in question 

Surely on some occasion, you have heard of the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) model created by Elias St. Elmo Lewis in 1898, a classic in the world of marketing and sales that is still valid today. 

However, capturing the attention of consumers is increasingly difficult in a society where content is abundant and immediately available, and this makes the effectiveness of the AIDA model increasingly questioned.

If we add to all this that consumers are constantly bombarded by advertisements, it is clear that new strategies are needed to connect with potential customers. This is why many of the classic digital marketing strategies have stopped showing results.

So what can brands and companies do to connect with their potential customers? Leverage content creators who have already captured the attention and trust of their audience.

According to Experticity, ” 82% of consumers would buy on the recommendation of a content creator .” Digital Marketing Institute states that « 86% of women read recommendations on RRSS before making a purchase and Influencerhub reports that 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers will follow the advice of a content creator on what to buy, over TV or celebrities «. These are just some of the published studies that talk about the power content creators have and their real impact on their audience.

Boost Marketing , the new methodology that allows you to connect with users in a more effective way

Unlike influencer marketing, where ephemeral agreements are proposed, or affiliate marketing where there does not have to be a relationship between brand and affiliate, boost marketing proposes the creation of a community of content creators. This community is achieved when quality relationships are cultivated between the brand or company and the content creator through the creation of mutually beneficial collaboration agreements.

To create a community of content creators that really deliver results, the six phases of Boost Marketing must be applied:

  • Define the strategy 
  • Identify content creators
  • Propose mutually beneficial collaboration agreements
  • Let content creators create and publish
  • Amplify the content that has had the best organic results
  • Thank the content creators

The fifth phase is undoubtedly one of the most interesting for marketers since it is based on identifying the publications that have had the best results in an organic way and amplifying their reach through ads. 

In this way, consumers will no longer see brands advertising themselves but will see content creators they know and trust sharing their experience with the brand. Best of all, these types of campaigns tend to have a much lower CPC and CPA than conventional campaigns.

The creation of these agreements with content creators and the implementation of each of the phases of the boost methodology in growth strategies is possible thanks to Digital Boosters, marketing professionals who are the link between brands and creators. of contents.

To prepare these specialists in boost marketers, the Digital Booster School presents the first official training on amplification marketing that is available to all those looking to stay two steps ahead of the most effective strategies.

Training for Digital Boosters

Training for Digital Boosters teaches how to implement the three pillars of boost marketing to achieve business objectives: the public relations contact and establish beneficial agreements with content creators, the media paid to create ads effectively targeted audiences targeted for the amplification process and the analysis of results to detect the actions and publications that best respond to the objectives set.

This project is led by Jorge Urios – marketing professional, creator of amplification marketing, and director of the Digital Booster School – and its main objective is that marketing professionals from all over Spain – and even Latin America – have the opportunity to belong to the new generation of digital marketers. 

Registration for the Digital Booster training is open from Tuesday, April 27 to Wednesday, May 5 , with limited places and at a price that you will probably never see again. Once they are sold out, registrations will not be available again until the second quarter of 2022. 

The Digital Booster School will not only teach you how to solve each of these challenges in a practical way and with the help of experts, but it will also present you with the opportunity to belong to the new school of marketing. Take advantage of the short time that it will be available and do not run out of your place: 

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