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Riyadh is the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia and its food sector is among the most dynamic in the region. The city is home to various businesses and industries, and its food industry plays a critical role in the city’s economy. With the city’s growing population, there is an increasing demand for various food products and ingredients. This blog post explores the top food companies in Riyadh, which serve as vital contributors to the city’s economy.

Overview of the Food Industry in Riyadh

Like other cities in the Middle East, the food industry in Riyadh is enormous, and it is growing at a staggering rate. Some of the key factors driving the food industry in Riyadh include demographic changes, the adoption of modern agriculture, and increasing health awareness. The intense competition between food companies has led to the emergence of new entrants, intensifying competition, and increasing demand for unique food products.

Key Factors Driving the Food Industry in Riyadh

Demographic Changes – Riyadh has an ever-increasing population, and with it comes a growing demand for food products.

The adoption of modern agriculture – Modern techniques in agriculture have made it possible to produce crops all year long, which enables Riyadh’s food industry to offer consistent, high-quality products.

Health awareness – Riyadh’s population is starting to embrace the need for healthy eating habits. This development has seen the demand for organic and healthy foods surge across the city.

Food companies in Saudi Arabia

Among the many food companies in Riyadh, some stand out. In this section, we’ll explore some of the top food companies in Riyadh that provide high-quality and unique food products to the city’s consumers.

Mezzan Holding Co.

Food companies in Riyadh

Mezzan Holding Co. is one of the largest food companies in Riyadh. It is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of a broad range of food products. The company boasts over 1800 products that come in different categories like food, beverage, and household products. They work with over 120 manufacturers, and their brands are among the most popular in the city.

Riyadh Food Industries Company

Food companies in Riyadh

Riyadh Food Industries Company is a massive food company that specializes in importing and distributing leading international food brands. The company weighs in as one of the leading companies in the city’s food industry. They operate through a network of branches and outlets strategically located across the city.

Al Rashed Food Co. Ltd

Food companies in Riyadh

Al Rashed Food Co. is among the top food companies in KSA, and it specializes in producing and distributing food products under its unique brand. The company has over 150 products, including rice, meat, and poultry, and its products are distributed across the city through more than 24 strategic points.

Marami Food Industries

Marami Food Industries is a leading producer of various food products in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in producing high-quality food products, including cheese, olive oil, and hummus, among others. They offer their products through various channels, including retail, restaurants, and hotels.

Gulf Union Foods Company

Gulf Union Foods Company is a top manufacturer and marketer of food products in Riyadh. The company boasts a broad product range, including frozen food, sauces, and noodles, among others. Its products come in different varieties and flavors, ensuring that they cater to diverse consumers.

Deemah United Food Industries Corp. LTD. CO

Deemah United Food Industries Corp. is among the oldest food companies in Riyadh. The company specializes in producing unique snacks that come in different flavors and varieties. They have a massive distribution network that caters to different regions across the city.

Safe Food Company Ltd

Safe Food Company Ltd is a leading provider of various food products and services in Riyadh. The company specializes in providing organic and healthy food products that cater to consumers’ unique needs. They offer their products through both online and offline channels.

Rankings of the Food Companies in Riyadh

The rankings of the top food companies in Saudi Arabia have frequently changed over the years. The criteria used for ranking the food companies include factors such as revenue, growth, and market share. Below, we look at some of the key players in the food industry, their rankings, and an analysis of their performance.

Criteria Used for Ranking the Food Companies

  • Articulation of the company’s mission, vision, and corporate strategy
  • Market share and dominance in their respective niche and local market.
  • The Growth rate of the business over the past five years
  • Revenues generated in the past year
  • Quality of products and services offered
  • Consumer feedback and carrying out ratings

Analysis of the Rankings of the Food Companies

The rankings of the top food companies in Riyadh keep changing as business conditions change. However, the rankings for 2021 have Mezzan Holding Co. leading the race, with the first five positions occupied by companies that have posted significant revenue gains in the past year. Safe Food Company has also made impressive gains in the rankings, signaling its potential as an up-and-coming leader in the industry.


Riyadh’s food industry is vast, and it provides a vast array of products and services for the city’s diverse population. This blog post offers insights into some of the leading companies that have played a crucial role in the development of the food industry in Riyadh. These companies are vital contributors to the city’s economy, and their continued growth and innovation will be essential in meeting the ever-increasing demand for quality food products in the city.

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