How to start a micro-business in India

Everyone dreams of it, but only some take the plunge. Becoming your own boss has many advantages for those who like to take a little risk and are tired of the metro-work-sleep. And even if you are already dreaming of being the boss of a big international box, it is very likely that you have to start a little more modestly.

Why create a micro enterprise

Becoming a micro-entrepreneur is the best way to legally embark on a new professional project, without necessarily having to quit your job. It is indeed quite possible to combine a salaried activity with your micro-enterprise to supplement the end of the month.

The micro-entrepreneur scheme has many advantages:

  • Simplified administrative procedures
  • Legitimation of an activity not yet declared
  • Reduced contributions
  • Whatever your current situation, you have everything to gain from starting your own business as a microenterprise.

The steps to create a micro enterprise

The steps for setting up your micro business could not be simpler and can be done entirely online.

The essential site to start your micro business is the Urssaf page dedicated to auto entrepreneurs. You will find the answers to all the questions you can ask yourself before you start, but also the steps to follow for the creation of your micro business.

It is on this same site that you can manage your micro-enterprise, modify it, or declare the cessation of your activity.

Develop your micro business

Creating a business is good, but allowing it to develop is better!

As a micro-entrepreneur, you will not waste time with administrative procedures, which is a huge advantage. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can just do what you want and wait for your customers.

For your micro business to be successful, there are three important points.

Ensure your promotion

You won’t be able to find new customers based just on word of mouth and referrals from your friends. Consider handing out some promotional items with your name and contact to anyone who may be interested in your services.

You can bet on classic personalized goodies, like the pen or the lighter, or show a little more originality thanks to ecological promotional articles, protective masks, beauty products… Don’t forget the accounting

The procedures are simplified as a micro-entrepreneur, but that does not mean that they are non-existent. For example, you will need to:

  • Issue invoices
  • Declare your income
  • Pay the charges and taxes

You don’t need an accountant for all of this, which can be done online. But if you are new to it, it can be useful to make an appointment with one of them to explain in detail what you need to do.

Consider taking professional insurance

Although this is not mandatory, it is more than strongly recommended to take out professional liability insurance. You are indeed responsible for the damage you cause: if someone were to be injured because a screwdriver escaped you while you were fixing a lamp to the ceiling, it is better to be covered …

One last word

If you are a boss at heart and you dream of having your “small business”, make sure that the micro-entrepreneur regime is the most suited to your desires. This is because the income caps are relatively low, and if you grow too fast, you are likely to need to change your status.

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