How to Reset any Type of Wireless Earbud Simple Guide

How to Reset any Type of Wireless Earbud when sometimes you’re using your earbuds, you may face some issues such as.

  1. It’s not connected to your mobile
  2. One earbud is working but the other earbud is not working.

So in order to solve these issues you have to Reset your wireless earbuds. This process of resetting may be different for your earbuds, but most of the time it’s the same.

But if it doesn’t work for you, then you should try to read the manual setup guide that is provided with your earbud.

How to quickly Reset Wireless earbuds

How to Reset any Type of Wireless Earbud

Step 1. Disconnect your earbuds from your mobile or any other device

Step 2. Put your earbuds in the charging case, and make sure to place them in the correct manner

Step 3. Press triple times on the earbud button on both the earbuds, some earbuds have touch controls and some have buttons, so accordingly press/tap three times on the earbuds. This Process may not be the same for all earbuds, with some earbuds you may need to hold for 5 seconds or more

Step 4. Once the earbuds are reset, either the earbuds or the charging case will indicate a flashing light, and the color of the light depends upon your device.

Step 5. Close your charging case and then try to open it again.

Step 6. Finally, your earbuds have been successfully factory reset.

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Resetting your earbud is very easy, but its process can be different for every earbud, you may wanna check the official website of the company or contact customer care if you are not able to reset your earbud.

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