Organize your seminar in Lyon in a Beaujolais castle

It makes more sense to relocate professional events, especially when they are intended to strengthen team cohesion or motivate employees. Because, a new framework will make it possible to break with the routine and can constitute a source of inspiration to start again on new bases.

Thus, for its next seminar, the company can move employees to Beaujolais, for an exceptional stay. However, this wine region is home to several castles. It is therefore up to the organizers to privatize the one most suited to their needs. In the meantime, what are the strengths of these places? Focus!

Symposium in Lyon: why go to Beaujolais?

Located north of Lyon, in the Rhone department, Beaujolais is an area known for its vast vineyards and fantastic châteaux,  Beyond its great vintages, this region is distinguished by its relaxing atmosphere and its impressive greenery. Such an environment is therefore conducive to concentration and reflection.

In addition, it is a place steeped in history as evidenced by the many vestiges of France’s past, preserved on emblematic sites such as: the museums of conscripts, Le Prieuré, Paul Dini, etc. 

The wine production sites are therefore open to wine enthusiasts. During excursions to these different places, employees sharpen their curiosity and strengthen their general knowledge. 

These qualities will certainly be exploited to stimulate new dynamism in the company. Apart from these advantages, organizing a seminar in Lyon in a Beaujolais castle is a unique experience for several reasons.

Dream scenery

Relocating a conference to Lyon, to a Beaujolais castle, can help a company improve its employer brand. Indeed, these buildings present sublime decorations made of authentic objects. 

These are arranged to provide a luxurious setting for professionals. From conference rooms to country apartments, including reception areas and private lounges: each room is designed to bring happiness to visitors.

When renting a Beaujolais castle, the company can opt for the privatization of the premises. This formula therefore grants it exclusivity. Under these conditions, a tailor-made service is offered by the owners of the premises. 

Participants will then be able to take advantage of the flexible meeting rooms. The promoters are also in partnership with high-end catering specialists. These are available to prepare meals whose quality meets the requirements of the organizers.

Frameworks to welcome people

Whatever the size of the company, it can consider organizing a seminar near Lyon. Indeed, the private Beaujolais castle has very spacious rooms, to comfortably accommodate all participants. You will therefore have a pleasant stay thanks to these ideally lit and ventilated rooms.

Spaces for team building

The team building is part of effective management tools for the development of employees. Thus, companies can take advantage of their seminar in one of the Beaujolais châteaux to devote themselves to it. Indeed, this residence has a large park intended for the organization of all kinds of fun activities between colleagues.

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