How to save battery with Android phone

Are you struggling to save battery on Android devices? We hate all frequent charges. Battery life is an important consideration when considering purchasing our new Smartphone.

 Granted, there are plenty of Android smartphones available in the market with good battery backup, but unfortunately, they don’t have infinite battery life. How to save battery with Android?

How to save battery with Android

Find out first what quickly drains your battery

If you want to save your Android battery, just find the culprit that quickly drains your device. Simply go to Parameter and then to the “Battery” tab. This option breaks down what is consuming your phone’s battery. Apps and features will display in a descending list of battery charges. If you find an app that you barely use or a feature that you never use, you will need to uninstall the app or turn off the feature.

Turn off auto brightness and vibrate

Auto-brightness seems like a useful feature, but it consumes a lot of power. This is because Auto-Brightness is usually much brighter than what you actually need. You have to manually adjust the brightness to a low, but comfortable level, and increase it as you go. This is one of the best ways to save battery power, as screens are one of the biggest consumers of power. You can also turn off the vibrator. Unless necessary, turn off vibration alerts for incoming calls. It actually takes more power to make your phone vibrate than it does to ring it.

Use Android Apps Lite Version

Lite versions of Android apps help you reduce battery consumption. Since lightweight Android apps are streamlined versions of the main app, they are great for saving your Android device’s battery. Speaking of apps, you can also control how often apps are refreshed. Apps that check for new emails and other data in the background are frequently updated to pick up new information. This feature quickly drains your battery.

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Disable unwanted animations and services

Changing animation settings is another effective option to optimize battery consumption on Android devices. Logically, running animations requires extra power. Besides the animations, you should also turn off unwanted services to save your battery. Some services like Wifi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth have a negative impact on the battery life of your Android device. 

For your information, most of these services are constantly looking for routers to find nearby Bluetooth devices or WiFi connections or GPS satellites even if they are not available at the time.

The tips mentioned above are very effective in saving your battery on Android. However, there are also other tips to limit your energy consumption. You can activate the battery saver, keep the battery in low temperatures, etc.

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