How to transfer an SMS to another cell phone?

Have you just bought yourself a new smartphone? Want to transfer text messages from your old phone, but don’t know how? As unlikely as it may seem, it is quite possible to how to transfer sms to another phone. 

For this, a certain variety of techniques are available to you. Find out which ones through these few lines. Follow us so you don’t miss a thing.

Use an application to forward your messages

How to transfer sms to another phone

In general, there is an Android application for backing up and restoring SMS from a smartphone. We are talking more specifically about the SMS Backup & Restore application, a free and easy-to-use application. That said, this tool does have some ads that you can remove by making use of the paid version. 

Keep in mind that although several apps allow this kind of action, this app happens to be the easiest to use and the most convenient. Thanks to the latter, the transfer of your SMS or MMS going from your old phone to your new one.

To do this, you must first install and then launch the application on both devices. Then give all the permissions requested by it. On your old phone, be sure to launch the “set up a backup” action before checking each of the options that interest you between calls, SMS, and others. 

Continue by choosing the destination of your backup. Select “save now” to finalize the process. If it turns out that you did not choose a cloud backup, you are required to transfer the created backup file to the new phone. How? ‘Or’ What? Simply via Bluetooth or via USB.

For the case of the new telephone, you must launch the action “restore” present in the side menu. Then select the location of the backup file before checking the data to restore. Note that the restoration procedure calls for the SMS Backup & Restore application for a few moments. The phone then proceeds to restore your messages. 

Be careful because the process may take time depending on the number of messages to restore. Finish it off by reverting to the default SMS app. When you are done, know that you have full rights to uninstall SMS Backup & Restore or configure the application to schedule regular backups, both of your messages and your call log.

Make use of the manufacturer’s app

In addition, be aware that many smartphone designers offer a data transfer service from their old smartphone to the new one. It’s up to you to install the applications in question according to the brand of your phone. Generally simple to use, its restoration applications can go through Bluetooth or through a USB cable. 

A way for you to directly transfer data from one mobile device to another. The same goes for the backup built into Android perfectly able to meet your needs.

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