How to pay electricity bill online in India in all States

We need to know how to pay electricity bill online because at present days everywhere reached electricity around India. However, even though electricity has not reached some places, electricity has been supplied to all the places nearby.

And our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has announced that all villages in India now have access to electricity. World Bank figures show that about 200 million people all over India still lack access to electricity.

And our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi said about 600,000 villages in India now have electricity. Source

Some people do not know how to pay their electricity bills online, especially most rural people or those who do not know about online transactions.

Anyway, there are many ways to pay electricity bills online. So we will discuss today how to pay electricity bill online easy method in India.

Why pay electricity bills online?

How to pay electricity bill online

There are many reasons to pay your bills online; The main reason is to save time. And to save some money, like if you go to the electric office to pay your bills, you have to spend money on bikes or other transportation.

Pay your bills from home no need to go to the cash counter and no need to stand in line.

So, let’s know

How to pay electricity bill online

It is very easy to pay electricity bills online please read and follow the methods of online electricity payment.

Net banking like:

  • Master card
  • visa card
  • credit card
  • Digital wallet

Digital wallets like:

  • Paytm
  • Amazon Pay
  • Freecharge
  • Airtel payment bank
  • JIO money
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • MobiKwik
  • PayUmoney, etc.

For example: If you want to pay an electricity bill through Punjab National net banking there are two options.

  1. Login to PNB Net Banking through Brower
  2. And PNB App

Go to the Browser and login to PNB Net banking here. And then put your Net Banking User ID then click on continue.

How to pay electricity bill online

After that put in the Password, fill in Captcha then click on login as you can see picture below.

And after logging in you will see your account dashboard and there in the menu bar you have to click on pay bill and then click on dashboard bill under BBPS menu as you can see in the picture below.

Again after That, you have to select your electricity provider company and then click on the continue button. And then put the customer id of electricity then again click on continue.

Pay electricity bill through Paytm

How to pay electricity bill online

If you want to pay your electricity bill through your Paytm wallet, you must first install the Paytm app on your mobile and register with your mobile number. After completing the registration you need to login to your Paytm and go to add money to your Paytm wallet.

After completing add money to your Paytm wallet then go to Recharge & Bill Payment options> then click on the Electricity Bill. Then you will see the +Add New Bill you have to click there.

After that, you will see all the states of India, therefore you have to choose your state, and select your electricity board which electricity board supplies you with electricity. Now put your Customer ID of electricity, and put 10 digits Mobile number after that and click on “Proceed”. 

You will then see the amounts of your monthly electricity bill with the name as per the register of electricity connection. And the final step clicks on Proceed to Pay.

How free pay electricity bill online

For this you have to earn free Paytm cash then you can pay the electricity bill from your Paytm wallet. There is many Paytm earn app these apps help you earn free Paytm cash by completing some little task. And you can also Play Quiz and Win Paytm cash-free.

Electricity bills with Amazon Pay

How to pay electricity bill online

Additionally, It provides clients exclusive promotional discounts for supplement and invoice payments. Amazon collaborates with many bill collectors, telecommunications firms, and DTH providers.

Through Amazon India’s new Account Payment Service, which takes payments from greater than 100 accounts nationwide, customers may now pay for energy, electricity, landlines, broadband, gas, and postpaid lines.

Users can access these categories using the Amazon Pay control panel and the Amazon home page on the mobile app or website. Major billers in several Indian cities can now pay their accounts more easily thanks to this scheme. Account senders like the ACT, Hathway, IGL, MGL, BSES, Tata Power, BESCOM, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, and Reliance Jio are among those who fall under this category.

Out-of-market services including mobile and DTH top-up, bill payments, Amazon travel, and movie orders, customers are encouraged to use their Amazon Pay accounts.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using Amazon Pay

  • On your phone, open the Amazon Pay app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, locate the Payment Accounts drop-down menu.
  • On the Amazon Pay page, click the utility you wish to purchase.
  • Next, select the organization and state you want to pay.
  • Enter your account details after choosing the desired company, then “Fetch bill” from the menu.
  • Pay your account right away with your UPI PIN.

Amazon only accepts invoice payments up to a total of Rs 25,000. (any order of Rs 25,000 or more will not be processed). At the website level, a limit of Rs 25,000 applies to all bill payment categories, including electricity.

What is Freecharge?

Freecharge is a digital payment service that enables you to pay bills, earn money, and receive discounts. Customers can use Freecharge to make instant time deposits, buy e-gold, and invest in mutual funds in addition to paying_ insurance premiums.

Customers can send and receive money using the safe Freecharge platform. Users can accept a variety_ of payment methods, including UPI Freecharge, and link their bank information to their Freecharge accounts.

How to Download and Signup For Freecharge

Android users can utilize the mobile app to access Freecharge. The software is available for download from the Google Play store. The following are the steps for free authentication:

  • Before downloading PlayStore applications, search the freecharge app.
  • After installation, the user will need_ to provide some basic information before using the application’s various best capabilities.
  • The user will receive a one-time password_ after submitting the registration form (OTP). To validate registration and the user’s identity, OTP must enter.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using Freecharge

Step 1:
Initiate the free payment and go to the replenishment and payment section of the account.
Step 2:
Select the “Electric” icon.
Step 3:
Select your electricity provider and enter your account ID or customer ID.
Step 4:
At this point, select your preferred payment option by clicking the “Continue” button.

Electricity Bill Payment Online with Airtel Payments Bank:

How to pay electricity bill online

With Airtel Payments Bank, it is easier than ever to make an online electricity payment. To pay your bills online with one tap- you need an Airtel Payments Bank Wallet or Savings Account.

Additionally, you can pay your EB accounts from the convenience of your home at any time, anywhere. When it comes_ to the security of your payments, Airtel Payments Bank guarantees the security_ of every transaction.

Your account information and transaction information are kept private. This data is always available to you.
Airtel Payments Bank is now the best online platform for checking and paying current electricity bills.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using Airtel Payments Bank

Electricity Bill Payment via the website:

  • Visit and log in.
  • Click “Electricity Account” on the home page.
  • Please describe your condition.
  • Choose Billing.
  • the customer number you provided
  • Billing Unit enter
  • To check the status of your electricity bill, click the “Take Bill” option.
  • On the registered mobile phone number, you will get an OTP.
  • Make the payment after entering the OTP.

Electricity Bill Payment via the App:

  • Go to the Payment Bank area after logging into the Airtel Thanks application.
  • Next, choose “Electricity bill.”
  • Select your state.
  • choosing the operator
  • To complete the transaction, enter your CA number exactly as it appears on your bill before clicking “Pay Now.”

JIO Money App:

JioMoney, one of India’s payment banks, is based in Navi Mumbai and began operations in 2018. The best category of banks known as payment banking” is only allowed to accept deposits and send payments; issuing loans or other types of credit, such as credit cards, because it is not allowed.

How to shop online, pay bills, do tasks, and more with the Jio Money app. Published by Reliance’s Jio Money Wallet and Jio Money App. What is the Jio Money app? It offers a quick and easy method for all online transactions, similar to Paytm and Freecharge. It is easy to add money to your Jio Money wallet to make payments online on your mobile device.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using JIO Money

The first step is to download and install the JioMoney application.
Please enter your current cell phone number.
On the following screen, enter your details, such as your name and password. Then click “Register” after selecting “Right-click the T&C box.”
Your mobile number can be verified using an OTP obtained_ from a registered mobile phone number.

You can now use your 4-digit pin to access the software after setting it.

Successful creation of your new account.

Cash for the wallet:

  • Click the “Add Money” icon first.
  • Type the registered mobile number into the field (automatically retrieves the number from the application).
  • Select “Secure Add” after entering the required amount.
  • Select a payment option like a credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  • Choose only one possibility. To finish the transaction, enter your bank card or network details.


  • At the bottom, click the “Payment and Recharge” icon.
  • Recharge, Account Payments, or Utility Payments are the available choices. For illustration, we design the “Refill” option.
  • Type in the complete details. Click “Continue” after providing your mobile phone number, operator, and location.
  • Choose a payment method, enter the necessary funds, and finish the transaction.
  • Customers can postpone payments, recharge their DTH services, and more.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using Google Pay

Customers can use Google Pay to send, receive, and pay money online to users, businesses, and service providers. Google Pay enables you to save your financial data, including credit, debit, gift, and reward cards’ but you may make future online payments. You can rapidly top up your mobile device, Online accounts and make transactions online with Google Pay.

Customers that prefer UPI, debit or credit cards, wallets, or other payment methods can use Google Pay to pay their expenses. For many_ switches and utilities, customers can pay electricity bills using Google Pay.

pay electricity bill online in India using Google Pay

For detailed information on how to pay electricity bills with Google Pay, check below.

  • Launch the Google Pay app on your mobile device.
  • Locate and select the “+ New payment” option by swiping_ down the screen.
  • Then click “Pay.”
  • From the menu of account payment options, choose the “Electricity” tab.
  • Then decide which organization you want to pay.
  • To finish the payment procedure after choosing the business of your choice, you must sign in to your customer account.
  • To complete the transaction, enter the desired payment amount and apply your UPI PIN.

What is PhonePe

How to pay electricity bill online

The best digital payment system in India is called PhonePe. PhonePe users can send and receive money, recharge mobile, DTH, and data cards, pay for utilities and buy gold. Did you know that it takes a few seconds to use the PhonePe app to pay for electricity?

To offer a hassle-free and cashless payment experience, e-commerce behemoth Flipkart introduced the UPI-based PhonePe application.

You can get the PhonePe app from the Google Play Store. When you install the PhonePe software on your Android device, you must input your name, email address, and phone number to create an account.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using PhonePe

  • Locate the “Download and Pay” options after opening the PhonePe app.
  • Install it and then Find the provider name right now.
  • You may see the invoice amount, and then select your preferred payment option in the following step after entering the consumer number.
  • Click “Pay Invoice” after carefully examining the invoice’s details.
  • You will notice the statement account payment was accomplished on the screen once your account has successfully paid.

What is MobiKwik:

The best online payment platform for energy is MobiKwik. There are several benefits to paying electricity bills online with MobiKwik.

Users can check the status of their invoices via MobiKwik. On the MobiKwik app and website, users can benefit from tempting deals for Bujli bills.

Customers who use MobiKwik to pay for their energy online can take advantage of fantastic deals, special offers, SuperCash, and Cashback. You can conveniently and instantly pay your electricity bill using MobiKwik.

Because it is a very dependable source for digital payments, MobiKwik is the perfect platform for e-commerce payments.

Electricity Bill Payment Online At Mobikwik

Simple electronic_ payments are possible with MobiKwik, a reliable and easy-to-use digital payment wallet. Users can pay their bills and view their views online by taking advantage of special electricity bill payment discounts.

Customers of Reliance Energy (x, y, z) can pay for power through the MobiKwik app or website. Users can take advantage of fantastic discounts, SuperCash, Cashback, and other promotions while paying for their electricity online.

MobiKwik now offers online bill payment for all major regions, including Maharashtra, Bihar, NCR Delhi, Rajasthan, and many more. With MobiKwik, paying a bill online is a quick and easy- process, and paying for energy is no different.

How to pay an electricity bill online in India using Mobikwik

Your BEST electricity bill can be paid online at MobiKwik in minutes. It provides users with a very straightforward and practical way to pay for their online accounts. Here are some actions you can take to finish paying your BEST energy invoice:

  • Open the MobiKwik application.
  • To top up and pay your bills, visit the page.
  • For the operator, choose “BEST Utility.”
  • Then click “Go” after providing the customer number from your BEST invoice.
  • The application screen will give you invoice status.
  • Choose the BEST payment method that suits you best, and then enter the coupon code.
  • The invoice process after choosing the payment token.

What is PayUmoney?

You can charge your phone, pay your bills, and keep track of all your spending using the PayUmoney app. Through PayUmoney, your family and friends may make money.

Your PayUmoney wallet can use to buy things on eBay, finish transactions, reserve movie tickets on Bookmyshow, and more. You can buy anything from online stores.

Install the app
In the next step Enter your phone number and then email address to register.
So, enter the OTP code.
Then Click Activate 

Improve DTH.
Then tab to your Datacard
Fill your wallet first, and then send money to your friends.
Make payments for electricity, gas, and water.
Acceptance of invoice reminders
Repeat your favorite payments

How to check electricity bill online

In the past, visiting the power station office in person was the only option to make a payment for electricity. Many had to spend hours standing in line to buy electricity.

The good news is that modern technology has made it simpler than_ ever to carry out these crucial duties from the comfort of your home, including paying your power bill.

Online electricity payment is a very easy and practical method. Visit mobile apps or websites like Paytm, enter the information for your electricity bill, and continue making payments. Your most recent electricity statement will provide your customer ID number and account balance.

You may check your electricity bill online. Thanks to India Power Corporation Limited’s established web presence. You can use these procedures to determine how much your electricity bill will cost.

  • Visit India Power’s official website.
  • Then select pay and view the pill option.
  • Then complete the IPCL connection.
  • To proceed, click log in.
  • On the following page, your username and sum will be visible.
  • View your India Power electricity bill.

For other states like UP, Bihar, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. you need to check your electricity bill in the state and check it through their official website.

For example:

And If you are from West Bengal then you need to visit the official website of West Bengal electricity which is State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. You can check here. And you have to put your consumer ID & installation number and fill captcha image then click on verify.

check electricity bill online

Bescom online bill payment

Bescom online bill payment is a very easy & Quick Payment go-to bescom official website and put Account ID and enter the text shown which is showing the left side. And then click on the continue button.


So, I hope all of you understand how to pay electricity bill online. It is very good for all of us that we no need to go electricity office for bill pay. Through any of the methods mentioned above, you can pay your electricity bill online without extra cost.

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