How to make an online store from home in 3 steps with Wix

In these times we are experiencing a new wave of digitization so it is good to know accessible professional solutions to get into digital sales. So today we are going to talk about Wix, a tool that is usually linked to cool websites but not to online sales.

We are going to see step by step how you can build your own online store with the Wix Stores tool. And you will say, why do you choose this tool? Well, because it is a good option for people who do not have advanced computer skills or do not have time to learn how to set up their own online store.

Come on, in essence, there is everything you need for e-commerce: order management, receipt of payments, coupon options, and logistics

Create your online store in 3 steps

1. Choose and edit your template

After a quick registration by entering your email or by synchronizing with a social profile, you will automatically be redirected to choose what will be the template for your online store. To make it easier, you already structure them by business types, which although they are templates, you can customize them and nothing prevents you from being able to sell watches in a priori electronics template.

All the templates are free, or well, they are included in the price of the e-commerce package, which we will see later. 

Once you have selected your template, within the editor you will have to select, following a drag and drop model, the different elements that you want to include on your website or modify existing ones. You will be able to customize all aspects of your store : from the colors, fonts and images to the name of the website or the names of the menu.

A very simple and guided process for those who do not know too much about technical issues.

2. Design your store

At the ecommerce level, the difference compared to a normal Wix website is in an icon: the stock market.

In this option you will be able to see and create a list of example products that will vary according to the chosen template. And once again it is to follow their steps: add the product, mark where it is sent and conditions of cost per shipment, fill out the product page, modify the shopping cart page and modify the thank you page to match the appearance of your site.

You can add:

  • Up to 15 images for each product.
  • A ribbon to let your customers know that the product is a “best seller” or is on sale.
  • A percentage of discount.
  • Product options such as size and color.

[ MARKETER ADVICE 💡 ] Separate your products into different categories so that they can be displayed in different galleries on the web.

3. Set up your store

You must connect at least one payment method to start selling. There are several payment options available, but you should keep in mind that they will vary depending on your geographic location:

  • Credit card payment providers
  • PayPal (you can also configure it to process credit card payments)
  • Manual payments

Remember that in order to accept online payments you will have to upgrade from the free plan to the Wix eCommerce Plan.

Once you have set up your store, you are ready to receive orders. You can manage all your orders from the Orders tab of the control panel, where you can:

  • View your orders.
  • Mark your orders as paid and / or completed.
  • Add tracking numbers
  • Refund or cancel orders
  • Archive old orders.

Once we believe that our baby is ready to see the world, we could publish it , and it would leave us a web style

How much does it cost to create your own online store from home?

The price of the basic package for Wix Stores e-commerce starts at € 17 / month (about € 200 per year), which would include web storage of up to 20GB, the option to synchronize your website with Google Analytics, the possibility of removing ads when style “this site was created with Wix”, uploading up to 5 hours of video to play in HD, coupons to advertise online and, of course, being able to accept payments online.

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