Mx Player Gaming App | Get Free Paytm Cash by Playing Games

Mx player app is a great application when it comes it watching offline videos, online streaming and music aswell.

But Mx player have launched another application where people can play games and earn Paytm cash for free.

So, today in this blog post we will discuss everything about this application, so that you can start earning money right away.

What is the MX player Gaming app?

Mx player screenshot

Mx player is the top Paytm cash giving app and a very famous application for watching videos offline because it provides a better experience for users as compared to other offline video streaming apps.

Since nowadays we don’t enjoy offline movies because we have Netflix or YouTube. That’s why Mx player came up with a new app where users can enjoy Tv shows for free and also play free games to earn Paytm cash.

So remember there are two Mx player applications and one of them is only for watching offline videos and another one for playing games and watching online shows.

Keep in mind that you need to download the right application for earning Paytm cash.

Mx player Gaming Application Version

How to Play Games on Mx Player Application

After downloading the right version of Mx player, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1. Go to the Game section, where you can play games.

Step 2. Select the game you want to play, Make sure to check the winning price of the game before playing the game.

Step 3. Play as better as you can and stay on the top of the leaderboard in order to beat the competition and win Paytm cash.

Various games that can be played on Mx player App

  1. Knife hit
  2. Escape run
  3. Flippy bird
  4. Stud rider
  5. City cricket
  6. Mini jump
  7. Bubble blast and many more games.

You can withdraw your earnings into Paytm wallet after you have earned the money. The withdrawal limit of Mx player is ₹20 daily, ₹140 weekly and ₹600 monthly.

It takes up to 24 hours to get your Payment in your Paytm wallet after you have cashed out.

What are the other ways to earn on Mx player?

other ways to earn Paytm cash on Mx player

Users can watch videos and earn coins, earning of coins depends upon how long you will watch the video.

If you will watch the video for 1 minutes you will earn 5 coins and if you watch for 5 minutes yo will earn 15 coins, similarly for 10 minutes – 30 coins and for 20 mins you will get 50 coins and lastly for watching a video of 30 mins, you will get 75 coins.

How to use the coins?

How to use coins

You can use the coins to redeem them into exclusive coupons starting from 150 coins. These coupons can be used on various websites or to buy products are cheap price.

What is the Refer and Earn Feature of the Mx player?

Mx player also has a referred and earn feature where you can refer friends and earn 50 coins per friend you refer.


Yes, you should definitely try MX player app because its a great application to earn Paytm money online for free.

It comes with 50+ HD games which are fun to play and at the same time they can pay good cash.

So what do you think about this application?. Tell me in the comments.

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