Best Part time jobs for Indian Students in 2024

If you are a student and have free time then you must find a part-time job to make extra income. Part-time jobs for Indian Students. Part-time jobs will give you experience (which will help you to get a job in a good company) and you will also earn money with investment. That’s why today in this blog post I will tell you about the best Part-time jobs for Indian Students.

10 Part-time jobs for Indian students (2024)

1. Online data entry jobs

Part time jobs for Indian Students

Online Data entry jobs are the best part-time jobs that are easy as well as come with good income. Most students don’t like to go outside for part-time jobs, that’s why it is a good option for those students who want to earn money from home.

What are data entry jobs?

Companies collected huge data from their customers and other places and they need to keep this data in an organized form most companies outsource this work. This creates an opportunity for students to apply for part-time jobs.

Skills required for Part-time jobs?

  1. Fast typing speed
  2. Basic software knowledge
  3. Basic knowledge about database

2. Become a delivery guy

Part time jobs for Indian Students
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If you have a bike or Scooty at home then you can apply for delivery jobs and earn money as a part-time worker. You may have seen a lot of students doing delivery as a part-time job because the pay is really good in delivery jobs.

Delivery jobs you can apply for

  1. Amazon delivery jobs
  2. Swiggy delivery jobs
  3. Zomato delivery jobs
  4. Flipkart jobs

3. Tele caller jobs

If you have good communication skills then you try to apply for tele-caller jobs. comes with good opportunities and you even don’t need any special skills.

What are tele calling jobs?

Tele callers job is to call customers and promote products of the company and motivate customers to buy products or services. Tele calling is the best work from a home part-time job for students as you are supposed to work for some hours only.

Skills required for Tele calling

  1. Basic communication skills
  2. Confidence to motivate customers
  3. English or Hindi Language

4. Freelancer jobs

Part time jobs for Indian Students

Freelancing is an amazing part-time job to make money as a student from home. Some people have made a great carrier in freelancing and are earning good money from freelancing. To become a freelancer you need some skills that you can provide to other people and they will pay you money.

For example, if you are good at photo editing, you can find clients online on Fiverr,, or Upwork and Clients will pay you money for your services. The best thing about freelancing is that you don’t even need a degree to become a freelancer.

How to apply for freelancing

You can create a free account for freelancing on Fiverr, freelancing, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour. After creating your account list your skills and set your price and find clients.

5. Become a part-time Gym trainer

Students love to go to the gym and be fit, if you have good knowledge about gym and food then you can become a gym trainer on your campus and train other students and charge money for your service. Becoming a gym trainer is a great part-time job because you only need to work in the morning or in the evening and the rest of the day is yours.

How to apply for a Gym trainer?

  1. Ask for gyms around your campus if they are recruiting new trainers
  2. Get a degree in fitness in order to boost your chances of getting a gym trainer job

6. Typing jobs

Are you good at typing then you can apply for typing job because you can work from home and earn money part-time? All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection to submit your work and the best this is that you work whenever you want.

How to apply for Typing jobs?

You can find typing jobs online on, Truelancer, Upwork.

Different types of typing jobs

  1. Blogging post writing
  2. Product description writing
  3. Email writing
  4. Essay writing

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7. Email and SMS sending jobs

This job is good for those who don’t want any compilated jobs because sending emails and SMS are the simplest job ever.

What is an Email and SMS sending job?

In this type of job you have to send emails and SMS to customers and whatever you have to send in the email will be given to you by the company itself.

How to find email and SMS jobs?

You can find such jobs online on Quikr jobs, Olx and LinkedIn.

8. Virtual assistant

Since companies have a lot of customers and it gets difficult to handle each and every customer’s problems and queries, that’s why companies hire virtual assistants from outside to fill this gap.

The job of a virtual assistant

  1. Handle customers problem
  2. Take to customers and give them knowledge about the products.
  3. scheduling appointments
  4. Managing emails

9. Social media manager

Managing Social media is one of the easy part-time jobs out there. We all know how important social media is if you have a business because most people spend their time on social media and it can be a great place to attract customers. You can also become a social media manager for various companies and handle their social media account and earn money.

10. Logo designer

The logo is something that represents a company and builds trust among customers. If you got good design skills then you can earn money by working as a logo designer. You can find clients online on freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork and earn money as a part-time student.

Things to keep in mind?

Make sure you are not creating the same type of logo for every business, you need to be creative and design different logos for different companies.

Skills required for Logo Designer?

  1. knowledge about Photoshop or any other photo editing software.
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Good choice of color

You can create an online free logo without any software Canva

Safety tips while taking a part-time job

  1. Make sure to research the company and its past payments to make sure that the company is legit.
  2. Don’t accept the job if they are asking you to pay money first. It can be a fraud.
  3. Find a part-job according to your skills, don’t just apply for any job because it has good money.
  4. After getting a job, act like a good employee and complete work on time.

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